N.Flying’s Cha Hun: Profile, Facts, Debut, Career Journey, Etc.

Cha Hun Started to Gain Popularity with N.Flying

“Rooftop” tells the past memories of someone who was left behind after spending time together on the roof. This song can evoke the perception that it is dedicated to the memories after N.Flying were left behind by their bassist, Kwon Kwang-jin.

A few months later, “Rooftop”, which was popularized by N.Flying, again skyrocketed after its promotion ended, even winning on music shows as the first victory of the band under FNC Entertainment. Because this was unexpected, N.Flying members also tried to find out who was the person who had spread their song and wanted to give a gift.

That wish was conveyed when N.Flying were guests in the Yoo Hee Yeol Sketchbook program which aired on KBS on March 15th, 2019. “The site (where the song is distributed) runs anonymously, so we haven’t found them (who are spreading). We really want to buy you food or give you concert tickets. So, please see us!” they said.

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Not only talking about the song becoming number one after one month of release, but N.Flying also appeared to sing the song at the event. Lee Seunghyub, who wrote “Rooftop”, said that he hasn’t felt the fact that the song he wrote is number 1.

“However, it feels real now that we were featured on the Yoo Hee Yeol Sketchbook,” they said. After “Rooftop” was uploaded to the online community, many said that the song was a good song and recommended it to many people. In fact, he said, the song made it to the real-time chart number 97.

“Rooftop” was promoted between January 2nd and February 8th, 2019. However, the song returned to the top of the Korean music charts after the promotion period ended. N.Flying returned to appear on music shows to promote the song again and managed to win.

In addition, “Rooftop” was an era where N.Flying received a good reception on the South Korean digital music chart for the first time since their debut and were ranked first on the real-time chart of the Bugs and Genie sites, as well as 12th on the MelOn chart.

Behind that, there are rumors that they did Sajaegi, the term for the fraudulent act of manipulating charts. This is because it is considered very surprising for a song that has ended its promotional period to return to the music charts. This was denied by the senior from their agency, Lee Hong-gi. F.T. Island‘s vocalist denied cheating and kept the haters silent.

n flying cha hun profile

Through Lee Hong Gi’s Instagram post, he congratulated N.Flying on their win as their senior. Lee Hong Gi also added that his agency is not the type to do such stupid things and asked fans to keep supporting N.Flying with their hard work.

Although there are rumors that the FNC Entertainment agency is taking action, many Korean netizens have given their support to N.Flying. Like netizens commenting on the theqoo site which contains the views, “That’s really a good song.” “Geez, I know this song from posts on the internet and listen to it every day until now.” “Oh, congratulations! I’m glad N.Flying has finally succeeded.”

On the next N.Flying schedule, the idol band, which now has 4 members, appeared as guests on KBS CoolFM’s Moon Hee Jun’s Music Show on March 21st, 2019. A month after its initial release, “Rooftop”, which was popularized by N.Flying, suddenly rose to No. 1 on online music charts in February. The group then won first place for the first time on The Show and were busy promoting the song again.

n flying cha hun profile

Cha Hun said, “I almost cried too, but the members cried so much. It felt as if we couldn’t thank everyone, so I held it back and gave everyone names.”

In April 2019, N.Flying made their comeback again by releasing a new song titled “Spring Memories”. The song is the third song from the Fly High Project, after the previous release of the second song, “Rooftop”. The song, which was taken from their fifth EP, was specially made to celebrate a beautiful spring in Korea.

According to the personnel, they were completely unencumbered by the number one ranking they had achieved. “We have no burden, like the past. We just try to enjoy the activities we do with all the members rather than sticking to the results. That’s why we always try to work hard,” they said.

n flying cha hun profile

Through the “Spring Memories” music video, N.Flying fans named N.Fia are presented with acoustic music that can spoil everyone’s ears, as well as a spring view that can spoil the eyes of every fan. Actor Kwak Dong-yeon who is also signed under FNC Entertainment appears as a cameo in this music video.

