Are They Dating? The Truth About Moon Geun-young and Kim Bum’s Relationship!

Moon Geun-young and Kim Bum’s Breakup

Moon Geun-young and Kim Bum

After being involved for six or seven months, Moon Geun-young and Kim Bum broke up, and it was confirmed by both their agencies. Kim Bum’s agency, King Kong Entertainment, said, “Is it true that the two have broken up. They’ve ended on good terms, and are still supporting each other.

Moon Geung-young’s agency, Namoo Actors, made their statement, “We’ve confirmed with Moon Geun-young that they have indeed broken up. They will be maintaining their relationship as colleagues.” But Moon Geun-young and Kim Bum still keep in touch to ask each other their news.

Moon Geun-young and Kim Bum

Most of their fans were sad about their breakup. They thought that the couple would someday marry and live happily ever after. Some of the fans added they thought the actors needed each other.

After the breakup, there was a glimpse of a rumour suggesting that Moon Geun-young was reportedly pregnant by Kim Bum. Moon Geun-young was shocked when the rumor came up, and the first thing that came on her mind was her mother. She didn’t want to make her mother disappointed over a rumor that wasn’t true.

Moon Geun-young and Kim Bum

Currently, Moon Geun-young continues to stay single and is focusing on her career. Meanwhile, Kim Bum was reported to be in a relationship with actress Oh Yeon-seo.

Well, maybe this is the best way for both of them, and we’re praying for both Moon Geun-young and Kim Bum to have happiness, always!