What Happened To MONSTA X? Will Starship Entertainment Be Able To Handle It?

MONSTA X Fans #FightForWonho

Until now, Monbebe has still not received the updated news of Won-ho from MONSTA X. They urged Starship Entertainment to return Won-ho through various hashtags and keywords trending on Twitter. In fact, some of them made a petition on Change.org. From October 31st to November 1st, 2019, afternoon, several hashtags related to Won-ho were perched on the Twitter trending line. Among them were #원호탈퇴반대 and #WON-HOCOMEBACK.


Won-ho’s departure from MONSTA X has drawn protests from fans. To show their disapproval, fans flocked around the Starship Entertainment building and put up post-it notes containing the message.


After doing the protest, fans received attention and reaped comments from the netizens. Responding to protests from fans, netizens called them stupid and crazy. “You stupid girls. He’s a criminal. Those stupid fangirls are indeed cancer,” commented netizens. “So idols may never enter a detention center and still have fans who support them, haha. But female idols shouldn’t have photos of drinking alcohol while still underage and will be blasphemed,” said another netizen.


“A fangirl is a crazy fool,” netizens said. “How do they still expect him to come back? This is so embarrassing, haha. Everyone knows he has been in a detention center, driving without a license, not paying debt for 6 years,” another commented. “They realize that he came out because he’s innocent, right?” added another.

In fact, MONSTA X fans who are widely known as international Monbebe, organized to create a billboard in Times Square to persuade Starship Entertainment to return Won-ho. GoFundMe revealed to Billboard that the fans managed to collect more than $13,000 US in the span of an hour since the fundraising was launched on the crowdfunding platform site. Even though the target tag of making the ad is $10,000 US. Noted, nearly 1,000 fans have donated funds in the first hour.


K-Pop ads are known to regularly buy billboard space in New York, USA landmarks to promote their favorite stars. At present, the campaign for Won-ho has managed to collect 20,000 dollars, double the initial target. “We will graph and display it in Times Square, where it will be on the billboard for 21 hours, 15 seconds, 30 times per hour,” the fundraising explanation said at GoFundMe, which was initiated by Carter Lee, known as the owner of the Kihbebes account on Twitter.

“They will not extinguish this fire within us… fire needs oxygen, MONSTA X needs Monbebe. Starship cannot ignore us,” she continued. “Once the goal is reached, I will order (ads) as soon as possible, I will always update the latest info on my Twitter! That would mean the absolute world for MX, I know that. They have helped us a lot, it’s time to get back at them.”

Although he has been declared of leaving the group and Starship Entertainment as his agency, until now there are still many fans who do not accept this decision. In fact, they continue to provide support to the idol born in 1993 through social media pages.


Fans said that the figure of Won-ho will never be replaced. They continue to consider what happened to Won-ho unfair. Severe fans even claim to continue crying and ask that Won-ho get back together with MONSTA X no matter what.

This tweet is marked with the hashtag #WonhoCantBeErased and has become a trending topic on Twitter. A number of fans from around the world then voiced this hashtag as a form of support for Won-ho.


“I miss you more than I can imagine. But I love you more than that, so I’m still here for me, my bunny #Won-hoCantBeErased,” the fans wrote. “Starship, don’t challenge us fans, we are not easy to bluff, you know, you make a lot of money from #Won-hoCantBeErased fans,” another exclaimed.

This time fans were again made sad on the newly uploaded video. MONSTA X appears in the ‘Mean Tweets’ segment of the Jimmy Kimmel Live event uploaded to a YouTube account.

The group performed at a late-night talk show in August during the We Are Here world tour. On November 13th, the program revealed a new edition of their famous ‘Mean Tweets’ episode where celebrity guests read the Tweet that talked about them and then react to it.

“Oh, so here we have the last appearance of Won-ho as a member of Monsta X… just sad, very sad,” wrote one account. “I refuse to think that this is the last time with Won-ho. it can’t be the end,” said another netter.

“Hahahahha is very accurate. they look like athletic sporty vampires. So beautiful in the form of youth, yup summarize it well,” said one netter. “Continue to look at the thumbnails to calculate whether 6 or 7 members… this hurts,” replied one netter. “This hurts MONSTA X – always 7,” said another netter.

Other MONSTA X Members’ Conditions After The News


Following the announcement of the departure of Won-ho from MONSTA X, Starship Entertainment decided to postpone the fan signing event that had been scheduled. Through an official statement, Starship Entertainment, the agency that houses MONSTA X, apologized for the delay of this event.

“We announce that the fan signing event for the MONSTA X mini-album FOLLOW: FIND YOU which is scheduled for October 31st, 2019, has been postponed until an undetermined time. We apologize to all the fans who have been waiting,” said the Starship Entertainment representative.

MONSTA X is scheduled to perform at Madison Square Garden for the 2019 Jingle Ball on December 13th, 2019. The members flew to New York earlier today on Saturday, December 7th, 2019, but apparently, Jooheon was not in the best condition.


Earlier, Starship Entertainment announced that just as they were about to take off, Jooheon was experiencing sudden dizziness and extreme conditions. Once they landed, he was taken to the hospital for treatment. He was recovering but Starship Entertainment announced that he might not be able to perform at the Jingle Ball 2019. They explained that even though he was recovering, they would not endanger his health.

They plan to make a more affirmative statement about their appearance later. Starship Entertainment apologizes to the fans and promises to do their best to keep MONSTA X members healthy and safe. The announcement was posted on Monsta X’s official Twitter account.

“Hello, this is Starship Entertainment. This is an announcement for the Jingle Ball Tour schedule, MONSTA X’s member Joohoney. MONSTA X’s Joohoney appealed for sudden dizziness and extreme conditions while waiting to take off after boarding the plane on December 6th (Korean time) for the US Jingle Ball Tour. He was immediately moved to the hospital and received appropriate medical treatment. At the moment, Joohoney is in better shape after resting, and he hopes to participate in the tour to keep his promises to Monbebe. However, we believe it is good to be careful and hold the decision until full recovery. We will announce later whether he will participate in the 2019 Jingle Ball Tour. We sincerely apologize for causing concern for many fans who are waiting for MONSTA X’s Jingle Ball Tour. We will do our best to keep MONSTA X members healthy and safe. Thank you.” – Starship Entertainment