Who Is Monsta X’s Hyungwon’s Girlfriend? Find Out His Latest Dating Rumors Here!



MONSTA X’s Hyungwon’s Ex-girlfriend

In 2017, there were rumors spreading in various online community about Monsta X’s Hyungwon being involved in a dating relationship. Monsta X fans, called Monbebe, believe Hyungwon has been dating the announcer Kim Yoon-hee.

MONSTA X’s Hyungwon and Announcer Kim Yoon-hee’s Dating Rumors

Monsta X Hyungwon Ex-girlfriend

Fans believe they have proof to support their claim that Hyungwon and Kim Yoo-hee dating, based on ‘evidence’ has been circulating on the web.

Kim Yoon-hee proof fb

The first ‘proof’ was found on Kim Yoon-hee’s Facebook, posted on February 20, 2014. She wrote (picture above), “I’m graduating from Sungshin Women’s University. Congratulations to my classmates and I appreciate my family, Yoon Sun, Hyungwon, and Hyun Woo who’ve all came for me.”

In the next post, she wrote (picture below), “….. my happiness gimee! ….. next time, three of us and Hyungwon, let’s go to eat Steamed eggs (gyeran jjim) in Samgeori Pocha –famous Korean bar in Hongdae, Seoul-. Chae Hyung Won

Kim Yoon-hee proof IG

The second bit of  ‘proof’ Kim Yoon-hee posted was when she uploaded the photo of a box she received to her Instagram @iloveunee.c. Writing on the box says “Be good to me. I miss you.” It’s claimed the handwriting on the box matches Hyungwon’s. She also wrote on paper that posting in the same picture, “ My brother I.M congratulations for being Simply K-pop MC. I am rooting for you. Simply K-pop fighting!”

MX Hyungwon Ex GF

In another her Instagram posts, she used a picture with the caption, “My boyfriend is manjjitnam.” However manjjitnam means a handsome guy who looks like a manga.

Kim Yoon-hee's Dog

She also posted a picture of a dog on her Instagram with the caption, “Mon bebe”. Monbebe refer to Monsta X’s fansclub official name.

hyungwon ex-girlfriend story

Monsta X’s fans send her messages to stop spreading the posts in her social media. Responding to being told to stop showing signs of dating, Kim Yoon-hee replied on her Instagram story, “I am not sure what you guys mean for me to be even quieter and stop showing signs. Also, unfortunately, nothing going to change even if you look at my Instagram and send me messages. Work is work and personal life is personal life. I can’t answer questions about my personal matters but you guys want and ask personal questions and that also makes me want to do whatever I want.”

MONSTA X’s Agency Gives Statement to Hyungwon’s Dating Rumor!

MONSTA-X- Hyungwon

On August 4, 2017, Starship Entertainment, which is Monsta X’s agency, gave their statement about Hyungwon’s dating rumors. The agency posted to Monsta X’s fan cafe for apologizing to the fans.

The agency stated that, “Hyungwon and the women he had dating broke up in early 2016, and have not met even once since that time.” Then apologized to the fans for the woman’s post on social media that caused the rumors to spread online.

The agency posted then stated again, “We can no longer simply watch as Monsta X and fans are hurt and suffer due to false rumors and malicious comment about Hyungwon online.”.

There’s no more info about announcer Kim Yoon-hee, except her that official Instagram account is @iloveunee and she’s currently working as an announcer at SBS cnbc. If you guys find more info about her or Monsta X, kindly leave it in your comments, below!