N.Flying’s Cha Hun: Profile, Facts, Debut, Career Journey, Etc.

n flying cha hun profile

Everything You Need To Know About N.Flying’s Cha Hun: From His Full Profile to His Latest News!

N.Flying is a South Korean pop-rock idol band that is quite famous in the Hallyu wave and has been popular for having showcases with many audiences as a result of their hard work. N.Flying are known as a potential five-member band that have many excellent talents and are famous for some of their songs, such as “Rooftop”, “Awesome”, “Hot Potato”, and even their last comeback in 2020 with the digital single “Starlight”.

In this article, we are going to discuss the profile of one of the N.Flying members, Cha Hun. The member who was born in 1994 has charisma as the lead guitarist and he also has an awesome talent. Well, do you guys already know N.Flying’s Cha Hun? If not, let’s check the article below to find out more information about N.Flying’s Cha Hun and also his career, from debut until now!

N.Flying’s Cha Hun’s Full Profile

n flying cha hun profile

Real Name: Cha Hoon (Hangul: 차훈)

Stage Name: Hoon (Hangul: 훈)

Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, July 12th, 1994

Star Sign: Cancer

Blood Type: B

Height: 180 cm (5’11”)

Weight: 68 kg (149 lbs)

Position: Lead Guitarist, Vocalist

Official Sites: Instagram (@cchh_0712)

YouTube Channel ( 얼간이 2IDIOTS)

N.Flying’s Cha Hun’s Facts

n flying cha hun profile
  1. Cha Hun was a trainee for 5 years
  2. Cha Hun’s hobby is cooking and he is in charge of the cooking among the other members of N.Flying
  3. Cha Hun’s role model is Gun n’ Roses’ Slash
  4. Cha Hun loves cats a lot and he even sleeps in kitty pajamas
  5. Cha Hun has many fans among female idols
  6. Cha Hun is close friends with HONEYST’s Dongsung
  7. Cha Hun was said to be the most serious member of N.Flying
  8. Cha Hun hates acting cute
  9. Cha Hun likes to watch soccer
  10. Cha Hun’s favorite color is Black
  11. Cha Hun likes Pokemon and One Piece
  12. Cha Hun said that he has a cat-like personality, such as being cute but sometimes also can be serious or just wants to be alone
  13. Cha Hun appeared in AOA’s “Oh Boy” music video
  14. Cha Hun has a YouTube Channel with N.Flying’s Jaehyun named 2 IDIOTS
  15. Cha Hun’s ideal type is someone who has a cat-like personality, just like him

Debut with N.Flying

n flying cha hun profile

When talking about idols, what they usually get is a reaction from the public to their appearance which is as important as their ability. For boy groups and girl groups, it is a well-established fact that appearance is an important aspect of their overall act, visuals are considered to be a part of their stage abilities.

However, in the case of a band, the standards that the public uses are more stringent. If only their face is handsome and their performance skills are insufficient, bad comments will undoubtedly pour out.

Let’s met N.Flying, the members are Lee Seunghyub, Kwon Kwangjin, Cha Hun, and Kim Jaehyun. N.Flying made their debut in 2015 and was being interviewed during their debut era.

n flying cha hun profile

The average height of the 4 members is 180,5 cm and their appearance is also neat, making it an idol group. When the interviewer asked them, “Is the band as good as your faces?” Rather than embarrassed, the members laughed leisurely, saying, “Appearance is just a natural thing. In fact, in the past, we didn’t like to be an idol band. It’s because appearance is more important than ability. I think we can’t do what we can do, and we just need to prove it with our ability, so we really worked hard to prepare for our debut,” they added.

The band name N.Flying was created by combining New’s N and Flying. As a new trend band armed with stylish music and performances, it contains the meaning of a new leap forward with fresh music regardless of genre.

n flying cha hun profile

An interesting fact is that N.Flying are following the same path as their seniors CNBLUE in terms of debut. CNBLUE started their activities in Japan prior to their domestic debut, and thanks to this, they quickly established themselves as a Hallyu star in Japan after their domestic debut. In 2013, N.Flying released the Indies’ first single “BASKET” in Japan and ranked second on the Oricon Indies Chart. Then, in 2014, with their second single “One and Only” they climbed to the No. 1 position on the Japanese Tower Records World Chart.

The members explained, “We stayed there for about 6 months at the time to work in Japan. As we had to solve everything with our own strength, we fought a lot with each other and the teamwork became more solid.”

Each member of N.Flying’s favorite genre is sharply divided. If Lee Seung-hyup likes hip-hop and pop, Kwon Kwang-jin prefers band music and girl group songs. Drummer Kim Jae-hyun is attracted to acoustic music, and Cha-hoon is immersed in intense metal sound and rock. Literally, the musical preference of 4 people and 4 colors are sublimated by N.Flying’s diversity rather than dissonance.

n flying cha hun profile

On May 20th, 2015, N.Flying released their 1st mini-album titled Awesome. The lead single from the album has the same title “Awesome” (Hangul: 기가 막혀) which is a combination of amazing genres. An intense guitar sound was harmonized with hip-hop bass, and energetic vocals were placed on top of it. It seems to be moderately attacking the Korean public taste, yet has a foreign funky feeling.

A song that cannot be defined in one word. But what is clear is that once you hear it, the thought of that it’s kind of an FNC song that can make you rub your head. It combines various genres such as hip-hop, funk, and rock based on the band’s sound. They introduced their songs as ‘hybrid music.’

n flying cha hun profile

The members were already ready as they had gone through a long trainee period. “By making our debut, I think I can show you more diverse musical colors. As a band, it is true that I am greedy for performances, but I am curious about how the public sees us.

Honestly, it is true that I am worried about music broadcasting. Being a live band, I feel like I resonate with me while I feel the music through the amplifier while playing. However, it is not easy for music broadcasting. It is true that we are worried that we will have enough energy, but we have to do our best,” Cha Hun said.

For N.Flying’s comeback after debut, they made a comeback on October 22nd, 2015, with the release of their new single “Lonely”. “Lonely” is their second single since their debut after some time. Apart from the main song “Lonely”, this single also includes two other songs, such as “Knock Knock” and “Bbun Bbun”.

“Lonely” is a mid-tempo rock song, which contains sad lyrics. Through this song, N.Flying members expressed their frustration. The four members also look handsome with their new appearance, plus the video effect that deserves thumbs up.