Let’s Look at Moon Chae-won’s ‘Running Man’ Appearances!


Get to Know Moon Chae-won

Do you know actress Moon Chae-won? She was born in Daegu, on November 13th, 1986, became famous for her role as Yoo Seung-mi in the drama Brilliant Legacy (2009), which aired on SBS. In January, 2015, Moon Chae-won appeared as a guest in Running Man episodes 228-229, along with actor Lee Seung-gi, to greet the fans at of the beginning of the new year and to promote their upcoming movie, Love Forecast, which opened in 2015.

Let’s check out Moon Chae-won’s appearance as a guest while having fun playing games with the others on Running Man below!

Actress Moon Chae-won on Running Man

SBS released a new teaser in December, 2014, for Moon Chae-won and Lee Seung-gi’s appearance on Running Man in one of the first episodes of the new year.

Both the actors from the movie Love Forecast entered the venue, greeting the fixed cast members of the show. Moon Chae-won was looking very elegant, wearing a fitted black dress, stockings and long earrings. In the teaser above, they seemed to be going to different places in South Korea and playing games during the snowy days. Even the parts of the episodes that were filmed indoors kept the winter season theme.


Despite the cold weather, this episode brought its own kind of warmth to viewers, created by laughter and the special appearances from the famous actress and actor, Moon Chae-won and Lee Seung-gi.

In the first mission, the group of players were separated into two teams. Lee Seung-gi & Moon Chae-won teamed up with Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Kwang-soo, meanwhile, the other team included Kim Jong-kook, Haha, Gary, Song Ji-hyo and Ji Suk-jin.


They drove to the site for the first outdoor mission, ‘Today’s Weather’, and Moon Chae-won was in the same car as Haha and Gary. They spent the trip giving each other compliments and encouragement for the mission ahead. Moon Chae-won even made a heart-shaped gesture with her hands and pointed it towards the camera.


When they arrived at the location where the game was set up, the teams were piled into a shipping container, where they were all struggling to climb over each other to stand and win the first game. The rule was that the last person to stand would win one point, and the  team who won the first game would be awarded three points.


Moon Chae-won tried her best to keep up and win the first game by climbing towards the front of the container while the other members kept slipping and falling down. The only player who could stand until the end without slipping was Lee Kwang-soo, Moon Chae-won and Song Ji-hyo looked ready to attack each other until they both slid into the water and earned their one point for winning.


One of the things that made this episode exciting was when Moon Chae-won did the Pepero Games using the icicle with Gary, and there was an intense scene from them, as if they were about to touch each other lips, which made Song Ji-hyo obviously jealous over their intimacy.


The actress, who played as Ha Seon-woo on Criminal Minds (2017), also made a surprising statement as she appeared on Running Man. She revealed that she and Lee Kwang-soo still keep in touch, and contact each other on a regular basis, through text messages.


Although it surprised one of the other cast members, Kim Jong-kook was brave enough to ask Moon Chae-won if Lee Kwang-soo approaches her first, and the actress answered that it is true, Lee Kwang-soo was the first one to a text message.

Adding more statement to her relationship with Lee Kwang-soo, the actress stated that she sent Lee Kwang-soo a message as a colleague, but it turned out that Lee Kwang-soo was getting too excited about receiving a text message from Moon Chae-won, and she stopped texting him because she needs to figure out what to reply.