Check Out Moon Chae-won’s Top Movies and Dramas

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Have You Watched All the Top Dramas and Movies from the Queen of Korean Actress, Moon Chae-won?

If you’re addicted to Korean drama, then you might already be familiar with the Korean actress that we’re going to talk about. She is a highly-skilled actress that can amaze us with various type of characters. She has acted in some very popular dramas and movies from her debut days up to now. If you have watched Good Doctor, Love Forecast, and The Innocent Man, you might know this actress.

Who is she?

Well, yeah, it’s Moon Chae-won, the actress that was born in Daegu on November 13, 1986, and made her debut as an actress by starring in a drama called Mackerel Run in 2007. Along the way, Moon Chae-won has starred in a lot of dramas and movies. Starting at a very young age, she also has been paired with a lot of famous actors and actresses in her career.

moon chaewon

Ever since she won her first award in 2011, where she won the “Best New Actress” after portraying a character named Ja-in in the movie War of the Arrows, Moon Chae-won has been in a lot of dramas and movies that turned out to be big hits.

How well do you know Moon Chae-won’s dramas and movies? Have you watched these dramas and movies where she acted as the main character? Let’s take a look at the lists below and make sure that you have seen Moon Chae-won’s brilliant acting skills that will make you fall in love!

Moon Chae-won’s Top Movies

Korean movies are just the same as Korean dramas, they’re so addictive with the escellent actors and actresses, and engaging plots. Some of you might not really be familiar with Korean movies, but trust me, the movies that have Moon Chae-won as the main character are really worth a try.

Let’s take a look at the lists and make sure to watch some on the weekend!

Moon Chae-won’s Appearance in Love Forecast

Before we talk about Love Forecast in general, let’s talk about how aesthetic and beautiful the movie posters are!

moon chaewon

On the poster, we can see the stars, Lee Seung-gi and Moon Chae-won, making a lot of different expressions that delivered really well. This also represented the character’s personalities in the movie, that we can see a glimpse of in the poster.

Not only that, the Love Forecast production team also released various types of posters that show a scene from the movie along with the quote that matched with the story line. Here are some of the examples.

moon chae-won
moon chae-won

Just by looking at the posters, you may have guessed how the story line goes and what kind of people the main characters are. Well, you may be right. Love Forecast is a story about two friends, a guy and a girl, that has been friends for 18 years. Moon Chae-won, who played as Hyun-woo, is a forecast announcer who has the nickname “Weather Goddess” because of her beauty and elegant figure on TV.

However, in real life, especially with her friend Joon-soo, Hyun-woo is like a witch who likes to get drunk, shouts, and has a tough manner. Meanwhile, Joon-soo works as a teacher. He is a decent guy who is nice, dependable, and loved by his students. Joon-soo started to fall in love with Hyun-woo secretly. However, Hyun-woo never felt the same way because she had already gotten comfortable with Joon-soo as a friend. She just can’t feel the sparks whene she’s with him.

During the movie, we can see the roller coaster emotions between Hyun-woo and Joon-soo’s friendship, especially each time Hyun-woo started to date another guy and annoyed Joon-soo because of that. We can see how good Moon Chae-won’s acting skilll is when she acts roughly and made Joon-soo, who portrayed by Lee Seung-gi, upset.

Let’s see the trailer to feel the emotion of the movie, “Love Forecast”!

What do you think about the trailer? It looks so interesting to watch, right? Lee Seung-gi and Moon Chae-won really have good chemistry. They portrayed the characters really well. But seeing the trailer is not enough; make sure to add this movie to your movie list if you haven’t watched it yet!

Moon Chae-won’s Appearance in Mood of the Day

Another rom-com movie following Love Forecast, Mood of the Day was released in January 2016, and it has Moon Chae-won and Yoo Yeon-seok portraying the main characters. The story of this movie is about a man and a woman that happened to meet on a KTX train to Busan. They sat next to each other during the trip, and they spent the next 24 hours in Busan together after that.

moon chae-won

Both of them has different motives for going to Busan, but they want to meet the same person. Bae Soo-jung, portrayed by Moon Chae-won, has to sign an advertising contract with a basketball player. Kim Jae-hyun, portrayed by Yoo Yeon-seok, is a representative from a basketball agency who wants to convince the same basketball player that Bae Soo-jung wants to meet, to play in the NBA. They started their relationship as a seat-neighbors at first, then Kim Jae-hyun flirted with her and directly said that he wants to sleep with her. Unfortunately, Bae Soo-jung already has a boyfriend and they are supposed to get married soon. Bae Soo-jung got irritated by how Kim Jae-hyun approachied her. She tries hard to avoid him by not sitting next to him, but ended up getting back to her original seat.

