Looking Like An Anime Character: Check Out N.TIC’s Jion’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Plastic Surgery, And A Lot More!


Everything You Should Know About MaleThe Idol Who Has A Perfect Visual Like A Japanese Anime Character: N.TIC’s Jion

K-Pop idols have long managed to steal international attention with their unique concepts. Hair colors, makeup, and bold clothing are some of their characteristic traits. As you know, in order to become an idol in South Korea, celebrities are required to have such perfect charm. In fact, there are those who are so handsome that they are considered uniquely to look like anime characters. One of them is a member of the boy group N.TIC, which just debuted in 2018, Jion.

Before the group officially debuted in February 2018, their agency, JJ Entertainment, uploaded a teaser for one of the members of N.TIC, namely Jion, and immediately got the attention of K-Pop fans. The reason was one of their members, Kim Ji-on has a very beautiful face that does not even look like a real human. Jion’s sharp face makes him look almost like a comic character or a Japanese anime character.

Jion was one of the ulzzang (the term for the most handsome or prettiest person) before debuting. He debuted as a member of N.TIC, or New Trend Icon, under Yechan Media in 2018 as the leader and main vocalist. Jion was born with the name Kim Jion on March 5, 1987, in Okinawa, Japan.

In this article, Channel-Korea will show you the journey taken by this male idol who looks like a real version of a Japanese anime character, N.TIC’s member Jion. We’ll give you all the information, from his profile and facts to his latest news. So, stay tuned!

Jion’s Full Profile


Jion was born with the name Kim Jion on March 5, 1987, in Okinawa, Japan. He is N.TIC’s leader and main vocalist. Jion is the oldest member, and is a former ulzzang (the term for the most handsome or the pretties person) model. He is also a former member of the group New-Ace with Sangwook. The media often calls this 180 cm tall man JYJ’s Jaejoong’s twin. Jion has a slightly closed and calm personality, but sometimes he can also be funny. In Japan, he has the nickname “Prince,” and he has also been active in China. Let’s see his full profile here!

Original Name: Kim Jion (김지온)
Stage Name: Jion (지온)
Place of Birth: Okinawa, Japan.
Date of Birth: March 5, 1987
Zodiac: Pisces
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood Type: B
Position in the Group: Leader, Main Vocalist
Special Skills: MC, Model, playing piano
Hobby: Eating guobaorou or tangsuyuk and playing piano
Social media:

Facts About Jion

  • Jion’s zodiac sign is pisces.
  • He was born on Okinawa, Japan,
  • Jion is the oldest member in the group,
  • He was a former Ulzzang model before debut,
  • He has been the leader in the group ‘New School,’ and has not had a chance to debut,
  • He once joined the group ‘Le Quattro’ with the name RA-F, and had debuted in 2009,
  • He was once the leader of the group ‘NewUs’ and debuted in 2012.
  • He was once an MC.
  • When Jion was active in China, he loved eating guobaorou or tangyusuk (sweet and sour pork),
  • He has a natural face shape and to prove it, Jion showed a photo from when he was a baby.
  • The media often refers to Jion as JYJ’s Jaejoong’s twin,
  • Jion has a quiet and introverted personality, but actually he is very funny,
  • Jion has a bad pronunciation.
  • He mimic someone’s facial expressions.
  • He can do a meerkat impression.


Asian Junkie

Since its debut, Jion has released 3 singles with the group, N.TIC or New Trend Icon. Until now they have not released either a mini album or full album despite, having debuted two years ago. These were the singles released by Jion with his group, N.TIC!

Single albums

  • “Once Again” (2018)
  • “Do You Know Who I Am?” (2018)
  • “Fiction” (2019)



On March 8, 2018, Jion and N.TIC were invited as guest stars for Pops in Seoul Arirang K-Pop for Members’ Self-Introduction. Each member had a chance to show their charms. First, starting with Jinseo, he revealed all about himself. He mentioned his height, hobbies, place of origin, and so forth. The interview proceeded with member Seunghoo, who revealed the same things as Jinseo. Then they proceeded with Sangwook, and the last member to go was Jion. In his fun facts, Jion wrote “Prince in the past photos, MCs, Models and Overseas Activities.” Jion also wrote that his special skills were, “Meerkat, kooking plaintive, and facial impressions.

