Let’s Check Out the Appearance of H.O.T’s Moon Hee-jun and Former CRAYON POP’s Soyul’s Daughter on KBS’ ‘The Return of Superman’

Hee-yul Meets Pororo


On the June 30th episode of The Return of Superman, Moon Hee-jun’s family headed to Pororo Park and he transformed into Pororo to celebrate his daughter, Jam Jam’s second birthday. Hee-yul and her father went to the amusement park to see Pororo because Hee-yul really likes the cartoon. 

They saw various kinds of characters from famous cartoons that made Hee-yul really excited. They also watched the musical of many characters, and Hee-yul couldn’t hide her excitement. When the music ended and the characters left the stage, Hee-yul started crying. But she suddenly stopped crying when she finally met Pororo. Hee-yul was really excited and she hugged Pororo. They enjoyed a very pleasant day in the amusement park.

Hee-yul Meets the Other Cast Members


In the July 21st, 2019 episode of KBS’ The Return of Superman, Hee-yul met the twins, Seo-eon and Seo-jun. Seo-eon and Seo-jun were part of the original cast of The Return of Superman, where they appeared on the show with their father only a few months after their birth in 2013. But they left the show in April 2018.

Seo-eon and Seo-jun made a surprise appearance on the show to meet Jam Jam. Jam Jam had a lot of fun looking for the twins, smiling brightly and playing together with them. Seo-eon and Seo-jun also played a trick on Moon Hee-jun by eating dirt from a potted plant. Moon Hee-jun was flustered and said, “How can you feed children dirt?” However, it turned out that the twins and their mother had made “dirt” from crumbled cookie powder in order to surprise her.


Jam Jam also went to the convenience store to eat snacks with Seo-jun and Seo-eon and enjoyed her time playing with her new older siblings. Moon Hee-jun also played with water guns with the twins. Then she called the twin’s father and jokingly said, “I became a mess. I can’t hear anything because of the water in my ears.”



As soon as the production team of The Return of Superman announced that the new addition of a new family consisting of first-generation idol Moon Hee-jun, former Crayon Pop member Soyul, and their daughter Jam Jam, the family got harsh criticism from the public due to Moon Hee-jun’s past contradictory public statements.

Previously, Moon Hee-jun explained to the public and his fans that he did not want to talk about his family life. He even stated that he was reluctant to promote H.O.T. before their concert in 2018 because he feared that his wife’s name would appear on an online search site. After saying that he was uncomfortable and reluctant to show or even talk about his family life, many fans were unhappy with Moon Hee-jun’s decision to appear on the popular variety show The Return of Superman. His statement in the past is very contrary to what he is doing now. Many people are disappointed and consider him very wishy washy.


Since the rumors of his marriage to Soyul began to spread, Moon Hee-jun has shown a lack of credibility by lying to the public and his fans about his personal life. The news of his family joining The Return of Superman increasingly disappointed his fans, who felt like they were not valued and were only used as his “ATMs.”

In response to the negative comments towards his family, he said, “If you write words with bad intentions, it will come back to you. So please just write good words.” He also shared “No matter what I read, I am annoyed that all comments towards me are written this way.” He also thanked those who gave positive comments towards his family’s appearance on the show.

Public Impression


Despite getting hate and harsh criticism from netizens about Moon Hee-jun’s family appearance on The Return of Superman, his daughter, Hee-yul managed to get public attention with her extremely adorable appearance. Many people are also interested to see Hee-yul or Jam Jam’s funny and cute personality. Hee-yul is really bubbly and full of energy. She is a very sweet kind thoughtful kid.