When Bae Soo-jung overheard Kim Jae-hyun’s phone call with someone, she learned that they both wanted to meet the same person. She then lowered her ego and asked Kim Jae-hyun to help her to meet the basketball player.

A lot of things happened during the 24 hours. Kim Jae-hyun, who really wants to have a one night stand with Bae Soo-jung, little by little gets her heart. They also shared a lot of interesting moments and started to get to now each other.

Let’s just take a look at the trailers!

Do you find it interesting? Once again, Moon Chae-won really knows how to play in a rom-com genre. Her acting is really good, she looks so pretty too! Just watch the full movie if you want to see a lot of Moon Chae-won and Yoo Yeon-seok’s good chemistry!

Moon Chae-won’s Appearance in Feng Shui

The next movie that Moon Chae-won starred in was Feng Shui, which was released on September 19, 2018. This movie’s story line is set in the Joseon era. A master of geomancy who can tell you which side of the land is good to build on, Park Jae-sang, lost all of his family while he was on the opposite of the royal family to conquer the world. He took his revenge 13 years later and teamed up with Heung-seon to take down the royal family.

moon chae-won

Moon Chae-won played as Cho-sun, a gisaeng, a woman who entertained groups of males at drinking parties. She holds all the secret of the land. Even though Moon Chae-won’s role is not really very large compared to other roles in this movie, we can say that Feng Shui is a good movie with an interesting revenge story line. You will see the tension of the movie along with the dark emotion within.

Let’s just take a look at the trailer, shall we?

What do you think about the movie? It looks so promising, right? If you love to see movies or dramas that are set in the Joseon era, this is a great one to watch. Aside from Moon Chae-won, Ji Sung, Cho Seung-woo, Kim Sung-kyun, and Lee Won-geun also starred in this movie.

Moon Chae-won’s Top Dramas

Having talked about the big screen, let’s move on to the small screen. Moon Chae-won doesn’t only rock when playing in movies, she also excelled in dramas that she starred in. One of the dramas that she starred in has been adapted to make a US version. If you admit that you’re a Korean dramas lover, then make sure to watch these dramas!

Let’s take a look at the top dramas from Moon Chae-won!

Moon Chae-won’s Appearance in Brilliant Legacy

The popular drama from over a decade ago, Brilliant Legacy was one of the dramas that made Moon Chae-won’s name became big. This drama tells a story about a girl, Eun-sung (portrayed by Han Hyo-joo), who came from a family that has a lot of debts. Eun-sung’s father and step-mother planned to fake a death to get the insurance money to pay their daughter’s college tuition in New York.

moon chae-won

One day, Eun-sung lost her brother and met a kind-hearted grandmother. This grandmother happened to be a grandmother of the heir of a big company, Woo-hwan (portrayed by Lee Seung-gi). Woo-hwan is the typical selfish rich guy who likes to spend his money and act harshly. His grandmother is upset about his attitude and wants to give her inheritance money to Eun-sung, who has been kind towards her.

Moon Chae-won played as Yu Seung-mi, the girl who likes Woo-hwan. She is the antagonist or the second lead in this drama. Seung-mi and Woo-hwan have been friends since they were in high school. However, Woo-hwan was shaken when he discovers the fact that Seung-mi was actually Eun-sung’s step-sister.

What do you think about Brilliant Legacy‘s story line? If you find it interesting, you might as well see the short clip of Moon Chae-won’s appearance in the drama as Seung-mi!

What do you think about Moon Chae-won’s acting skill as the second lead? She really nailed it and successfully showed us the pain in her role the second lead, right? And also, even after ten years, her beauty remains the same!

