K-Drama Review: ‘My Love From Another Star’ Tells a Romance Story Mixed with Sci-Fi Between an Alien and a Human Girl


Learn More About My Love From Another Star Drama

Acclaimed as the top drama in 2013-2014, My Love From Another Star gained lots of love and appreciation not only from the general public in South Korea but also from other countries, such as China, Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong, Thailand, Indonesia, United States, Brazil, Argentina, and many more. The series was even adapted and plagiarized in other countries, showing its immense popularity. Despite the surrounding issues, My Love From Another Star remains as one of the Korean dramas that are acknowledged by both Hallyu Wave fans and non-fans. Therefore, in this article, Channel-Korea will present you with everything you need to know about My Love From Another Star, starting from its synopsis, leading cast members, fun facts, the final episode, ratings, to the original soundtrack. So, stay tuned!

My Love From Another Star Drama Synopsis


Otherwise known as You Who Came From the Stars, the series was broadcasted every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:55 PM and directed by Jang Tae-yoo and Oh Choong-hwan, whereas the scriptwriter was Park Ji-eun. Running for 21 episodes, My Love From Another Star tells the story of an alien named Do Min-joon (played by Kim Soo-hyun) who has been living on Earth since 1609 when the Joseon Dynasty was the ruler of the country. He encountered a young girl named Yi-hwa (played by child actress Kim Hyun-soo) as he helped her from falling off a cliff. Because of this act of kindness, Min-joon misses his trip back to his planet, causing him to get stuck on Earth for another four centuries. As Min-joon is not a human being, he cannot die and his appearance remains the same even after many years have passed. Therefore, he has to take on a new identity every ten years.

In the present time, Min-joon works as a college professor who is waiting for his long-awaited departure back to space in three months. He meets top star actress Cheon Song-yi (played by Jun Ji-hyun) who is his neighbors and his student in the college. Soon enough, Min-joon starts getting closer with Song-yi as they are continuously involved in unpredictable situations. Another leading character introduced in the drama is Chun Song-yi’s middle-school friend Lee Hee-kyung (played by Park Hae-jin), who has been in love with her for a long time and Chun Song-yi’s childhood friend and fellow actress Yoo Se-mi (played by Yoo In-na).

The mystery aspect of My Love From Another Star begins to unravel when Song-yi is unknowingly involved with the dodgy case of Lee Jae-kyung (played by Shin Sung-rok), the elder brother of Hee-kyung because Song-yi witnessed his longtime secret, hence putting her in a position of danger. Fortunately, Min-joon, who is constantly entangled with Song-yi, always manages to rescue her from a risky situation. This, however, causes him to start losing his powers.

My Love From Another Star Cast


Due to its skyrocketing popularity, it is not a wonder that most of Hallyu Wave fans are already familiar with the cast members of My Love From Another Star. Even so, we have put together more detailed information about the drama characters below.


Jun Ji-hyun played the heroine of the drama, an A-list actress named Cheon Song-yi. She has been working in the entertainment industry ever since she was young. She is always being described as confident, very frank and no-nonsense type, however, she can sometimes appear a little dumb on account of her having limited knowledge. On the other hand, Kim Soo-hyun played the drama’s hero Do Min-joon, an immortal alien who has been stuck on the Earth for four centuries. He always lives alone and distances himself from the rest of the world because he has to leave the Earth very soon. Nevertheless, he does have a friend, a fellow professor who he often meets. In the past, Min-joon had saved a young girl, who later became his first love. He starts getting interested in Song-yi after seeing the uncanny similarity she bears with the young girl from his past. Soon, Song-yi and Min-joon develop romantic feelings for each other.


Park Hae-jin played the second male lead Lee Hee-kyung, the friend of Song-yi, whom she has known since middle school. Hee-kyung has loved Song-yi for so long yet their relationship has never progressed further than good friends. He believes that as long as he supports her in every situation, Song-yi will love him back eventually. Yoo In-na also played Song-yi’s close friend named Yoo Se-mi, a C-list actress who has been working with Song-yi on several projects.

Even though she is a very good friend of Song-yi, Se-mi actually envies her because of their contrasting popularity and the attention that Song-yi receives from Hee-kyung, whom Se-mi has had a crush on for a long time. Shin Sung-rok played as the villain in the drama, Lee Jae-kyung, the older brother of Hee-kyung, who is also the potential heir of S&C Group. His secretive manner will always make the viewers fidget in their seats and adds a suspense aspect to the drama.


Other than the main characters, My Love From Another Star also features many popular celebrities as cameos, such as Suzy, who appeared in episode 17 and played as Go Hye-mi, Kim Soo-hyun’s love interest in the drama Dream High, Ryu Seung-ryong, who appeared in episode 19 and played as Heo Gyun, and Sandara Park, who appeared in the last episode and played as the actress attending the award shows.