In May 2019, N.Flying released the music video for “Leave It” (Hangul: 놔) from the album Spring Memories. With this song, N.Flying returned to carrying out promotional activities on television. “Leave It” is one of the songs released through the project Fly High Project #3 and they will also be attending music programs to make their comeback stage.

In October 2019, N.Flying released a music video for their comeback with the title “Good Bam” which is one of the lead singles taken from their mini-album YAHO. N.Flying’s return was able to treat fans’ longing.

“Good Bam” is their third single in 2019 after “Rooftop” and “Spring Memories”. “Good Bam” is a pop-rock song that sounds fresh, making the listener excited.

The music video tells the story of boredom that befell the four personnel one night. They even go to karaoke and have fun to get rid of fatigue. The single has a play meaning in the term “Good evening” as “bam” in Korean means “night”. It symbolizes the hearts of young people who can’t fall asleep easily on a refreshing autumn night. This is described as an appropriate song to create a romantic memory.

n flying cha hun profile

The fresh nuance in the video clip was shown so sweet that fans were made angry with the four members. Not only showing off the visuals, in fact, N.Flying always manage to deliver music that is no less good. The comment column was also filled with fans who praised and claimed to be impatient waiting for their live stage action.

Comments from fans who welcomed N.Flying’s comeback with “Good Bam” have been posted on the forum site, such as “I felt so stupid just knowing them, N.Flying is such a cute and fun group.” “The song is really good! Come on stan N.Flying.” “This song is very good, I will repeat once again if this song is very good!”

On June 6th, 2020, a piece of good news for N.Flying fans was released. The idol band under FNC Entertainment was back with a song titled “Lonely Communication Without Emotion”. N.Flying released their seventh mini-album So, 通 with the lead single “Oh Really”, a word that is often used by everyone today. The song composed by the leader, Lee Seung-hyub, features lyrics like a dialogue. These lyrics can make someone warmer when they’re having soulless conversations.

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In the video released before the launch of their seventh mini-album, So, 通, N.Flying deliver energetic music as well as a hilarious look. They made parodies of various references in various scenes, one of which they imitated a boy group-style scene that allegedly took references from the boy band Backstreet Boys.

Even N.Flying’s drummer, Jaehyun, dressed like Bong Joon-ho acted like the bestselling film director of the movie Parasite, when he received an award at the 92nd Academy Awards or the 2020 Oscars.

Like most of their previous music videos, N.Flying performed in an entertaining and vibrant style. In the “Oh Really” video, the band from the FNC Entertainment agency also mimicked moments from various references that were packaged hilariously. One of them is a home shopping parody by showing off N.Flying’s first lightstick after 5 years of debut.

The group consisting of Seunghyub, Cha Hun, Jaehyun, Hweseung, and Dongsung also mimicked typical scenes from television shows in Korea, such as MBC’s 100 Minute Debate and Genuine Luxury on KBS.

n flying cha hun profile

N.Flying’s new bassist, Dongsung, also acted as Bong Joon-ho’s translator at the time, Sharon Choi. Through the music video for “Oh Really”, N.Flying introduced Dongsung as their newest bassist. Dongsung officially joined the band in early January 2020. Previously, Dongsung was the leader of another FNC idol band, Honeyst, while the bassist position in N.Flying was filled by Kwon Kwangjin before he left at the end of 2018.

When interviewed by reporters on June 6th, 2020, in Gangnam-gu, N.Flying said that there are times when people experience loneliness because of a lack of communication. Lee Seung-hyub also said that the content of the song tells of loneliness.

“It’s like loneliness in everyday life. When you go out to eat together, then try to look at the cellphone but there is no message. When you watch this situation, you feel lonely, “ said Lee Seung-hyub when explaining their comeback concept with “Oh Really”.

“We are a team that communicates well. There are times when we are together, so we sometimes know what we are thinking and what we want to do just by looking at each other’s expressions and eyes,” Cha Hun replied. This mini-album contains six songs. Among them “Oh Really”, “Flower Fantasy”, “Youth”, “I’m Gonna”, “Last Song”, and “E-Yo”. Each of these lyrics are personally written by the band members.