Moon Chae-won’s Appearance in My Fair Lady

This is another “throwback” drama, if we’re talking about one of Moon Chae-won’s hit dramas. Again, this drama was aired ten years ago, and the name of this popular drama  was My Fair Lady. This series is about Kang Hye-na, the heiress of a big company who is arrogant and acts selfishly. Her parents have passed away and she always has been loved by her grandfather. Just like the typical rich girl, she always uses luxurious brands and even doesn’t bother to throw away her money easily. One day, she met Dong-chan, a poor guy who is struggling living his life and working as a driver at a flower shop. They got into an accident and started to have a beef each other.

moon chae-won

Knowing about this, Hyena’s grandfather asked Dong-chan to make Hye-na to become a good girl; if he could do that, then he will be hired as her assistant. Hye-na, who doesn’t like this idea, tries a lot of ways to sabotage Dong-chan’s attempts, but she is always the one who fails, instead. Dong-chan and Hye-na slowly become good friends after that. Dong-chan even helps Hye-na to date her dream guy, Lee Tae-yun. Little by little, Dong-chan’s feelings towards Hye-na started to grow. He always tries his best to protect and always be there for Hye-na, even though he knows that his love for her is impossible.

If you wondered about Moon Chae-won’s character, well, you’re right. She became the second lead again on this drama. Ui-joo is a friend of Dong-chan’s, that has been living with him and her family since Dong-chan already lost his family. Knowing about Dong-chan’s feeling for Hye-na, Ui-joo asked Tae-yun to marry Hye-na as soon as possible.

Moon Chae-won was really good at playing the second lead, to the point where we can say she has “second lead syndrome”, don’t you think? She also represented her character really well. Let’s take a look at the short clip!

What do you think about Moon Chae-won’s acting skills? If you want to know more about her character on this drama, just watch it already! This drama was popular when it was broadcast and was aired in several countries outside Korea.

Moon Chae-won’s Appearance in The Innocent Man

Move forward to 2012, Moon Chae-won’s next big hit drama was called The Innocent Man. A drama that was aired on KBS2, it tells a story about Kang Ma-roo (portrayed by Song Joong-ki), a really brilliant resident in a hospital who gave up his dream to be a doctor in order to sacrifice for his first love. Han Jae-hee (portrayed by Park Si-yeon), his first love, called him when he was about to take care of his ill sister. Instead of taking his sister to the hospital, he goes to Han Jae-hee and finds out that she just murdered someone. Kang Ma-ro,o who was blind for love, takes the blame and turns himself in to the police.

moon chae-won

After spending five years in prison, Kang Ma-roo comes back and becomes a different guy. He was shocked by the fact that his first love betrayed him and married into a rich family who owned a large company. Kang Ma-roo became angry and wanted to take revenge. He finds out that Han Jae-hee has a step-daughter, Eun-gi (portrayed by Moon Chae-won), who is in the same age as him. He wants to use Eun-gi to take his revenge on Han Jae-hee.

moon chae won

This drama is different than the previous dramas where Moon Chae-won became the second lead and the one who didn’t get the love. In this drama, she is paired up with Song Joong-ki’s character, and even though at first he only uses her, the romantic feelings started to grow later on.

Let’s take a look at Moon Chae-won’s appearance on The Innocent Man!

What do you think about the short clip? Moon Chae-won’s character makes the story look promising, right? Song Joong-ki also really knows how to make every girl fall in love. This drama is definitely worth a try!

Moon Chae-won’s Appearance in Good Doctor

This is the drama that became so popular and was adapted into the US version in 2017. The Good Doctor was aired on KBS2 in 2013. It tells a story about a pediatric surgical resident who has savant syndrome, named Park Shi-on (portrayed by Joo Won). Even though his mental age is only about 10 years old, he is really a genius and can remember everything photographically.

good doctor

As a doctor with savant syndrome, Park Shi-on often gets mistreated by everyone around him, even though he is so smart. He made a contract with the hospital where he worked, which said that if he made trouble during the six months of the contract, he would be kicked out. Doctor Choi Woo-seok, who has been a father figure for Park Shi-on and has taught him to be a doctor, would also have to resign. Park Shi-on doesn’t want this and he tries very hard not to make any mistakes. One day, he happened to meet Yoon-seo (portrayed by Moon Chae-won) in his apartment. Later on, Yoon-seo became the one who always helped him to become a good doctor.

good doctor

What do you think about the drama? The story line really sounds promising, right? No wonder this drama got adapted not only in the US, but also in Japan. Let’s take a look at a short clip of the drama!

What do you think about Moon Chae-won’s character in this drama? She really did great playing Yoon-seo, don’t you agree? If you’re curious about the series that won the actress a lot of awards at the “2013 KBS Drama Award”, just watch the whole drama, because Good Doctor really worth a try!