MONSTA X’s Asia and World Tour You Shouldn’t Miss!

The Third World Tour “We Are Here” (2019)

In February 2019, Monsta X had just begun their promotion with a new comeback song titled “Alligator.” The song succeeded in dominating the charts and succeeded in making Monsta X bring home 3 victory trophies at a music event. At the same time, Monsta X officially announced their schedule to start their third world tour with the title The Third World Tour “We Are Here.”

During the tour, Monsta X will stop in 18 countries including Asia, Europe, and America. The tour will open in Seoul on April 13th-14th, 2019 at the SK Olympic Handball Arena. Monsta X will then continue with concerts in other countries starting on June 1st, 2019, in Bangkok, Thailand, followed by Sydney on June 5th, 2019. After holding a concert in Melbourne on June 8th, 2019, Monsta X will immediately depart for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the next concert on June 22nd, 2019.

Beside that, Starship Entertainment also released several tracklists of songs that will be sung by Monsta X on The Third World Tour “We Are Here.” Some of their hit songs like “Shoot Out,” “Hero,” “Trespass,” “Jealousy,” “Dramarama,” and many more will entertain the fans during the world tour.

Not only appearing as a group, but Monsta X also divided the stage action into subunits that were no less fascinating. For example, Minhyuk, Kihyun, and Hyungwon’s dandy and sexy style when singing “Myself.” After making fans hot for their appearance, Monsta X continued the excitement of the concert by cooling the atmosphere through songs like “Honestly,” “How About U,” and “White Sugar.” They even really cooled the stage when doing a gimmick in the form of battles with water guns.

At the end of the concert, each member gave their impressions and messages after undergoing a solo concert as a team. Hyungwon was one of them, who felt grateful that he had gained a lot of experience from fans.

“We started our world tour with a good start thanks to Monbebes (Monsta X fans). Most importantly, I want to thank you for coming, who have come all the way here to provide support. I thank you for giving me experience meaningful and happy like this.”

“Like I said yesterday, you guys have become a big part of my life when you came into my life. I hope that Monbebes and Monsta X can support each other to share, produce, and listen to great music. Although I cannot express my gratitude in words, I thank (you guys) for being my reason for living,“ said Hyungwon.

2020 World Tour

Monsta X is one of the idol groups who promote a lot with their world tours and concerts, which are regularly held annually. However, in 2020 this is different from the others because of the pandemic from Corona Virus that is sweeping every country around the world. Therefore, the management of Monsta X reluctantly issued a statement that their world tour would be temporarily canceled or postponed.

The fourth world tour for Shownu and friends titled 2020 Monsta X World Tour was forced to cancel the opening concert in Seoul, South Korea which was originally planned for May 9th-10th, 2020. On April 6th, 2020, this was announced by Starship Entertainment management via the official Twitter account of Monsta X.

“In order to prevent further impacts and protect the health conditions of fans, artists, and staff members, we ask for understanding that we have decided to cancel the concert in Seoul,” said a statement from Monsta X and Starship Entertainment released on social media.

According to information, the decision to cancel was made because it is currently difficult to predict the scale of the coronavirus outbreak on the date previously set. In the official announcement, Starship apologized to Monbebe, a nickname for Monsta X fans who had been waiting for their favorite boy group concert.

The management of the artists that once oversaw the ex-girl group Sistar also said that they plan to secure a new schedule for the holding of the Monsta X concert in Seoul.

“We plan to secure a new schedule for the Monsta X concert in Seoul by monitoring the situation so that the concert can be held again after the situation is more stable,” Starship Entertainment said. “The next decision will be announced on Starship Entertainment’s official social media channel.”

In May 2020, the agency of Monsta X, Starship Entertainment released an official statement about the world tour that should be an important schedule of Monsta X that had been done so far.

Below is a complete statement of the agency:

“Hello. This is Starship Entertainment. We thank everyone for their interest and support for the ‘2020 MONSTA X World Tour in the US/Canada.’

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide continues to increase worldwide, please understand that we have decided to postpone the ‘2020 MONSTA X World Tour in the US/Canada’ indicating that it is scheduled in June and July 2020 to prioritize the health of the audience, artists, and staff.

So that we can hold a concert after COVID-19 is stable, we will monitor the situation and ensure a new date for the tour. All ticket holders will be contacted immediately by their original place of purchase. We ask for understanding from fans, and we will share an updated schedule as soon as it’s done.

Once again, we ask fans who have been waiting for the ‘2020 MONSTA X World Tour in the US/Canada’ for their understanding.

Thank you.”

This has become a concern for fans who have been waiting for Monsta X to attend concerts that were soon to be held in several cities. But this is also important for joint health and comfort until this pandemic ends.

Official Merchandise

When talking about concerts, there must be some official merchandise sold to make fans more hyped up when it comes to important shows like this. Some official merchandise can be purchased online, one of which is the K-Pop merchandise guide that sells official merchandise from Monsta X that you can buy!

For The First World Tour ‘Beautiful’ in Seoul, there was official merchandise, such as official lightsticks, T-shirts, wrist bands, knit slogans, pouches, shopper bags, program books, postcards set ver. A and B, sticker sets, image pickets, posters, Seoul limited badge sets, iPhone 7 & 7+ phone cases, keyrings (black, red, ivory), accessories charm, and silver necklaces that you could choose from and buy.

For The Second World Tour “The Connect” there was also official merchandise, such as official lightsticks, handy fans, voice keyring, t-shirts, towel slogans, string pouches, pouches, brooches, charm lanyards, 3D masks, ballcaps, shopper bags, book programs, photo card albums, photo cards ver A & B, mini-poster sets, postcard sets, sticker sets, image pickets, pin button sets, glass bottles, opener, diary and masking tapes that you could choose and buy.

For The Third World Tour “We Are Here” there was official merchandise, such as official lightsticks, power bank light sticks, official slogans, ticket bags, t-shirts, anorak windbreakers, Wappen badges, strap keyring, hair bands, brooches, piercings, dream catchers, message sticks, glass cups, shopper bags, poster art, mini photo flags, image pickets, photo card set ver. A & B, photo card album, sticker sets, postcard sets, glitter cushion covers, Mon.G hand mirrors, Mon.G coin cases, and Mon.B random goods that you could choose and buy.

Well, that was all the information about Monsta X’s Asian and world tours, along with a highlight of their most amazing moments when holding concerts in several countries. Monsta X has indeed made it through the rookie phase and until now they have become one of the boy groups full of charisma and also have many achievements for their hard work.

Let’s pray for the best for Monsta X in the future and hopefully, this pandemic will be finished quickly so there will be another world tour and concert!