Here’s The Most Popular Korean Diet That Idol’s are Trying to Lose Weight

AOA’s Seolhyun

aoa seolhyun diet

AOA’s face of the group, Seolhyun is known for her slim and ideal body proportions. Many people, especially women, try to follow her diet program. Are you curious about it? Let’s find out more!

During her debut times, Seolhyun’s weight was around 60 kg, but she lost 13 kg by only eating one meal per day! Here is the transformation, below:

aoa seolhyun diet

We can see that she lost a lot weight, right? And now here is the Seolhyun’s diet menu plan that went viral through the internet:

aoa seolhyun diet

Someone who has tried Seolhyun’s diet plan, it actually works!

Seolhyun’s Clarifications About Her Viral Diet Program

During the segment of JTBC’s shows ‘Knowing Brothers’ called ‘Ask Us Anything’, back in June 2018, Seolhyun came on the show with her fellow group member Jimin and the popular comedian Kim Shin Young. She talked about how the three of them get together and eat chicken, pizza, and more. She said, “We order everything that we want, like pizza or squid sashimi, or marinated raw crabs.”

When she was asked about the girl-group members’ ‘notoriously strict diets’, Seolhyun answered, “I don’t think we (AOA members) limit ourselves that much in terms of what we usually eats.”

Seolhyun said in a playful tone that she tried to substitute whenever shes has this feast. For example, whenever the other friends order fried chicken, rather than eating the drumstick, she will eat the breast instead.

aoa seolhyun diet

When Heechul asked about her famous ‘Seolhyun’s diet plan’ she replied, “There’s a lot of rumors about my diet on the internet, but all my supposed diet plans that have been posted online are all lies.” 

She then explained the ‘Seolhyun Diet’, which consisted of only eating sweet potatoes, chicken breast, and boiled eggs. “I don’t like that at all.” Said AOA’s face of the group, “I like fried sweet potatoes and fried chicken instead.” Seolhyun also said that she worked out a lot.

She then continued, “My real dieting trick is to look at photos of myself from when I was in great shape, and I think, ‘This is how i wanted to be.’ The photo has inspired me to work more harder.” Here is the full video where Seolhyun talks about her dieting routine:

SISTAR’s Soyou

sistar soyou diet

Sistar’s unique vocalist Soyou, who is now active as a solo singer, is also known for her toned and ideal body figure. Many people have tried her diet menu plan. Here is list of the food that Soyou eats during her diet routine:

sistar soyou diet

Here is one of the people who follows Soyou’s diet, take a look at the video below:

A brief transformation of Soyou’s body through the years:

sistar soyou diet

Back in November 2012, Soyou revealed her tough time dieting in a interview with ‘Star Column’. She said that during her rookie days, the members, including her, were all on diets. All of them were tired and hungry after 12 hours filming the music video for ‘Push Push’, and there was a food delivery that came.

All of them were tempted to eat an egg toast, they took one without anyone noticing and shared it together in the bathroom. Soyou says that she will never forget the taste of the egg toast for the rest of her life.

sistar soyou diet

Soyou reveals that before starting a diet, you should take a picture, and take another one during the process. It will help make you feel better if you see small changes from the body. The next step is to keep a diet journal. Write down what you eat, the workouts you do, and how you feel every day.

During the diet program, she ease her hunger by drinking water and preparing a special boxed meal. Soyou puts some fruit and vegetables that contains a lot of water (like cucumbers), with a chicken breast to satiate her hunger.  She then continued:

“Critical meal for the first week of dieting is protein and vitamins,the following weeks after would be up slowly to the protein and carb intakes! There’s also a sad income from dieting, it feels like I became an outsider. I meet up with people less, and sometimes with the other members who diligently eats healthy meals, every time I’m with them I can’t fight my temptations..”

sistar soyou diet

She also reminds us to not skip exercising while doing a diet. It’s very important to do it regularly. Soyou usually works on her buns and thighs before performing on the stage, she would place her hands flat on the wall and raised her legs. After doing all that little exercise, she says that her body line came out well on the stage.

And here is a video of Soyou, who went to a gym for exercising: