Details About Moon Hee-jun’s Wedding With Crayon Pop’s So-yul

The Unexpected Couple, Moon He-joon and So-yul!

The former member of the legendary K-Pop boy band HOT, Moon Hee-jun, and the ex-member of the popular Korean girl group Crayon Pop, So-yul, surprised the public with their wedding announcement in 2016. Later in 2017, they also surprised the public with the announcement of So-yul’s pregnancy before their wedding, which is often called the “shotgun wedding.” Their relationship was really unexpected since no one knew that they were close to each other before their public announcement. So, how did exactly the chronological timeline of their relationship go? If you’re curious, check out the details regarding their wedding below!


Dating and Engagement News

Moon Hee-jun’s and So-yul’s relationship completely took the public by surprise since no one suspected that they had been close to each other. Although, it was then revealed that their relationship had probably started a while back, somewhere around April 2016. This had been confirmed by Crayon Pop member Ellin who appeared on MBC Every1’s Video Star on August 28th, 2017. Ellin confessed, “I already knew that So-yul was dating [him]. I learned about their plans to get married through the news. I heard that Moon Hee-jun is really good to her.”

Fans also stated their suspicion that Moon Hee-jun and So-yul’s relationship had begun as early as 2013, when Crayon Pop appeared as a guest on Qtv’s Pretty Boy Communication, which was hosted by Moon Hee-jun. Suspicion was also raised when in January 2015, Moon Hee-jun asked So-yul to help him in obtaining the potato chips as his mission on the KBS W Shopper Man. It seemed like he was totally aware that So-yul had received a box of potato chips from fans some time ago. On that very same show, Moon Hee-jun also stated, “I’m totally for Crayon Pop now. I’ve thrown even Girls’ Generation away.”

Turned out that the fans’ suspicion had been right on the prize all along. On December 8th, 2016, Moon Hee-jun shared the story of his meeting with Crayon Pop’s So-yul on the Korean show Singderella. He shared, “I saw So-yul for the first time in 2013 in a broadcasting building. She was wearing sweatpants under a school uniform so I thought that she was someone’s fan… Then later, I saw her on the monitor dancing on stage while I was in the waiting room, so I realized that she is a singer. Since then, I had an interest in her.”

Moon Hee-jun also shared the details of how he fell in love with So-yul, “…I was having a hard time because I was trying to lose weight. So-yul learned about that and brought burdock tea, which is good for weight loss… She made 10 bottles, 1.5 liters each. It was summertime, and she came with the tea while sweating. That moment seemed like it was happening in slow motion.”

It seemed like he really loved her a lot when he stated on the same show, “I want to love her for the rest of my life without any issues… Human beings’ hearts flutter because of hormones for about 3 years. But I want to beat that.”

Wedding Announcement

On November 24th, 2016, Moon Hee-jun, who was 38 years old at that time, posted a handwritten letter to his fans, which revealed his upcoming wedding plan to Crayon Pop’s So-yul, who was 25 years old at that time. He wrote, “I’m an adult, but writing this, I feel like I’ve really become an adult. [My fans], I’m going to get married. It’s another thing that’s changed between us, but for me, you know that you’re always first and you’re precious to me, right?”

Later, on the same day, Moon Hee-jun’s fiance also shared the same clarification message on her Daum Cafe. She wrote:

“Hello it’s Crayon Pop’s So-yul. Time has gone by so fast and it’s almost winter. You guys are staying healthy and well right? I’ve been doing well due to the warm support of all of you guys and other fans. This is a bit sudden but today I’m going to say what I need to first. You might be surprised but… I feel like my fans are the first ones I should be telling this to since they are the ones who give me the most strength; which is why I am writing this. I’m very nervous right now as well but… I’ve met somebody who loves me and holds me dear and we want to get married. It’s very sudden but this is a choice in my life I’ve pondered a lot. I hope you guys could support me and bless us. The marriage won’t be the end, I’ll continue to be here for you guys and I will come back as a better So-yul in order to return the love I have received throughout all these years!”

At the time of their wedding announcement, Crayon Pop’s So-yul was on a hiatus from the entertainment industry due to her anxiety disorder, one month before Moon Hee-jun’s letter. Moon Hee-jun was also the first member of HOT who declared his married.

Netizens also shared their reaction regarding their wedding announcement:

[+519, -29] “So-yul just announced her marriage.”

[+312, -32] “Younger girls are the best.”

[+43, -14] “Honestly though… what does she have going for her other than being young…”

[+34, -1] “I seriously want to take a shaver and shave Moon Hee-jun’s head bald.”


So-yul Reported Pregnant

After Moon Hee-jun and So-yul’s wedding announcement, there had been rumors emerging that their unexpected and rushed wedding was a “shotgun wedding” due to So-yul’s pregnancy before they have gotten married. Crayon Pop’s agency was the first to deny these rumors.

In November 2016, Chrome Entertainment stated, “The marriage is not due to a pregnancy.”

However, Koen Stars, as Moon Hee-jun’s agency, released an ambiguous statement regarding these rumors, “We do not know because it’s their personal matter.”

Later, So-yul also released a long message in her fan cafe which neither denied nor confirmed any of these pregnancy rumors, “Firstly, for causing fans to worry and be concerned, sorry… My thoughts might differ from the fans’, so for there to be such a huge misunderstanding, for those who cherish Crayon Pop and fans who protect us, I wanted to inform you of my intentions first. This intention of mine was misunderstood, so I was quite hurt. A comeback after 1 year and 6 months, I should have shown my healthy and energetic side to meet everyone, but over the past few years, my body and mind have suffered a lot from fatigue… I have been receiving proper treatment, and while resting, I have been reading the supportive messages posted on the fan cafe. It is thanks to these messages that I’m doing better. Thank you all. For the sudden news, I think I gave everyone too much of a shock… My heart is heavy and I keep thinking over and over again about how this has upset all of you.
To the fans who always encourage me, paying attention and loving me unconditionally, I’m very thankful for it. To repay the unchanging love for me, to be able to stand before you as So-yul, Crayon Pop’s maknae, I’ll work hard. I love you. Thank you.”

A few months later, it turned out the rumor was true. On May 8th, Koen Stars agency reportedly announced, “Moon Hee-jun and So-yul’s first baby is expected to be born this week. We apologize for not informing about it sooner. It was out of consideration for the new life on the way. We would appreciate if you could give encouragement and blessings to the two people.”

Alongside those statements, Chrome Entertainment also stated, “It’s true that Moon Hee-jun and So-yul are going to become parents. She’s expected to go into labor this week, however, we also just recently found out about her pregnancy.”

With those announcements, Moon Hee-jun and So-yul were expected to welcome their first baby after being married for three months.


Rumor Around Their Wedding

On May 20th, HOT’s fan community, DC H.O.T. Gallery, announced that they would be boycotting Moon Hee-jun’s activity due to various reasons, including him allegedly lying about So-yul’s premarital pregnancy.

They released an official statement,

“Moon Hee-jun of H.O.T. faced criticism from the public after beginning his solo activities with rock music, but he made it through those hard times with the help of his fans. However, when he was discharged from the army and his reputation with the public recovered, Moon Hee-jun discarded his humble stance and began to show inappropriate attitudes and words. Last year, he made various problematic statements regarding his concert and marriage, as well as the return [of H.O.T.]. We fans have waited for an earnest explanation and apology, but what we got was a deceptive letter filled with excuses, no response about the issue with concert goods, and continuous disrespect for the [H.O.T.] members. We believe these actions will harm fans’ memories with the group, the group’s reputation, and other H.O.T. members’ images, and therefore declare withdrawal of support.”

“Ahead of the declaration, we will clarify that Moon Hee-jun’s agency, Koen Stars, only oversees his activities in variety shows. They are not involved in any of his promotions as a singer or in the management of his fan club. Anything related to his concerts, goods, and fan club are managed by Moon Hee-jun and fan club officials. We are not withdrawing support because of his marriage.”

“1. His attitude towards fans.”

“2. Deceiving fans with an undeniable lie.”

“3. Poor concert quality.”

“4. Disrespecting members and imprudent statements about the group reuniting.”

“5. Illegal sale of goods and possible tax evasion.”

“Moon Hee-jun and his fan club officials have neither offered a sincere explanation nor shown willingness to improve in the issues listed above. The members of DC H.O.T. Gallery have supported all five members of H.O.T., but as of today, we will withdraw support for Moon Hee-jun and support only four members, Jang Woo-hyuk, Tony Ahn, Kangta, and Lee Jae-won. We will boycott all of Moon Hee-jun’s future activities.”

Fans have been expressing their rage for Moon Hee-jun after he was caught lying to them on various occasions.

Beside his lies about So-yul’s pregnancy, he was also caught selling illegal goods and evading taxes. According to reports, Junist, Moon Hee-jun’s fan cafe, organized gifts for Moon Hee-jun without the input of fans, and stole other site images and used them as their own to promote goods. Junist was also rumored of tax evasion since they refused to accept credit cards or provide cash receipts.

Fans were also upset by Moon Hee-jun’s comment on the show Sing For You in January in which he stated that he lost a lot of money for his upcoming wedding, “Why did I save my money for all these years? I like to think it was all for this, so I’m happily enjoying my wedding preparations.”

Netizens then began suggesting that his recent 20th-anniversary concert was held just to get money from fans.

Moon Hee-jun responded the rumor by saying, “I get frustrated by a lot of things, but the thing that made me most upset was people saying that I used my 20th-anniversary concert to collect wedding funds. ‘Does Moon Hee-jun think of his fans as ATMs?’ I’ve never once thought this for a moment so I’m upset. Whenever things like this come up, I’m afraid that another misunderstanding will arise if I address it, so I was afraid to say anything. In case my fans were hurt by the things I said, I decided to keep quiet.”

He went on, “Now I’m afraid to even hold concerts. It’s unimaginably painful to think that a singer won’t be able to stay on stage, but now that people are saying I hold concerts so I can get married, I don’t have confidence anymore. The 20th anniversary that resulted from me always putting my fans first and being passionate about my music, please don’t distort it anymore.”