Details About Moon Hee-jun’s Wedding With Crayon Pop’s So-yul

Wedding Ceremony

Moon Hee-jun and So-yul officially tied the knot on February 12th. Their wedding was decidedly private and was held at the Shilla Hotel. Before their wedding, they held a press conference with a lot of media outlets.

Their wedding was attended by many celebrities, including Yoo Jae-suk, Eun Ji-won, Shinhwa’s Lee Min-woo, G.O.D.’s Park Joon-hyung, Danny Ahn, Kim Tae-woo, Hong Suk-chun, Kim Jong-kook, Crayon Pop, Yook Joong-wan, Yang Se-chan, Seo Jang-hoon, Yoon Min-soo, and fellow H.O.T members Kangta, Tony, and Lee Jae-won.

Shinhwa’s Lee Min-woo also posted a photo of the wedding, in which he wrote, “Hee-jun, live long and happily. I sincerely congratulate you on your marriage. Moon Hee-jun, So-yul, congratulations. Be happy.”

Giving Birth to a Daughter

On May 12th, 2017, Koen Stars Entertainment released a statement which confirmed that Moon Hee-jun’s and So-yu’s first kid was born, “So-yul has given birth to a healthy baby girl weighing 2.6 kilograms at 4:30 p.m. KST. Moon Hee-jun and their families are very happy. The baby and mother are both healthy, and So-yul is currently recuperating with the help of all the love and support from those around her.”

Even though it was denied before that So-yul had been pregnant, Moon Hee-jun and So-yul later confirmed her pregnancy.

First Family Photo

Moon Hee-jun and So-yul revealed their first family photo alongside their daughter’s birthday on May 14th, 2018. 

A source from the studio which took the photo revealed, “The baby was lovely and cute. She inherited her parent’s charm and talent, she has a lot of energy. It was heartwarming and they couldn’t take their eyes off their daughter.”

So-yul and Moon Hee-jun welcomed their first baby in May 2017. This photo was also a celebration of the baby being one year old.


What a cute family! We hope that Moon Hee-jun and So-yul’s baby will grow up healthy and happy! What do you think about their relationship? Show your support by commenting below!