Here’s The Most Popular Korean Diet That Idol’s are Trying to Lose Weight

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri

snsd yuri diet

Yuri was picked as one of the sexiest members of her group and has the best body in Girl’s Generation, along with Sooyoung and Yoona. But among the three of them, Yuri is the one who had a several rounds of losing and gaining weight in a fast period of time. Take a look at these example pictures below:

snsd yuri diet
snsd yuri diet
snsd yuri diet

Her diet itself actually consists of 1.200 caloriese in each day. Some healthy food from the morning until night is also included as well. Here is the list of her eating menu:

  • Breakfast: A glass of milk, banana or other fruits instead.
  • Lunch: Vegetables and a bottle of water.
  • Dinner: A cup of rice and vegetbles.
  • Snack Time: Anything healthy and no junk food at all.

Yuri also did several exercises to complete her diet routine, either going to the gym or doing a yoga or Pilates session. Here is a video of Yuri doing her exercise session:

We still don’t know what’s behind her fast changes in weight, we just hope that Yuri is doing fine with her life and always stays healthy, which are the important things.


ailee diet

The solo singer Lee Ye Jin, or more familiar as Ailee, was not only known for her strong vocal, but also her thicc, yet healthy body by the public. Let’s take a look at what kind of diet program that Ailee has done.

Ailee says that she only consumed 500kcal a day. The first thing she eats during breakfast is an apple, some chicken breast, one cup of soy milk, and a whole cucumber. For the lunch menu, she eats one sweet potato, a hard boiled egg, and a small portion of plain yoghurt.

ailee diet

She then rounds out her day with a small portion of shrimp, crab, chicken, or beef along with two cups of vegetable and some various fruits. Here is one example of a woman who tries to do Ailee’s diet plan:


jennie blackpink diet

During a ‘Cosmopolitan’ interview, Jennie and the other members shared their dieting program. For Jennie, she is the most dedicated one when it comes to health. Even when they are on break, Jennie still works out and watches what she eats.

While getting ready for group or solo promotions, she becomes much stricter with her diet. She says, “Even when they’re eating something delicious, I will just eat a porridge since I’m on a non-salt diet. I tend to swell a lot whenever I eat a lot of salty food.” To help her stay on the diet track, she follows a pattern which includes eating an avocado salad every day with a glass of detox juice.

Here is one person that follows Jennie’s diet menu:

For exercise, Jennie did a fly yoga workout. But these days, she has tried Pilates, as well, with the other members. Here is the video for you guys: