In Case You Missed Them, Here Are Monsta X’s Hilarious Moments in ‘Weekly Idol’!

Get To Know The Cool South Korean Boy Band Monsta X

Monsta X is a boy group which formed after the reality show No. Mercy under Starship Entertainment in a collaboration with Mnet. Monsta X consists of seven members: Shownu as a vocalist, Wonho as a vocalist, Minhyuk as a vocalist, Kihyun as the main vocalist, Hyungwon as a vocalist, Joohoney as a rapper, and I.M also as a rapper. They made their debut on May 14th, 2015, by releasing Trespass. They also debuted in Japan in 2017 releasing the song titled “Hero.” Besides that, Monsta X recently signed a contract under the US label Maverick Agency on February 26th, 2019. What an achievement for their career!

They were invited to appear in the popular variety show Weekly Idol aired on MBC Every1 and hosted by comedian Jeong Hyeong Don and rapper, Defconn. Here, in this Channel-Korea article, let’s get closer to Monsta X through the show Weekly Idol! Stay tuned!

Monsta X in Weekly Idol: Episode 348

Check the full episode 348 of Weekly Idol below!

One funny moment happened when the leader of Monsta X, Shownu, was pretending to be a bowling ball and began rolling in order to hit the six pins, which were the other members of Monsta X.

The faces of the other members were turned into pins as they were waiting cutely and naively in a square to be hit. You should watch the episode, we guarantee you will be laughing like crazy. Additionally, this is the last episode where Weekly Idol hosts Deffcon and Hyungdon appear together on the show after hosting it since 2011.

Also, these are not the only hilarious moments from the episode, there are many other.

At first, Deffcon and Hyungdon asked Ki Hyun to show his rapping skills. He rapped, “I’m so different, another, another level, yup, yup, yup.”

This made all the other members laugh and feel embarrassed. Ki Hyun was given a challenge to enter a rap battle with Minhyuk. Then, he rapped about Minhyuk’s outfit looking like a melon bar, and eating his chopsticks like legs. The other members commented Ki Hyun’s freestyle rapping saying that it was terrible and made no sense whatsoever. The entire room was bursting with laughter. Then, Ki Hyun asked for help from a friend. Hyunwon was chosen and he won the battle against Minhyuk. Everyone applauded to Hyunwon’s rapping skills, as he is the real King of Rap in Monsta X.

Monsta X in Weekly Idol: Episode 380

Monsta X appeared on Weekly Idol again in episode 380 aired on MBC Every1 hosted by former Roo’ra member Lee Sang-min and comedians Yoo Se-yoon and Kim Shin-young. One hilarious moment happened when Monsta X members were given sunglasses and Shownu immediately entered the Rainism effect additionally imitating Rain’s dancing moves. All of the members and the hosts were amazed and applauded at Shownu’s demonstration of his dancing skills.

Additionally, the reactions to Shownu’s performance of the other members were also quite funny. You should check out Hyungwon’s reaction to Shownu’s vibrating mode dancing. His reaction is both fascinating and absurd.

They also did the “Shoot Out” roller coaster dance challenge. “Shoot Out” was their latest single from their comeback at the time. They needed to be focused and think fast since their song would be changing speeds randomly while they are dancing. They finally succeeded in the challenge. Wonho commented, cited from Soompi, “This was the hardest and most tiring thing we’ve done up until now.” Jooheon also added, “This is a lot harder than just performing this choreography from start to finish.”

The other funny activity Monsta X did in Weekly Idol was the one below where they were challenged with the “united test.”

Monsta X really did a good job and went all out in this episode. You should watch this episode, it is so laughable.

Monsta X in Weekly Idol: Episode 395

Monsta X were invited again in Weekly Idol, in episode 395, along with their recently released song “Alligator.” In this episode, Weekly Idol was hosted by Nam Chang-hee, Jo Se-ho, and Hwang Kwang-hee of ZE:A.

In the episode, Shownu showed his skills in sexy dancing. Look at this short video below! He really went all out, right?

Another funny moment happened when they were asked to make cute actions. Monsta X members, one by one, put on the ribbon headband and started showing their cute expressions. It was quite amusing.

One other funny moment was when Joohoney shared his thoughts about Minhyuk while making a cute expression.

In this episode, Hyungwon confidently said that he is the handsome one in the band. He also made a demonstration on how to walk the runway during a fashion show. Everyone stared at him with amazement. Hyunwon used to be a catwalk model and worked in the fashion industry, which is why he was able to reveal this talent of his.

That was all about Monsta X and their hilarious moments as guest stars of Weekly Idol. Let’s cheer and support Monsta X’s music career. Keep up the good work and stay as unique as you always have been. What do you think? Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!