Here’s the Details of Monsta X’s Wonho’s Departure From The Group And Their Future Activities

Starship Entertainment Ended Their Exclusive Contract With Wonho

Starship Entertainment announced Wonho’s departure from Monsta X. The agency revealed that they had discussed the matter with Wonho for a long time and decided that they should separate peacefully. Starship Entertainment released an official statement through their official Twitter accounts in Korean and English. The following are the contents:

Hello everyone. First, we would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to those of you who have sent a lot of love to Monsta X lately and continuously.

After a long discussion with Wonho member Monsta X, we agreed that separating is the best decision for now. We highly respect Wonho’s decision to ensure that a series of recent events will not interfere with the pleasant things that happen to Monsta X now and in the future. We will still take legal action to fight the evil and false claims regarding this matter.

We are really sorry for causing inconvenience to the fans. Wonho will not attend any Monsta X activities starting today and continue this week’s music activities with only six members. We apologize for any inconvenience for many parties.

We regret having announced this disappointing news, especially for Monsta X fans who always support and care for the group. We promise to come back with better music for fans. “- Starship Entertainment.

In addition to Monsta X’s Wonho’s debt case, Starship Entertainment also provided clarification regarding cannabis and Jung Da-eun, Wonho’s lover in the past. Here’s a statement from Starship Entertainment:

“Hello, this is Starship Entertainment. Regarding the report released on 1 (November), Wonho’s suitcase and body were indeed checked at the airport after returning from a concert in Germany in September 2019, but it was a simple process, and we were told that it was part from customs inspection. We were not notified separately about the investigation, and we knew nothing about Wonho being investigated, about suspicion of cannabis use in 2013, and that an investigation was being carried out. “

In connection with this case, it has been decided that we can no longer maintain our contract with Wonho and terminate our contract with Wonho as of November 1, 2019. We feel a heavy responsibility because it causes problems for many people due to the current situation, and we will work to fulfill our responsibility to the end so that he can diligently participate in the investigation. “

We apologize again to the fans who sincerely appreciate Monsta X. We apologize.

– Starship Entertainment.

Monsta X’s Schedule After Wonho Leaving

Since Wonho decided to leave the group and Starship Entertainment terminated their exclusive contract with him, Monsta X had to continue their comeback and promotion schedule with the latest song, Follow, on various music shows without Wonho’s presence.

On November 5, 2011, Monsta X performed their first performance after Wonho left the group with their appearance on SBS MTV’s ‘The Show‘. Ahead of the broadcast program, the official Twitter account for “The Show” shared a photo of Monsta X in which six members posed in their stage costumes. Shownu and his friends seemed to smile a little while carrying the slogan “The Show“.

On the posting caption, the official Twitter account for”The Show” wrote, “Without fail, they will sound the heartbeat of ‘The Show’ again today. The extraordinary Monsta X … ‘The Show’ will not say much. we love them.

Monsta X’s Fansign Has Been Postponed

Following the announcement of Wonho’s departure from MONSTA X, Starship Entertainment decided to postpone the upcoming fansigning event. Through an official statement, Starship Entertainment, the agency that houses MONSTA X, apologized for the delay of this event. “We announce that the fan sign event for the MONSTA X mini album ‘FOLLOW: FIND YOU’ which is scheduled for 31 October 2019 has been postponed until an undetermined time. We apologize to all the fans who have been waiting,”

Because there are still many problems and clashes with Monsta X’s promotional schedule for their new song, Starship Entertainment expects patience from fans, Monbebe, with the postponement of the previously scheduled fansign.

Follow 1st Win

At the same time as SBS MTV’s program ‘The Show,‘ which was broadcast on November 5, 2019, Monsta X also won the award trophy for their latest song, Follow. This is the first victory trophy won by Kihyun and his friends after the departure of Wonho from the group. Responding to the victory of Monsta X, netizens also offered congratulations.

Monsta X, congratulations on winning the ‘The Show’. Fighting from now on,” netizens commented. “Thank you for being strong. I support you,” said another netizen. “Congratulations on your victory. I love you, Monsta X,” said another.

Congratulations. Today’s performance was very good! I was touched to see you guys singing and dancing on stage,” said netizens. “Good job! Congratulations, Monsta X,” another commented. “I’m really crying,” added another.

Very sad news came to Monsta X this year, and they had to give up one of their members, Wonho, to leave the group because of some issues that had happened to him in the past came to light again. The fans also regretted this happening, but there are still many who also hope that Wonho can return to being a member of Monsta X. Let’s continue to support and encourage Monsta X for their future career and promotions!