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Collection of Monsta X Logos and Wallpapers

Each K-POP group has its own characteristics that describe the K-POP group. Apart from their stage and song performances, the logo also characterizes the K-POP group. An example is a boy group under the auspices of STARSHIP Entertainment, Monsta X which debuted in 2015 with songs from Trespass that were able to steal the attention of Netizens. Monsta X itself has a genre of hip-hop songs with characteristics of different members. Just like any other K-POP boy group, Monsta X has its own logo that defines Monsta X and Mon Bebe’s fandom name that means Monsta X and Mon Bebe will always support each other wherever they are.

Monsta X Logo

monsta x logo

Let’s look at some of the logos from Monsta X that can be used as wallpapers for phones and desktops, which make our phone and desktop look even more interesting, especially for Mon Bebe.

monster x logo
Monsta x logo

Monsta X Logo Wallpaper

monsta x

The logo above is the logo of Monsta X when they made a comeback with The Clan album that was able to steal the attention of many Netizens. Netizens deeply appreciate STARSHIP in supporting the making of MV Monsta X.

Monsta X cameback again with the title track All In which became one of the hit songs in the album The Clan. This comeback song was about friendship, sacrifice, and mutual care.


There are also many Netizens who interpreted that the MV had a gay theme as some members of Monsta X like Minhyuk and Hyungwoo, and Minhyuk and Wonho occasionally related very intimately in the MV but Mon Bebe denied it and interpreted it as bromance, or a friendship between men who always maintain and support each other.

Monsta X Beautiful Wallpaper

monsta x
wonho wallpaper
hyungwoon wallapaper
monsta x

Behind the MV Monsta X, Beautiful, many Mon Bebe give their own speculation, for example in the MV it is said that Monsta X will not be a doll on the entertainment stage, but they are part of each member’s family, even though many temptations are inciting them like wealth and popularity but they remain always together until the end, because from the start to the present they have kept together.

Monsta X Shine Forever Wallpaper

monsta x
kihyun wallpaper

Monsta X’s cameback song Shine Forever really stole the attention of netizens epecially among Mon Bebe. From the representatives of Monsta X itself, the meaning of the Shine Forever song is that this song is made to make Monsta X and Mon Bebe shine forever, Kihyun’s character is very prominent in this song because Kihyun is very suitable character for Shine Forever. They are also very happy with the results of their previous comeback making MV which they did on Jeju Island.

We went to Jeju Island and the teaser came out like a movie,” they said. “There’s a scene where Wonho is running around on a farm. We’ve never seen such a wide open space in Korea before. The humidity was high so our hair got wet really fast. The fog was heavy too so we couldn’t really see each other.”

Shownu added, “If you look at the photos, the concept seems brighter than ‘Beautiful,’ but the song isn’t actually as bright as you might expect.