Fun Facts You Have To Know About My Love From Another Star Drama

  • My Love From Another Star occupied the time slot which was previously filled by Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye’s drama The Heirs.
  • The crew of My Love From Another Star employed 60 special cameras to create bullet time effect creation. Reportedly, the GoPro camera was installed in 180 degrees and “stopped” characters were filmed from various angles. The final scene is a montage of various smaller details and then enhanced digitally.
  • My Love From Another Star is the first South Korean television series that uses HD cameras for its production.
  • My Love From Another Star was shoot in two newly built luxury buildings in the Seoul area, namely Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) and Boutique Monaco.
  • The Korea Tourism Organization held a 3D exhibition featuring My Love From Another Star theme at the DDP Art Hall in mid-August 2014. The exhibition displays several rooms titled according to the plot of the drama, such as ‘Start’, ‘Fate’, ‘Shaking’, and ‘Longing’.
  • Similar to its widely known title, My Love From Another Star’s early Korean working title was Man From the Stars.
  • The 16th and 17th episode of My Love From Another Star aired 30 minutes earlier because of the 2014 Winter Olympics broadcast.
  • Originally, My Love From Another Star should have been concluded in 20 episodes. However, due to the massive response from the viewers, the length of the drama was extended to 21 episodes.
  • In December 2013, My Love From Another Star scriptwriter Park Ji-eun was accused of plagiarism by author Kang Kyung-ok. She claimed that the concept of the series is similar to her 2008 comic book Seol-hee and demanded KRW 600 million in damages. She also filed a lawsuit against Park Ji-eun and HB Entertainment despite her claims being refuted by the spokesperson of the production company that the male main character is human in Kang Kyung-ok’s work and that Park Ji-eun has never read or heard of Seol-hee. Later, the case was solved as Kang Kyung-ok dropped her lawsuit after an out-of-court settlement.
  • It is not a secret that foreign television series have plagiarized My Love From Another Star storyline, such as Indonesian television series Kau Yang Berasal Dari Bintang (aired by RCTI) and Thai television series Praw (aired by Channel 7). Both of the series have been concluded abruptly after SBS as the prime broadcaster found out about the plagiarization issues.
  • My Love From Another Star has been adapted in many countries’ television series, such as The Philippines (broadcasted and produced by GMA Network), Thailand (broadcasted and produced by Channel 3 and Broadcast Thai Television Co.), and China (a film produced by Meng Jia Wei production company).
  • Not only in Asia, but My Love From Another Star was also going to be remade in the United States by broadcast station ABC. The original writer of the drama Park Ji-eun would be an executive producer alongside HB Entertainment’s Moon Bomi, in association with Sony Pictures Television and HB Entertainment and EnterMedia Contents as its production houses. Unfortunately, the remake never happened because, in March 2015, the US adaptation of My Love From Another Star was not included in the line-up of ABC and NBC drama shows.

My Love From Another Star Drama Ending


After the comet headed toward the Earth, a UFO came along. Song-yi and Min-joon bid a tearful goodbye in Song-yi’s apartment balcony. After Min-joon left, Song-yi turned into ‘human zombie’ mode as she did not want to eat or sleep and spent all her time in Min-joon’s empty apartment, often imagining that Min-joon is still together with her in the empty space.


On the other hand, Jae-kyung who was caught for his criminal acts asked his father to lend him a hand so that he could get out from prison. However, his regretful father will not help him as he said that Jae-kyung must spend the rest of his life in the jail to repent for his crimes.

Fast forward to three years later, when Song-yi’s crumbling career has been saved and she is again the top star she had previously been. An award ceremony is being held and it must be expected that Song-yi will attend the event as well. Her entrance on the red carpet is the main attraction of the show. Suddenly, time freezes and Do Min-joon turns up at the event.


The long-lost lovers hold each other’s faces. Song-yi cannot believe that Min-joon has come back so he assures her and apologizes for coming so late. Time unfreezes when Song-yi and Min-joon kiss so the journalists and people who have come to the event are shocked at the scene happening right before their eyes. Unfortunately, the moment does not last long because Min-joon immediately disappears.


In a conversation with Song-yi, Min-joon told the curious viewers that ever since he left three years ago, he had been sucked into a wormhole. He had tried several times to come back to the Earth but it only lasted for seconds.


In the epilogue part, Song-yi was interviewed and asked about her method of dealing with Min-joon’s perpetual disappearances, to which she answered, “If I think that this may be the last time I see his face before me, that moment feels incredibly precious.” The final scene shows that Min-joon appears next to her when she wakes, saying that he is back.

My Love From Another Star Drama Ratings


Aired for the first time on December 18th, 2013, My Love From Another Star hit stable and constantly increasing ratings with each episode. Based on TNmS Ratings and AGB Nielsen, the lowest rating of My Love From Another Star was around 15-18 % on its early episodes, whereas it reached its highest ratings somewhere between the middle and the final episode, consistently around 26-30 %, whereas the special episode that summed up Song-yi and Min-joon’s relationship reached approximately 8-11 % ratings. On average, My Love From Another Star’s rating is around 22-27% in both nationwide and Seoul area scale.

My Love From Another Star Drama OST


It wouldn’t be a proper Korean drama without an original soundtrack to accompany the characters’ emotions in the crucial scenes. Accordingly, My Love From Another Star’s original soundtrack featured 10 songs sang by various singers, such as K.Will, Younha, former SISTAR member Hyorin, Huh Gak, and Sung Si-kyung, as well as 21 instrumental scores that the viewers often heard when they were watching the series. One of the notable tracks from the soundtrack of My Love From Another Star is none other than “My Destiny” sang by female singer Lyn. The song is very popular in South Korea and placed at the second place on the Gaon Music Chart. In addition, a Sinhalese version of “My Destiny” was sung by Radeesh Vandebona and Indeewari Hettiarachchi for the drama release in Sri Lanka in 2015.

Besides the experienced singers, who lend their voice for the drama soundtrack, the main cast of My Love From Another Star Kim Soo-hyun also released a special track titled “Promise.” Here you may listen to Kim Soo-hyun’s soulful voice accompanied by the acoustic guitar in the video below!