K-Drama Review: 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘Mystic Pop-up Bar’

Mystic Pop-up Bar: The Soundtracks

Mystic Pop-up Bar also has some very good soundtracks and can be a playlist of choices that is suitable for you to hear. Let’s listen to a few songs from the Mystic Pop-up Bar OST below!

Dive by Jung Jin-woo

Love Resembles Memories (사랑 추억 닮아서) by BTOB’s Yook Sungjae

I’ll be by Ben

When We Were Together (우리 함께 했던 날들) by Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyun-ah

I’ll Take You to Tomorrow (내일 바래다 줄게) by DMEANOR

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Mystic Pop-up Bar

In some previous sections, we have discussed the reviews, casts, and soundtracks that are present at the Mystic Pop-up Bar. Now, it’s time you know the more reasons why you should watch K-Drama, starring one of the K-Pop idols from BTOB, which is Sungjae!

  1. The story was taken from a webtoon of the same name, Mystic Pop-Up Bar tells the story of a mystical roadside food tent. This place is managed by Wol Joo, a mysterious woman of 500 years who gets angry easily. Because of his past actions, Wol Joo has to help 100,000 people who have problems.
  2. Mystic Pop-Up Bar featuring a very epic trio combination. The easily tempered Wol Joo character, the strong but friendly and patient Manager Gwi, and the innocent and weak Han Kang-bae are important points in this drama.
  3. Mystic Pop-Up Bar presents a lot of abuse and jokes from the three main characters. Although the story seems pretty serious, the character of each player and also the dialogue is spoken is very contradictory and adds to the humor of the Mystic Pop-Up Bar. Moreover, Sungjae, Hwang Jung-eum, and Choi Won-young who are so expressive really support all the comedy scenes in this drama.
  4. The issues raised by the Mystic Pop-Up Bar are quite close to today’s everyday people. For example, such as sexual harassment at work, the rigors of the lives of office workers, past wounds of the family, to manipulative politics are displayed clearly and clearly. In every episode of Mystic Pop-Up Bar always insert wise words that can be used as guidelines for life or quote of the day. This drama shows the problem with a different perspective and meaningful life philosophy.
  5. With a fantasy world concept, Mystic Pop-Up Bar certainly displays a number of CGI (Computer Generated Image) effects to liven up the atmosphere. The CGI effect in the Mystic Pop-Up Bar is used to realize many things that are impossible and look very natural. For example, a world filled with magic, evil spirits, the strength of its characters, distinguishing real worlds and dreams, and many more.

Well, that was the story about a short review, synopsis, cast and many more have been discussed about Mystic Pop-up Bar, K-Drama which has comedy genre but full of meaning of life in it. Although this story can be considered fiction, there are many learning elements that can be taken from the storyline or the characters of each role, both lead roles and supporting roles in this drama.

Let’s continue to support and give lots of love to each cast and crew of Mystic Po-up Bar so they can continue their careers and perform in the upcoming K-Drama as soon as possible!