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Moon Chae-won’s Latest News

Being a good actress that has starred a lot of top dramas and movies, Moon Chae-won has maintained a good image by rarely having any scandals. Despite of the false rumors that were linked to her regarding Jung Joon-young’s case, we rarely see the news of her with various type of scandals.

However, as a fan, we still can see the updates about her life on her social media. Fortunately, Moon Chae-won has an Instagram page and is quite active to post anything there. Let’s take a look at some pictures of her.


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Moon Chae-won shared pictures where she was on holiday. She really looks naturally pretty, right? Hope that she enjoyed her holiday while taking a break!

It’s really great to know that the actress is doing fine. We, as fans, can post a comment on her posts that support her and show her a lot of love, while waiting for her to comeback in a drama or movie. Until that time, let’s just hope that Moon Chae-won is living a happy life and comes back as an even better actress than she is now. Fighting, Moon Chae-won!