N.Flying’s Cha Hun: Profile, Facts, Debut, Career Journey, Etc.

Cha Hun’s Career Journey with N.Flying

n flying cha hun profile

In 2016, N.Flying were scheduled to promote in Japan with the singles “Knock Knock” and “Endless Summer”. They also promoted by doing several showcases in several different places. With this, they were able to get more famous and get more fans after a year of their debut as an idol band.

In August 2017, N.Flying made their next comeback by adding a new member to their group. N.Flying welcomed member Yoo Hwee-seung, a former contestant of Produce 101 Season 2 who took the position as the main vocalist. The concept of this new song still carries the concept of fun with upbeat and catchy songs.

A unique concept has also been prepared by the band which officially debuted in 2013. In the music video titled “The Real”, the five members can be seen as sailors who are hunting for a mermaid in the middle of the ocean. They monitor every move and try to catch the mermaid but fail.

After days of fishing, they try to make Hwee-seung their bait. The mermaid surfaced. The members are surprised to find that the mermaid is Jang Moon-bok. Besides Moon-bok, CNBLUE’s Jonghyun and FNC Entertainment’s CEO also appeared as cameos.

n flying cha hun profile

The album The REAL: N.Flying contains a total of six songs. Unfortunately, the songs “R U Ready” and “Disorganized” were declared unfit for broadcast on KBS, because there were swear words or harsh words that could not be broadcast to the public.

On January 3rd, 2018, N.Flying released their third EP titled THE HOTTEST: N.Flying. They made a comeback that year by releasing the lead single from one of their EPs titled “Hot Potato”. The song had funky music and was released simultaneously with their EP release.

n flying cha hun profile

“Hot Potato” is a rock song with powerful guitar and drum music, plus the vocals and slick rap of N.Flying personnel, making this music video a must-watch. This song was written by Seo Yong-bae who has composed many songs for girl group GFRIEND. The lyrics are about someone who feels like a celebrity who is loved by everyone and calls himself Hot Potato.

Do not miss the action and hilarious acting of N.Flying members who graced the music video, no less when compared to the music video for “The Real” released by N.Flying the previous year. This is also the second music video since Yoo Hwee-seung joined N.Flying.

On May 6th, 2018, N.Flying announced that they would soon make a comeback by releasing a teaser poster. This was related to the countdown for the release of their EP titled How Are You which was then released on May 16th, 2018.

n flying cha hun profile

This time N.Flying were back with a new, different concept. Not only was the album concept new, but N.Flying also made some changes to their visuals. This South Korean idol band released their fourth mini-album titled How Are You? with the title track “How R U Today”. Like any comeback in general, N.Flying held a press conference in preparation for the new album.

n flying cha hun profile

“Each of the N.Flying members lost four kilograms of weight. We volunteered to lose weight to better fit the sexy concept. We are working to make visual changes,” Cha Hun said. The N.Flying concept this time is sentimental and sexy. They also surveyed fans during the concert and asked what kind of concept they wanted and the fans also said that they wanted a sentimental and sexy concept.


In October 2018, N.Flying made their comeback by releasing a new music video titled “Like A Flower”. This song was the first song of N.Flying’s monthly project Fly High Project. Through this project, the band from FNC Entertainment would release new songs and promote them every two months. Aimed at introducing more people to N.Flying’s potential and music, the members would participate in project planning and production.

Different from N.Flying’s previous comeback songs, “Like A Flower” is a rock ballad song delivered with emotional vocals from the vocalists of N.Flying. This song also has the meaning of looking back at one’s youth in a bitter way as it gets further along with the passage of time. In addition, this idol band which has a fandom named N.Fia also released a live performance video to show fans their talents.

In January 2019, N.Flying released the song “Rooftop” (Hangul: 옥탑방). This song is the first song that only 4 N.Flying members sang after Kwon Kwang-jin officially left the group. “Rooftop” is the second song from the Fly High Project. Previously, for this project, they had released “Like A Flower” (Hangul: 꽃) at the end of October 2018.