During his part, he said that many people talked about his face. Many people have made negative comments about his face, the most common one he hears was the comment that he has changed his face (plastic surgery). Then he asked if there was a difference between his face in the photo and also in real life, while placing his picture next to his face. Jinseo and the members said that his face was better seen in person. To prove that his face is natural and he didn’t change his face (plastic surgery), Jion showed photos from his childhood. Then Sangwook said that Jion already had a good face (handsome) since he was a child.

Senghoo also said that Jion has the same facial features as his photo. Then Jion discussed the fun facts “Overseas Activities.” He said that he and Sangwook were active in a group previously in Korea. When he was active in China, he really liked guobauro (sweet and sour pork), or tangsuyuk in korea. He suddenly admitted that he really liked guobauro (sweet and sour pork) or tangsuyuk and made the members laugh at his confession.

Jion also said that he had a name, and he was ashamed to say “Prince” was his nickname in Japan. People called him “Ouji-sama or Jion-sama,” although a little embarrassed, Jion appreciated it. Even the CEO of their agency also called him Prince. Jion said that the concept of the N.TIC album was originated by him.

He also said that previously he was an MC, and would act as the MC right now even though his pronunciation was bad. Then Jinseo said that because his pronunciation was bad, Jion always made mistakes like calling goubauro as his favorite food. Sangwook then revealed things related to Jion’s pronunciation. Sangwook said that during a rehearsal Jion asked the sound director “Excuse me, could you turn up the remover?” twice, which made the members laugh. But Jinseo said that no one understood what Jion was trying to say. It turns out that what Jion meant was Reverberator.

As a model, Jion said that previously he worked as a model for the beauty and fashion industry, which is why  he could change his clothes faster than average. Then he said that he could do an impression of a meerkat. He also said that he was good at making plaintive facial expressions in their music video. So, you can see their full, funny interview here!

Plastic Surgery


A few months before the official debut, boy group from South Korea, N.TIC, in fact invited quite a lot of attention. The reason was that one of their members, Kim Jion, had a very beautiful face that didn’t even look like a real human, but was, similar to the prince figures in cartoons. Of course, many people questioned the truth of the claim and talked about the leader of N.TIC.

Many netizens praised the man’s beauty, but not infrequently, citizens also snickered and questioned the success of Kim Jion’s face. At first, many people assumed that Jion’s photo was the result of an editing, but after appearing on the stage before the group’s official debut, it turned out to be truly genuine. Many argue that Jion has undergone many plastic surgeries, but there are also many netizens who defend him because Jion’s face resembles his mother’s.

But in the Pops in Seoul interview that aired on Arirang TV Youtube in 2018, Jion revealed that he had never changed his face through plastic surgery. Jion also showed a picture of himself as a child to prove that his face was natural and did not change.




Netizen’s Comments on Allkpop and Twitter

  • “I thought it was a girl group at first before I reread the title and saw ‘boy group’. No offense, but Jion and Sangwook’s profile photos freaked me out, I’m sorry. Also all that make-up… I bet Jion and Sangwook would look better underneath those. I’m afraid they might get attention for all the wrong reasons,” one netizen wrote.
  • “The amount of plastic surgery in this group is shocking, especially the first guy, his face is scary as hell,” another one commented.
  • “So there’s this new boy group called New-Ace and holy shit their one member looks girly than me,” another one commented.
  • “Jion from new-ace looks like a doll he’s soooo prettyyyy,” another one commented.
  • “That boy is too feminine, I was left with my mouth open! the new group, they are called New-Ace If anyone knows the name of him can tell me?,” another one commented.
  • “He looks so unreal, at first I thought he’s one of twice members. Btw he’s one of new boy band (New-Ace) member..” another one commented.
  • “New-Ace’s leader literally looks like a doll ._..” another one commented.
  • “what is going here , this girl or boy,” another one commented.
  • “Sry..but a you really a boy?,” another one commented.
  • “what did they do to him :(,” another one commented.
  • “I do not like that, looks like a doll also the face looks like a fase girls and body skinny,” another one commented.
  • “I know absolutely nothing about new-ace but if I see anyone misgendering that jion boy you’re catching a fat block,” another one commented.
  • “uhm can people please stop being so ugly & offensive towards that new-ace group, especially the jion guy,” another one commented.

Latest News


Jion uploaded a vlog teaser on his YouTube channel.


#Afreecatv broadcast I sent the CD directly to the winners ~ Sign and letter together ~


Took a selfie with his new hair color


That was all for the information about the journey of the male idol who looks like a real version of a Japanese anime character, N.TIC’s member Jion, from his profile and facts, to his latest news. Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comments below!