All About Senior Korean Actress Moon Hee-kyung: Profile, Daughter, Son, Family, Age, Movies, and TV Shows

Moon Hee-kyung’s TV Shows

Titles Network Channel Years Played as
Eun Guk and the Ugly Duckling (오빠와 미운 오리) KBS2 (Drama Special) 2013 Aunt
Amazing Coffee (끝내주는 커피) KBS2 (Drama Special) 2010 Support Role



Moon Hee-kyung’s Plays

Titles Years Played as
Nine (나인) 2008 Liliane La Fleur
The Lower Depths (밑바닥에서) 2006-2007 Tanya
Menopause (메노포즈) 2006 Professional woman (45-55 years old)
Mamma Mia! (맘마 미아!) 2005 N/K
Beauty and the Beast (미녀와 야수) 2004-2005 Mrs. Potts
Urinetown (유린타운) 2003-2004 Penelope Pennywise
One Fine Spring Day (봄날은 간다) 2003 N/K
The Last Empress (명성황후) 1995 N/K
Flower Train (꽃전차) 1995 N/K

Moon Hee-kyung’s Variety Shows

Titles Network Channel Years Played as
1 vs. 100 (1대100) KBS2 2018 Guest (Ep. 528 180731)
Tribe of Hip Hop (힙합의 민족) JTBC 2016 Participant (Season 1 and Season 2)
Happy Together 3 (해피투게더3) KBS2 2016 Guest (Ep. 436 160218)
NEW Stocking (New 스타킹) SBS 2015 Guest (Ep. 150925)
King of Mask Singer (미스터리 음악쇼 복면가왕) MBC 2015 “Madam is Shopping” singer (Ep. 13 150625)
Good Morning (좋은아침) SBS 2010 Guest (Ep. 3513 101125)



Moon Hee-kyung’s Awards

Awards Category Work Years
8th Busan Film Critic Awards Best Supporting Actress Award Skeletons in the Closet 2007
10th Korea Musical Awards Best Supporting Actress Award Beauty and the Beast 2004
MBC Riverside Song Festival Grand Prize (Daesang) N/A 1987