Get to Know Former Ulzzang and Monsta X’s Wonho, Shin Ho-seok!

Monsta X

Meet Monsta X’s Wonho

As we all very well know, Monsta X is a South Korean boy group that consists of seven members and was formed through the television survival program No Mercy. One of their members was an ulzzang before he made his debut as Monsta X, and it is none other than Monsta X’s Wonho! Do you want to find out more information about Monsta X’s Wonho or even Wonho’s girlfriend? Without wasting our time, let’s check out his profile!

Wonho’s Profile


Monsta X’s Wonho is the lead vocalist of Monsta X, a seven-member boy group under the management of Starship Entertainment. He was born on March 1st, 1993, with Lee Ho-seok as his birth name but has been known as Shin Ho-seok since his ulzzang days. He has a brother who is younger than him and is already married. He is the member who trained the longest with Starship Entertainment for Monsta X as he trained for three years.

During one of the episodes of the variety show Monsta X-Ray’s, he said that his nickname is Bunny and bought little bunny toys for the rest of the group and the staff so that they can have something to remember him by. Surprisingly, Wonho has acrophobia which makes him afraid of heights. For instance, in the process of shooting one of their music videos, “Hero,” which was taken at a rooftop, they had to get a doctor to prescribe Wonho with medication so that he would be able to do the shoot.


He was known as one of Monsta X’s members who has a great figure. He has always loved to exercise, even before he made his debut, mainly because he was motivated by his friend who is a bodybuilder health trainer. He still likes to work out in the gym even now!

Besides working out, he also loves to do sports such as Taekwondo and swimming. He used to dream of becoming a Taekwondo athlete but unfortunately couldn’t realize his dream because he got injured. Even the things he likes are related to working out, including proteins, vitamins, and other health products. Wonho said that he gets sick often, so he is always taking care of his health. Do you think it is one of the reasons why he loves workout so much?

Other than things related to it, he is also interested in electronics and song producing. Apparently, he is really into accessories and carries a lot of them around, which makes his bag heavy when he wants to go somewhere. He also loves to go out with his friends and play video games.


On the other hand, he also loves ramyun despite his love for working out. He also loves to have cold noodles in summer, and he likes chicken breast too. Meanwhile, the foods he dislikes are liver, tteokbokki, the crust of pizza, and pickled radish. Among Monsta X members, he is the one who eats the most. He can even eat up to eight bowls of rice!

According to other members, Wonho is very sensitive and cries easily. They also say that he has some good points because he is calm and has a bright personality, but he also has some bad points as he gets upset easily.

For his ideal type, he wants to find a woman who makes good ramyun. But when he was asked about marriage in one of his interviews, he said that he has no interest in marriage. He said that his younger brother will marry someone, so there is no problem for his family. What do you think about this? Do you prefer Wonho to take an interest in marriage in the future?

Career: Pre-Debut and Monsta X

Wonho Predebut

Before making his debut as a member of Monsta X, Wonho was known as an ulzzang with the name Shin Ho-seok. He even appeared in a television show Ulzzang Shidae Season 3 which was being aired between 2010 and 2011.

He also used to be part of NUBOYZ along with Monsta X’s Shownu, Monsta X’s Jooheon, and Gun. When he was active as NUBOYZ, he used to go by the name Sino. He and Shownu both starred in one of SISTAR’s music videos, titled “Shake It.”

Wonho's Selca

After that, he participated in the survival television program No Mercy in order to make his debut as one of Monsta X’s members. He was the 5th trainee who was announced as a member of Monsta X, but he had the longest period of being a trainee under Starship Entertainment compared to the other members. Another surprising fact is that originally he was appointed to be Monsta X’s leader just up until a day before debuting, but the agency then appointed Shownu as the group’s new leader instead.

Recently, Monsta X released their new song titled “Shoot Out.” You can check the music video on their official Youtube channel! You can also check Monsta X’s recent activities by visiting their Twitter or Instagram account @official_monsta_x!

Wonho’s Tattoos

Wonho Tattoo on Thigh

Monsta X’s Wonho is said to have three tattoos grazed on his body. The first tattoo is a quote that says “Life is a C between B and D” which is located on his left thigh. The quote itself is the rephrasing of a quote from French the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre.

Wonho Tattoos on Feet

His second one is a tattoo that reads “Real recognize (real) fake” with an X crossing the second ‘real’ word. The tattoo supposedly means that he pays respect to other “real” individuals.

Meanwhile, nobody has actually had a clear view of his third tattoo. Even though nobody has seen it, when he was asked what does his third tattoo look like on one of Monsta X’s fan signs, he said that his third tattoo is a flower. There are also some rumors that the said third tattoo is located on his butt. Here is the evidence of his third tattoo’s whereabouts!

Wonho Third Tattoo

But when he recorded VLive a few months ago, a fan asked him whether he wants more tattoos or not, he answered with no. He even said that he tried to remove his tattoos, but they were difficult to remove and the process was very painful for him. What do you think about this? Do you think that it is better for Monsta X’s Wonho to keep his tattoos?

What is your opinion about Monsta X’s Wonho? Recently, Monsta X released their new song titled “Shoot Out,” so don’t forget to support their activities! Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below!