Three weeks after the release of their seventh mini-album, N.Flying released another new music video for one of the singles included in the album’s tracklist, the song titled “FLOWER FANTASY”. The music video was released on June 29th, 2020, which surprised fans because previously there was no signal at all for the release of this music video.

“Flower Fantasy” is a sequel to a song they previously released as part of the Youth Suicide Prevention Campaign. Yoo Hweseung revealed that their goal is to entertain people using their songs.

Lee Seunghyub continued that they had received a lot of direct messages on their SNS about fans saying how grateful they were after listening to N.Flying’s song, but because they couldn’t reply to the direct messages in person, they responded with this song (“Flower Fantasy”) instead. After the release, the members received many DMs from fans who said how grateful they were for the song, which helped them gain the courage to live.

Netizens on the Pann site also discussed N.Flying who responded to direct messages from fans in an unusual way.

An OP wrote, “If you read the lyrics carefully, you will realize how sincere and meaningful the song is. And if you listen to the song, you will feel like the main character of a historical drama because of the oriental melody ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ”

Many netizens and fans were successfully touched by this, and left various comments, such as, “I personally like Flower Fantasy more than the title-track…” “When you listen to that song on a rainy day, it feels like all the sadness in the world weighed down on your shoulders ㅠㅠ The song is really sad, but I like it.” “Hul, I really like this song. I didn’t know it had a meaningful story behind it. Lee Seung-hyub must be a genius.”

On July 24th, 2020, N.Flying released the animated music video for their specially released digital single titled “Starlight”. This animated video shows the heartwarming story of a grandfather and grandmother with balloons marking the rest of their lives. At the end of the story, the grandfather grew younger until he became a child with 1 balloon left, then disappeared after he hugged his grandmother and the only balloon he was holding flew into the sky.

N.Flying’s leader Lee Seung-hyub produced and wrote “Starlight” in memory of his grandmother and grandfather’s story. According to him, “Starlight” is a song where he sees the way his grandmother looks at her late grandfather’s photo with feelings.

N.Flying’s Cha Hun’s Hilarious Act on YouTube Channel

N.Flying’s Cha Hun and another member of his band, Kim Jaehyun, have a YouTube channel where they upload video content to just joke and share funny things they do to simply interact with their fans, N.Fia.

On October 21st, 2020, the YouTube channel 두 얼간이 2IDIOTS made a game with a video titled “Water Taste Test”. As YouTubers who are starting to become reliable at hosting events, Cha Hun and Jaehyun look very funny in every content they upload. In this latest video, they will guess what brand of water they are drinking and of course, it is not an easy thing considering the taste of water is pretty much the same. However, the cuteness of the two of them in this latest video is highly recommended to watch!

On October 14th, 2020, the two members of N.Flying uploaded the latest videos on their YouTube channel playing games. As per the title of the video they uploaded, “Sound of K-Drama”, they will guess the K-Drama title from one of the sound scenes they hear. Of course, those who lose in this game will get penalties and penalties that are no less funny than their reactions when playing the game.

On October 7th, 2020, Cha Hun and Jaehyun returned to one of the content on their YouTube channel by uploading game content with the title Doppelganger Quiz, where they both guessed the role of an actor in 2 different dramas. They only had to guess the name of the role the actor was playing or the title of the second drama. Not only actors, but they also had to guess several singers’ appearances in 2 different comeback eras.

In the 두 얼간이 2IDIOTS YouTube channel, they also provide English subtitles for any international fans who want to watch them. So, don’t worry all of you international N.Fia members because the content provided by Cha Hun and Jaehyun can be watched by fans all over the world.

Click here 얼간이 2IDIOTS and don’t forget to watch all the latest episodes from N.Flying’s Cha Hun & Jaehyun!


Well, that’s the complete information about N.Flying’s Cha Hun who turns out that besides having good skills as a lead guitarist of his band, is also a member who is quite humorous and very entertaining which is obvious from the video content on his YouTube channel. Let’s give a lot of love and support to Cha Hun and N.Flying so that his career can shine even brighter in the future!