Here’s The Most Popular Korean Diet That Idol’s are Trying to Lose Weight

Jeon Somi

jeon somi diet

This ex-member of IOI is now pursuing a career as an solo artist. Jeon Somi has grabbed attention for her unique visual since she appeared on JYP’s survival show ‘Sixteen’, that was aired back in 2015. Not only that, Somi is also known for her amazing body proportions, despite her very young age.

To qualify for the standard of an idol body in Korea, Somi sacrificed herself to try extreme diet. Here is the menu below:

Somi revealed her diet plan during her appearance on ‘Taxi’, back on May 24 last year. The MC, Kim Young Ja, wanted to know if Somi’s mother ever worried about her eating right. Somi then answered, “Eomma, it’s not good to worry. I eat very well, so I think I’ve gained enough weight. Please rest up at home.”

The soloist claimed that she gains weight even when drinking water, Somi also talked about her dieting methods, which lead her to lose around 10 lbs in a week! She says, “I only eat one banana for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was hard at first, but it gets easier now. I lost 4 kg (around 10 lbs) in one week. It was a great result, so I still do the diet every once in a while.”

Here is someone that tries Somi’s extreme diet, check it out below:

Not only dieting, Somi also exercised to maintain her health. Here is the video for you guys to follow her routine:

AKMU’s Soohyun

One of the duo siblings from YG Entertainment, Soohyun is known for her unique vocal and ability to create a good music along with her brother. She is also known by the public for her chubby looks, which are actually look adorable on her, but she decided to do a strict diet back then.

On May 16, 2016, Soohyun appeared on KBS Cool FM ‘Park Jiyoon’s Gayo Plaza’. She shared about her dieting methods, and the singer began by saying that she diligently stuck to her diet for around four months.

She explained, “I watched what I ate and exercised a lot, I dieted health consciously by eating protein and vegetables while controlling my carbohydrates intake.” Then Park Jiyoon complimented her by saying, “It does seem that you’re working hard.”

Her brother, Lee Chanhyuk, then complained by saying, “Because of that, I couldn’t eat either. She would glare at me when I eat meat.” Soohyun answered, “Even still, didn’t you eat chicken, pizza, and jokbal (pigs feet) while I was dieting?” Her brother gave his final answer, “I just can’t help it.” We hope all the best for these two siblings.

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