Are You a MyungStal Shipper? Let’s Take a Look at These Sweet Moments Between INFINITE’s L and Krystal Jung

INFINITE’s L and Krystal Jung’s Dating Rumor

Long before their project on My Lovely Girl, the MyungStal shippers already gathered ‘evidence’ and speculation about the pairing. For example, both L and Krystal are known for their dark fashion styles, though Krystal is supposed to wear lighter and brighter colors than L. However, MyungStal’s fashion style is generally similar, as they often look chic with their outfits.

One thing that the shippers noted about their fashion is their Chrome Hearts hoodies. Unlike L, Krystal does not usually wear the brand, which made the shippers suspicious whether the hoodie that she wears was L’s. Once again, it is kind of a stretch but shippers are one of a kind, right?

Despite each of them being branded as the mysterious members in their respective groups, both L and Krystal would do anything, including aegyo (adorable acts), in order to get food. As seen on their Weekly Idol appearance, the pair does not hesitate to sacrifice their dignity as long as they get food.

Other ‘coincidences’ that surrounded MyungStal include how Krystal’s drama Heirs aired after L’s drama Master’s Sun. In addition, there was a character named Myungsoo in Heirs which, according to some MyungStal shippers, is weird because there are so many names that could have been chosen.

During the behind the scenes of Elite Uniform, L once said that nothing can describe what he felt when he got to do a pictorial with Krystal. Though Woohyun warned him not to reveal his true feelings, in the end, L could not hide his praise for Krystal, saying that she is beautiful.

There was also a Polaroid photo of L which was posted on his Twitter. Unlike his usual selfies, there was a girl who turned her back. L’s sasaeng fans who were present said that the girl in the picture was Krystal. We should not believe what sasaeng said, since they are people who invade privacy but, sure enough, it is strange that L angled the camera to make sure that the girl who turned her back was included in the frame. As for comparison, we include the photo of Krystal’s back below.

At the end of the day, the hope of MyungStal shippers had already shattered twice. The first time was when L was announced to be in a relationship with an ulzzang named Kim Do-yeon, whom he later broke up with after four months. The second time was when Krystal was caught on a date with EXO’s Kai, whom she dated for a year. Still, MyungStal shippers may put their hope on hold because, currently, both L and Krystal are known for being single in public. Who knows if the crackship will come true?

INFINITE’s L and Krystal Jung’s Latest News

In early 2019, INFINITE’s L was reported to be the main cast of KBS2’s new drama One and Only Love, with actress Shin Hye-sun and Lee Dong-gun. The drama tells about an angel named Dan and a privileged heiress who is also a retired ballerina, named Lee Yeon-seo. The first script reading of One and Only Love took place on January 18 with the attendance of the starring actors and actresses, director, and scriptwriter.

During the script reading, L and Shin Hye-sun acted out a scene where their characters meet for the first time. One and Only Love’s pilot episode is scheduled to premiere on May 15.

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As for his Instagram posts, L’s three latest pictures are his portrait during the spring on April 19, his selfies while drinking bubble tea on April 11, and a picture of scenery on March 19. It seemed that the INFINITE’s visual is busy lately and he indeed does not regularly upload photos on his account. Still, it is a blessing for the eyes to see L’s Instagram account, don’t you agree?

On the other hand, the f(x)’s youngest member, Krystal Jung, is currently busy with pictorials for various brands. In February 2019, she posed for the Spring and Summer collection of Paul’s Boutique, a designer bag company based in London which has chosen the idol as their new model. As you can see in the pictures below, Krystal definitely suits the brand’s graceful style as she looks feminine and enchanting

A month later, Krystal attended the fan-signing event for Paul’s Boutique. Many netizens were shocked upon finding that her body shape has changed. Most of them think that Krystal must have gained weight since her cardboard is thinner than her real self, “I wonder how hard she managed herself all this time. Being a celebrity really is not for everyone”, “I always thought she was the type to gain weight, so this is weird to see. I assumed she was just born skinny”, and “She was so skinny during f(x) promos, but she has been managing herself without eating much”.

Even so, netizens did not condemn Krystal that much because they find that her current weight is ideal, “Her body right now looks perfect. Way~ sexier than when she was skinnier” and “In real life, she’d still be considered skinny… but the media cameras are so unforgiving”.

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As for her Instagram account, Krystal is similar to L, as she also does not upload often. Her three latest pictures were on April 12 and March 21 when she had to do photo shoots for fashion brand Miu Miu in Hong Kong. Busy Soojung is busy as well!