Are You a MyungStal Shipper? Let’s Take a Look at These Sweet Moments Between INFINITE’s L and Krystal Jung

Meet the Cold-Looking, yet Warm-Hearted, MyungStal Couple

In the K-Pop industry, the relationship between male and female idols is frequently seen in a negative light, especially by the hardcore fans for each of the public figures. They dislike how their idol will get backlash by the other fans so, more often than not, they will reject the idea of their idol being paired with other celebrities. However, there are also some fans who are called shippers. These people love to pair celebrities by making photo edits, fan fiction stories, and fan-made videos that compile the so-called-moments between the couple that they adore.

One of the famous K-Pop couples who is shipped by many fans is MyungStal, the acronym for INFINITE’s L (otherwise known by his birth name Myungsoo) and f(x)’s Krystal Jung. For the shippers, MyungStal is a match made in heaven, as they each have a similar vibe that complements each other just fine. However, this crackship began to be a real pairing as they were cast in the same drama.

In this article, Channel-Korea will dig for a deeper insight to L and Krystal’s ship as a couple, starting with their project on My Lovely Girl, their interaction after the drama, the pieces of evidence and speculations about them, and their latest news. Stay tuned, dear readers!

INFINITE’s L and Krystal Jung in My Lovely Girl

After being shipped by so many fans in the imaginary world, L and Krystal finally worked on a real project together. They were co-stars on SBS’ television series My Lovely Girl. In the drama, L acted as Shi-woo, an arrogant member of a boy-group. Krystal acted as Yoon Se-na, an aspiring singer and songwriter.

Shi-woo and Se-na meet and develop a dynamic relationship where they often bicker. Even so, Shi-woo already fell for Se-na and later became rivals with Lee Hyun-wook (starred by Rain), his group’s producer, in order to get Se-na’s heart.

During the press conference for the drama, L and Krystal were really adorable as they were holding hands. The pair also smiled and joked with each other. Certainly, these moments made their shippers full of glee!

Not only at the press conference, but L and Krystal also looked close behind the scenes of My Lovely Girl. They often held on the backdrop when one or the other was doing their part on the drama. In addition, MyungStal also spent time talking to each other after finishing their scenes, making them look like close friends. In some moments, they even briefly held hands as if signaling something to one another. So cute!

INFINITE’s L and Krystal Jung’s Relationship After the Drama Ended

Unfortunately, the only solid interaction that L and Krystal had after their television series ended was when they were spotted backstage at iQIYI in 2015.

At the time, L was invited along with INFINITE, while Krystal came with the rest of the f(x) members. Krystal was seen approaching and calling L from the back, which made L turn his head. He embraced Krystal’s shoulder with his right hand and they briefly talked to each other. Though it was unknown what kind of discussion they had, their shippers were happy to see such moment between these idols.