Having Been Friends For Over Ten Years, Check Out ASTRO’s Moonbin and GFRIEND’s SinB’s Friendship, Moments Together, and More!

astro's moonbin and gfriend's inb

The Sibling-Like Friendship of ASTRO’s Moonbin and GFRIEND’s SinB!

Calling out to AROHA and Buddy all over the world! This time, Channel Korea will reveal the precious friendship of ASTRO’s Moonbin and GFRIEND’s SinB! Their relationship is very special since they have been friends for over ten years and counting! Wanna know more? Keep reading!

ASTRO’s Moonbin and GFRIEND’s SinB: From Childhood Friends to Fellow K-Pop Artists!


ASTRO’s Moonbin and GFRIEND’s SinB are rising K-pop stars. Aside from ASTRO‘s activities, Moonbin is also known as a singer, actor, dancer, and model under Fantagio Entertainment. He chased after his dream when he was younger, and his dream came true! Just like Moonbin, SinB also dreamed of becoming a K-pop idol, and she started her career as a model when she was younger.

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SinB gained a lot of attention after debuting in GFRIEND in 2015. Despite all of their fame, did you know that Moonbin and SinB are childhood friends? Many fans have realized their strong friendship, and some of them also misunderstood them as a couple. On many occasions, Moonbin and SinB have shared their close friendship, even showing off supportive acts and caring for each other!

How Moonbin and SinB Grew Up Next to Each Other


Some people might not know this, but Moonbin and SinB are childhood friends! They used to live in the same neighborhood, and SinB lived in front of Moonbin’s apartment in Cheongju. They basically grew up next to each other.

Aside from becoming neighbors, both Moonbin and SinB started their careers at an early age together. They became models for children’s clothing lines and showed off their charms! After succeeding with modeling, Moonbin and SinB went to the same dance academy in Seoul, and their encounters became more constant.


After Moonbin and SinB debuted, their friendship continued going strong even now. They have made several appearances together and are very open about their relationship with the fans. They are best friend goals!

What Moonbin and SinB Have Said About Each Other


At certain moments, both Moonbin and SinB have talked about each other, especially about their friendship. Moonbin once said, “GFRIEND’s member Sinb, we have known each other since we were kids.” When GFRIEND members discussed the possibility of friendship between a woman and a guy, SinB also mentioned Moonbin explicitly.

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“I have known my guy friend for ten years,” and it is none other but Moonbin! Moonbin also said the same thing about SinB, stating “I have a friend since I was young. But with her… really just a friend and it’s been 10 years.”

Moonbin and SinB’s Shared Celebrity Friends


Did you know that Moonbin and SinB also have the same celebrity friend circle? It is famously known as the 98-liners group! The group consists of ASTRO’s Moonbin, GFRIEND’s SinB and Umji, SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan, IMFACT’s Ungjae, and the former Uni.T member Suji.


They have had such a strong bond for a long time, and their activities have overlapped on various occasions! Additionally, Moonbin, SinB, and Chanwoo from iKON used to be known as ulzzangs and kid models when they were younger. And, just like the 98-liners friendship, their relationship is still going strong!


The Compilation of Moonbin and SinB’s Moments That You Have to See!


This compilation of Moonbin and SinB’s interactions has the possibility to make you jealous of their friendship. So, get ready!


Moonbin and SinB once appeared together on a variety show along with other guests. Throughout the show, they shared a bunch of cute interactions, and there was no shame between them while dancing with such random moves!

ASTRO once appeared on Idol House, and there was a segment where the members had to call one of their friends to help them with a question. At that time, Moonbin called SinB. SinB was very surprised to hear Moonbin’s voice! Moonbin teased her by talking cutely, and SinB also got mad at him in such a hilarious way!


Every time ASTRO and GFRIEND attend the same events, Moonbin and SinB’s interactions always catch the eye of fans! With their matching outfits, Moonbin and SinB look good together, right?


When GFRIEND made a comeback on Show Champion, SinB met with Moonbin who was the MC at the time. Moonbin showed some support for the group and danced along with SinB!

Fans Reaction Towards Moonbin and SinB’s Friendship


The fans can’t get over Moonbin and SinB’s friendship, and many of them find it very amusing. Here s what they say about them:

“Their friendship is too cute!”

“I love these besties, they are everything”

“Even haters can’t break their friendship”

“Moonbin is full of sweetness and SinB is super comfortable with him”

“SinB and Moonbin friendship is the type when they say ‘i hate you’ to each other but care at each other”

The fans are often jealous over Moonbin and SinB’s friendship! They have built a relationship since their childhood, and their interactions are mostly siblings-like! Are you fond of Moonbin and SinB’s cute friendship? Leave your comment down below, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!