Are They Dating? The Truth About Moon Geun-young and Kim Bum’s Relationship!

Moon Geun-young and Kim Bum

Moon Geun-young and Kim Bum Confirmed to be Dating

This is might be one of the big issues for both Moon Geun-young and Kim Bum’s fans. Most of them are wondering, are they really dating, or is it just a casual thing? Cleary, Moon Geun-young and Kim Bum’s relationship are being put in the spotlight, largely because of their age difference. Moon Geun-young is two years older than Kim Bum.

Through this article, Channel Korea will answer all of the puzzles about the relationship between Moon Geun-young and Kim Bum’s, so just keep on reading!

How Did They Meet?

Moon Geun-young and Kim Bum were cast as spouses in the drama Goddess of Fire: Jeonji. After starring in the drama together, actress Moon Geun-young and actor Kim Bum were reported to be dating in 2013. The crews on the set Goddess of Fire: Jeonji were watching the couple, and could see how protective Kim Bum was to Moon Geung-young while they were shooting. Even though Kim Bum’s character in the drama didn’t get the woman he wanted, in real life Kim Bum got the gorgeous Moon Geun-young.

Moon Geun-young’s agency, Namoo Actors, was the first source that confirmed Moon Geun-young and Kim Bum’s relationship. Unlike most idols in South Korea, neither Moon Geun-young or Kim Bum tried to hide their relationship from the public, especially their fans. In public, they looked relaxed and like they were enjoying being in an open relationship.

Moon Geun-young revealed that she wanted to be honest about her relationship with Kim Bum. Moreover, the two stars were spotted on vacation together on their hiatus. They went to Europe, and just like other couples, they spent their time exploring and enjoying each other’s company.