ASTRO’s Moonbin’s Sister, Billie’s Moon Sua: Pre-debut and Interactions

moonbin sister moon sua interaction

Let’s Get to Know More about ASTRO’s Moonbin’s Sister, Moon Sua!

In the K-Pop industry, there’s a possibility they have a sister or brother that also debut in the K-pop industry. For example, Jessica Jung and Krystal Jung, TXT’ Huening Kai and Kep1er’s Bahiyyih, and more. In ASTRO, Moonbin also has an idol sister, namely Moon Sua. Her sister is an idol and debuted as a K-pop group member.

If you want to know about his sister and their siblings’ moments, this article is matched you. Because Channel-Korea already provides information about ASTRO’s Moonbin and Moon Sua. Let’s check this out!

ASTRO’s Moonbin Have an Idol Sister: Moon Sua

moonbin sister`moon sua

As we know, Moonbin is a former child actor who is currently known as an idol group. Previously, people already knew that Moonbin had a little sister, but they didn’t know that her sister was a member of Billlie, Moon Sua. Their age gap is just one year where Moonbin was born in 1998 meanwhile, Moon Sua was born in 1999.

Unlike her brother, who already appeared as a child actor, Moon Sua became a trainee in 2009 as a YG Entertainment trainee a rapper. However, Moon Sua is considered a social butterfly like her brother, she’s personally close with many female idols, such as BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, SinB, Heize, and more.

Billlie’s Moon Sua and ASTRO’s Moonbin’s Pre-Debut

moonbin and moon sua moments

These siblings have the same career path even though not in the same period. In his pre-debut days (before joining ASTRO), he appeared as a young Kim Bum in Boys Before Flower (2009). He’s also the only ASTRO member who has been a trainee for 7 years.

moonbin and moon sua predebut

So is his sister, Moon Sua also can be said to have the most prolonged period as a trainee for 10 years. Before her debut, Moon Sua had participated in television talent shows, such as Unpretty Rapstar 2 and more.

moonbin and moon sua predebut

However, there are many photos that show their pre-debut days or even their childhood photos. So, here they are!

moonbin and moon sua predebut
moonbin and moon sua predebut
moonbin and moon sua predebut

Moon Sua and Moonbin’s Siblings Moments

moonbin and moon sua moments

Moonbin loves his little sister, Moon Sua. He’s caring for his sister, especially when Moon Sua is running her trainee period. Not only that, Moonbin and Moon Sua can be said to be siblings’ goals because both mutually support each other.

The relationship between these siblings seems exciting and can attract public attention. Even, Moonbin admitted that their relationship was very unique; sometimes, they were joking each other and fight as well. However, Moonbin is a good brother for Moon Sua, because, in 2015, Sua received support from her oppa through ASTRO’s account.

moonbin and moon sua moments

Then, the unforgettable moment was when Moon Sua debuted with Billie, that made Moonbin proud!

On another occasion, they often met on various music shows moreover, Moonbin once interviewed her sister when he was the MC. The two of them also often did TikTok challenges together.

Not only Moonbin, Moon Sua also really cares about her brother. She showed her support for his brother by sending him a food truck during ASTRO’s concert.

moonbin and moon sua moments

In June, these siblings performed together at Music Bank. Here’s the video!

Moonbin’s Sister, Moon Sua with Billlie

billlie moon sua

After she joined YG Entertainment as a trainee, Moon Sua was officially revealed as a trainee under MYSTIC Rookies in 2020. Then, on November 10, 2021, Moon Sua debuted with Billlie by releasing the first mini-album, namely The Billage of Perception: Chapter One. She success debuted with the group, where she got a position as lead vocalist and main rapper.

If you want to see her performance with Billlie, kindly click the video below!

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