Moon Chae-won’s Love Life: Who’s Her Boyfriend and Ex Boyfriend?

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Is Moon Chae-won’s Dating Anyone Right Now?

Love is a natural thing for humans. But, when it comes to celebrities, it is a little bit complicated. They tend to hide their love life from the public. Some are afraid that it will affect their popularity, some do not want to share it due to personal privacy, and some just want to protect their loved ones. One celebrity who never shares her love stories with the public is actress Moon Chae-won. We are not sure which of the above is her reason, though. There were rumors going around every time she had a new project with actors, like when she played in a drama with Song Joong-ki and Lee Seung-gi, but they die down eventually since there is never proof.

But, there was an occurrence when a netizen claimed to be her boyfriend for years. The netizen went by the nickname Typhoon and introduced himself as an architect born in 1972. He wrote on his blog that he was Moon Chae-won’s real boyfriend, stating “I have been dating Moon Chae-won since March 2015.” He added that if he lied, he would break his fingers with a military shovel. 

Finally, in April 2017, Moon Chae-won took legal action and sued Typhoon. Her agency stated, “He has crossed the line. So, we plan on taking legal action against the netizen who has been spreading false claims.” In response, the netizen posted on his blog, “Watch how Moon Chae-won’s agency takes legal action against me. I’ll respond in the same way.”

In June 2017, the netizen was arrested and found guilty of all charges. The justice department stated, “The defendant repeatedly wrote false accusations and inflicted severe damages on the victim who is a well-known actress. However, we put his belated self-reflection and the fact that most netizens did not believe what he wrote into consideration.” On September 21, 2017, the court sentenced him to two years of probation.

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Currently, Moon Chae-won is busy filming her new drama, tvN’s Gyeryong Goddess / Tale of Georyeong Fairy, as the main actress alongside actors Seo Ji-hoon and Yoon Hyun-min. The drama is scheduled to be released on November 5, 2018.