Here’s The Most Popular Korean Diet That Idol’s are Trying to Lose Weight

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A High Standard Beauty for All Artist in Korea

South Korea is not only known for the ‘Hallyu Wave’ by the world, but also for beauty products and treatments. We can see that all the artists in the country take care of their faces and bodies a lot, and they sometimes share the secrets about their routine or even admit that they’ve had plastic surgery before.

But because of the high and demanding beauty standards from the public, many of these artists sacrifice their health, either physical or mental. If they don’t fit the socially accepted standards, the consequences involve being bullied, especially on the internet.

For today’s article we will talk about various artist that went through a dieting program to make sure they kept up those standards. Curious about who they are? Without any further ado, let’s get to the artist list below!

IU (Lee Ji Eun)

kpop idol diet iu

The nation’s soloist, IU, is one of the artists in Korea that has gone on a strict diet in the past, after she received a lot of negative comment about her body. Even though her diet program wasn’t considered to be a very healthy one, many people are still trying to follow it even until now. Curious about how IU’s diet plan went? Let’s check it out below!

Before you try to follow this plan, please take in mind that her diet program isn’t a long-term fix for your daily diet, and please do not do it without consulting with your personal doctor. The following is IU’s diet when shes has to lose weight quickly, for example, before a comeback or photoshoot session.

Here is IU’s diet menu for each day:

iu diet kpop

As we can see, there’s nothing much to eat. You can also consider that she might take some extreme exercise and routine, as well. All the three meals together make about 700 calories a day, depending on the size of the portion of the shake she was drinking during dinner.

As already mentioned, this is not a long-term diet. IU herself has admitted that she’s received treatment for bulimia in the past. So if anybody wants to try her diet, you should be aware of the risk, and the most important thing is consulting first with a doctor about the diet program before getting started.

Here are some pictures of IU’s body transformation:

iu diet kpop

Here are several people who tried IU’s diet + workout, and it totally worked! Let’s take a look at one of the video examples below:

F(x)’s Luna

fx luna diet

F(x)’s main vocalist and dancer, Luna, was known for her adorable chubby cheeks and muscular yet strong legs. But because of that, she received a lot of negative comments and body shaming from netizens. As a result, Luna started to do an extreme diet to lose a lot of weight.

In August 2017, Luna shared the secret for her diet program on her YouTube channel show called “Luna’s Alphabet’. The viewers were shocked after it was revealed, because the only thing that she consumed during the diet is Lemon Green Tea Infused Water!

fx luna diet

Luna also shows how she makes the infused lemon green tea water, first she slices two lemons and squeezes the juice into a large bottle of water. She then puts another two slices of lemon straight into the water bottle.

fx luna diet

Then, she starts to brew one concentrated green tea for around 20 minutes, and put the tea into the water bottle. Luna told the viewers that she could drink around two 1.5L of the infused water, without any other food at all! With this detox water, Luna would lose 8kg (almost around 18lbs) in a week!

Why could that happen just because of this kind of water? The reason is the green tea helps to reduce your appetite, and even helps your body to burn fat faster thanks to the natural chemical called ‘catechin’. Drinking water also helps to reduce swelling and keeps us from looking bloated.

But, during the video Luna also warned viewers before to not try the diet, especially if you have anemia.

fx luna diet

She admitted that the diet is unhealthy. Luna herself only uses it before her comebacks or other schedule. Here is Luna’s video about her making the detox water, check it out below!

A brief transformation of Luna’s weight loss from year to year:

fx luna diet

Not just focusing on diet, Luna also exercised to shape her body and make it more healthy than before. During a program called ‘Get It Beauty’ back in 2016, Luna shared her exercise routine, called the ‘Baseball Massage’ method, to the public.

She says that the method helps the most for women who wish to lose weight on the lower half of their body (especially hips). First, place two baseballs under your upper thighs. The places are known to have an acupuncture point that helps to release toxins in our body. Take a look at the picture below to see how to do it correctly:

fx luna diet

For even better results, lift your body up and make sure your back is already straight before wiggling to the left and right with the two baseballs underneath. For those who are interested to try this method, you should do it continuously for 30 minutes a day.

For the full video, you can click the video down below: