Who is Moon Geun-young’s Husband? Let’s Look at the Details

Moon Geun Young

Moon Geun-young’s Husband?

Who hasn’t heard of the beautiful South Korean actress, Moon Geung-young? There’s been talk that Moon Geun-young has a husband, is that true? Check this out!

Moon Geun-young is currently single since she broke up with her actor boyfriend, Kim Ki Bum. They started dating in 2003, but the relationship only lasted for 7 months, which made Moon Geun-young feel lonely again. The relationship didn’t end badly, and they remained friends afterward, as their agency confirmed.

Moon Geun-young is Pregnant?

After having dated and broken up with Kim Bum, it turns out Moon Geung-young was depressed. One of the reasons is because of a rumor which surfaced, saying Moon Geung-young was pregnant with Kim Bum’s child. When Moon Geung-young found out about the rumor, she became very upset, since she didn’t want to disappoint her mother.

“When I heard and read about it, the first person present in my mind was my mother. I was worried that she would be disappointed,” Moon Geun Young said in an official statement received by Sindonews via One Channel. According to her, the rumor made her uncomfortable, because Moon Geung-young had never been touched by a negative scandal.

“I am very uncomfortable because the news is not true. There is no point for me to discuss this. In the past, I never had negative news about myself,” she continued. Not only that, Moon Geun Young considered that the rumors would tarnish her image. However, she doesn’t care about it in a more personal way, because it was just a rumor.

Moon Geun Young

Moon Geun-young’s Ideal Type

Moon Geun-young sees Lee Kwang-soo as her ideal type of man. She saw Kwang-soo as a worthy and caring person. Kwang-soo is also the type of guy who will be careful of the woman he’s seeing.

When asked what she thinks about marriage, Moon Geun-young has negative thoughts about marriage. In an interview for the drama Mary Stayed Out All Night, she suggested that marriage was not for her. She has many dreams to be achieved, and marriage wouldn’t make that any easier. But Moon Gen-young stated that she’d consider it, when she found a man who would give her freedom and understand her situation.