Monsta X’s Wonho: Skincare & Workout Routine, and His Latest News

Monsta X beauty secret

The Secrets to Monsta X Wonho’s Beauty

MONSTA X Wonho is well known for his muscular body and great abs which make his fans go wild every time he is shirtless. Wonho’s charm also makes fans wonder about his skin care routine despite his muscular body. Let’s find out more about Wonho’s skincare and workout routines!


Skincare Routine

Monsta X Wonho skincare

Through an interview with Allure, among MONSTA X members, Wonho has the least extensive skin-care regimen. Wonho likes all-in-one products and is currently falling in love with hydrating face mists. There is no further information about what products Wonho usually uses on a daily basis.


Workout Routine

Monsta X Wonho workout

Wonho is a workoutaholic as he always goes to the gym or works out in the dorm with gym equipment. He runs on treadmills and does cycling for 1 hour and 30 minutes every day which made him lose 5 kg in 10 days.

Monsta X Wonho abs

Wonho never stops working out as he keeps his diet to maintain his abs. Other than his workout routine, Wonho also takes vitamins, health supplements, eats red ginseng, and also drinks warm water when eating salty food since salty food increases the percentage of water.



Monsta X Wonho instagram

Wonho has his own Instagram, and he often shares his workout routines at the gym to Monbebe, MONSTA X’s fan club. It makes his fans go wild every time they see how muscular Wonho’s abs and muscles are.


Latest News

Monsta X Wonho latest news

It’s almost the end of 2018, and Wonho and the other MONSTA X members are busy with year-end events including TV appearances and music awards. MONSTA X is also making a historical appearance by performing in the U.S. as the first ever K-pop headliner at the Jingle Ball event.