Are You A Shipper Of MONSTA X’s Min-hyuk and WJSN’s Eun-seo? Check Out Their Best Moments, Here!

Are They Dating?

minhyuk & eunseo

Now we’ve come to the most important question from the fans: are MONSTA X’s Min-hyuk and WJSN’s Eun-seo dating in real life? Since there’s a lot of speculation and theory from fans, their cute interactions, and a lot of fans’ desire, let’s find out about the truth about their relationship here!

MONSTA X’s Min-hyuk and WJSN’s Eun-seo gained popularity under the same agency, Starship Entertainment. Unfortunately, since their trainee period until their current friendship, there’s no official statement from their agency or a direct statement from either of them about their dating rumor. It’s a total rumour, after all. But still, there’s a lot of people who have shipped them as a fantasy couple, and they also thought that MONSTA X’s Min-hyuk and WJSN’s Eun-seo looked cute together, as well.

The fans get caught up their little interactions, or even subtle sweet moments between both of them. One of the examples was in 2017, while Starship Entertainment was releasing behind the scene videos for Christmas Day. All of the Starship Entertainment artists were taking part, including MONSTA X’s Min-hyuk and WJSN’s Eun-seo.

From a little clip from the behind the scenes video, we could see that MONSTA X’s Min-hyuk was sat in front of WJSN’s Eun-seo! Through that behind the scenes, there’s no direct interaction between them, but the fans thought that might be during the off-screen, there must’ve been slight interaction between them as well!

monsta x minhyuk & wjsn eun seo

Their fans have even created fanmade pictures of MONSTA X’s Min-hyuk and WJSN’s Eun-seo! Even though it wasn’t a real picture, but we could see how well-matched they were for each other, right?

Let’s take a look at some of fanmade pictures of MONSTA X’s Min-hyuk and WJSN’s Eun-seo here:

minhyuk & eunseo
minhyuk & eunseo
minhyuk & eunseo

Not only that, we could also see other moments of MONSTA X’s Min-hyuk while he was dancing to WJSN’s song, I Wish! It happened in 2017, through MBC’s Idol Sports Athletes Competition. WJSN’s Eun-seo was also there, and she was saw the moment when MONSTA X’s Min-hyuk was dancing! The funny part was, MONSTA’s X’s Min-hyuk hadn’t ended the dance yet, but WJSN’s Eun-seo appeared by him and made fun of him, as well.

Well, that was all of the information about relationship and interactions between MONSTA X’s Min-hyuk and WJSN’s Eun-seo! Overall, they indeed having such a good friendship, right? We could see how they were acted towards each other, even if it’s just kind of small acts, with both of them were looking cute together! Even though they aren’t dating in real life, but still there are some people who wished that they might be dating someday. Well, let’s always support for MONSTA X’s Min-hyuk and WJSN’s Eun-seo for their careers, and wait for another project from both of them!

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