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Wondering who is this charming boy? It’s the boy who appeared on Superstar K2, he is Kang In-soo. Kang In-soo is a singer from South Korea. He is a very talented young boy in the K-Pop industry. Many of us adore him because of his handsome face. But today, Channel-Korea will provide you with all the information about him, and all of that will surely make him one of your favorite K-Pop idols. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to quickly get acquainted with him keep scrolling and read everything you want to know about him.

Full Profile and Facts Of Kang In-soo

Kang In Soo is a South Korean singer and actor. He is best known as a member of the 5-member South Korean boy band MYNAME. Apart from the group, he also released his solo mini-album, Naked, in 2017, which peaked on number #19 on the Oricon Albums Chart and was ranked #20 on the Billboard chart (Japan).

Real Name: Kang In Soo

Stage Name: Insoo

Date of Birth: March 10th, 1988

Position: Main Vocal

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Blood Type: AB

Twitter: @ k10208888

Instagram: @insoo_casper

All the facts you need to know about Kang In-soo:

  •  He was born in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
  •  He has an older brother.
  •  Education: Anyang Arts High School (Dance major, focusing on Ballet); Sejong University; Korea National Open University
  •  His nickname is “MYNAME’s Mom”.
  •  He speaks Korean and Japanese.
  •  His hobbies are exercising and playing basketball.
  •  His favorite colors are black and white.
  •  His favorite food: Korean and Japanese food.
  •  He is a big NBA (National Basketball Association) fan.
  •  He acted in the movie Shinokubo Story (2013).
  •  He is usually in charge of nagging in the dorm.
  •  According to JunQ, In Soo is very strict and self-disciplined.
  •  In Soo officially enlisted in the military on October 26th, 2017.
  •  In Soo released his first Japanese solo “Naked Love” before enlisting.
  •  In Soo’s ideal type: an innocent girl.
  •  He likes winter.
  •  His dream is to move to Oakland and live there and be able to see his beloved team “Golden State Warrior.”
  •  In Soo once donated his blood secretly to one of his fans. The fan was seriously ill and needed help.
  •  His role model is Usher.
  •  He is friends with Seungho from MBLAQ.
  •  He auditioned for Superstar K2. He was eliminated because he could not dance trot.

In-soo’s Pre-debut Story


In-Soo graduated from Anyang Arts Highschool with a major in theater and film. He dreamed of being a singer since young and wanted to join Anyang Arts High’s theater and film studies which many stars graduated from, but he was eliminated and had to major in his second choice of dance.

“I thought I would definitely get into theater and film, but it didn’t turn out the way I thought. So I went for the auditions of my 2nd choice of dance and the teachers told me to wear tights. At that moment, I thought to myself that I should just give up, but at that time, Ryang-hyun and Ryang-ha sunbaenims came to take an exam and their father told me: ‘If a man chose his knife, would he even be able to cut anything?’ and he told me to just go for the audition even if it’s only once. In the end, I didn’t put on tights, but went for the audition in sweat pants.”

“Even after I majored in dance, I told the teacher that I wanted to be a singer and didn’t dance for 2 years. After the lesson ended, my friends went to the practice room to dance while I went to a practical music school and took vocal and instrument lessons. Even outside of school, I never told anyone I was a dance major and I lied to my parents a lot that I went for dance practice. At that time, my teacher was really angry with me.”

In-Soo opened his eyes to ballet a year before he graduated high school and continued to dance with joy throughout college. But it was hard for a male dancer to survive in the country. In-Soo hadn’t even served his time in the military and he couldn’t guarantee his future and wanted to do ballet more than anything, but he realized his predicament.

“If I don’t dance continuously, my body will stiffen and you can’t save the feel and sense of dance. If I went to the military, I can return to it but I have no confidence in doing well. So I found my old dream of becoming a singer and decided to take part in Superstar K. I went for the auditions and made it through to Super Week with much luck. I believe that these processes helped my debut with the band MYNAME and that it was a chance for me to learn.”

In-Soo said it was a chance for him to learn from the many difficulties he faced up till MYNAME’s debut. They were lessons with goals and dreams. It’s the reason In-Soo can enjoy this exhaustion.

Appearance on Mnet’s Superstar K2

In-Soo finally drew attention. He made it through the Super Week round of Superstar K2 but unfortunately, he was eliminated in the Trillion Stars challenge. At that time, he drew more attention to reveal that he was close to MBLAQ’s Seungho.

Obstacles on that day required participants to complete Tower stepping stones, surfing sports balls, trembling jumps, rolling pull-up stairs and swinging sandbags jumping in the fastest time. Rookie’s role model Ricky Kim was their coach and took the lead in the obstacle race. The 6 members with the best records and winners of the mud wrestling contest will form the best group of 7 beginners and will go against Super Junior in the obstacle race.

Debut with MYNAME


He made his Japanese solo debut on September 6th, 2017, with his first mini-album Naked prior to enlisting in the military on October 26th, 2017. Kang signed with H2 Media, where he debuted with boy band Myname. He is a vocalist for the quintet. He performed his first acting role in Shinokubo Story (2013) alongside the group.

Military Enlistment


MYNAME member In-Soo had previously talked about his plans to enlist in the military in October 2017, and now an official date has been revealed for his military enlistment.

On July 19th, 2017, Japanese media outlet Nikkan Sports revealed, “His agency stated MYNAME’s In Soo will be enlisting for military service this fall.” At a recent event in Japan for MYNAME’s latest album, MYNAME is, In Soo stated, “It’s something I must do as a Korean man. I feel like I’m going to study abroad. I’d be happy if you wait for me.”



Kang in soo




Title Album details Peak chart positions Sales
Oricon Billboard
  • Release Date: September 6th, 2017
  • Label: Universal Music Japan
  • Format: CD, Digital download
19 20
  • JPN: 3,346


Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Album
“Naked Love” 2017 Naked



kang in soo
Title Year Notes
Superstar K2 2010 Contestant


Kang In-soo’s Instagram

He loves to share his daily activities with us. Let us learn more about his daily life from his Instagram because he loves to share his little details with his fans on Instagram. Here it is!