What Happened To MONSTA X? Will Starship Entertainment Be Able To Handle It?

Won-ho’s Past Controversy

As one of the closest people to Won-ho in his past life, Jung Da-eun bravely revealed all the mistakes and controversies that Won-ho made before he debuted as an idol. Jung Da-eun revealed to Dispatch that he had smoked marijuana with this man whose real name was Hoseok a few years ago.

Not only Jung Da-eun, but the accusation against Won-ho was also filed by Jo, the former director of Burning Sun who is now being held in the Seoul Detention Center.

According to Jung Da-eun, his former roommate and Won-ho had offered him illegal marijuana in 2013 and the two friends smoked drugs together. Jung Da-eun and Won-ho lived together as friends in 2012.


Jung Da-eun revealed that it happened in October 2013. He and Won-ho met at a café where Won-ho took a package from his pocket and offered it to Jung Da-eun. They then went to Jung Da-eun’s house and smoked the substance that the transgender girl claimed was marijuana.


At that time, Jo wanted to borrow Jung Da-eun’s branded belts. Because Jung Da-eun was out, Jo was invited into the apartment to find the item himself.

When Jo arrived, there really wasn’t anyone in Jung Da-eun’s apartment. But while searching for a belt, he heard the sound of the door opening, and Jung Da-eun talked to a man who was later declared to be Hoseok, aka Won-ho ex-MONSTA X.

Jo then listened to their conversation. Won-ho pulled out something from his pocket and asked, “Have you ever tried this?” The bag is said to have contained cannabis. Jung Da-eun and Won-ho were said to consumed this illegal item, without knowing that Jo is still in the apartment.


“I asked him where he got it. He said it was a secret. But I suspected he got it from the seller. I know someone who also handled it. Yes, I also smoke (marijuana). This is the fact,” said Jung Da-eun.

When Jung Da-eun and Won-ho smoked marijuana together, Jo was hiding inside the house. Jo who became a witness is a former manager of the Burning Sun club who is currently in prison for drug use.

Later on, Won-ho’s phone rang and he left Jung Da-eun’s apartment to answer the call. Jo used this opportunity to get out of the place. When meeting with Jo, Jung Da-eun looked shocked. “What are you two doing,” Jo said. “You just pretend you didn’t see anything,” Jung Da-eun replied. “Smells like weed,” Jo said.


Dispatch also visited Jo in prison and confirmed that Jung Da-eun’s story was true. Jo remembers that at that time, Jung Da-eun called someone who smoked marijuana with him as Ho-seok (Won-ho’s real name). Another surprising report released by Dispatch was that the police had investigated the alleged use of marijuana by Won-ho, after receiving witness Jo and Jung Da-eun’s report.

Police allegedly met Won-ho at the end of September after MONSTA X returned from a concert in Germany. Police also had a drug test through samples of Won-ho’s hair follicles. The police revealed that because the investigation into Won-ho’s marijuana was still ongoing, they could not disclose the results to Dispatch. The police might call Won-ho for questioning about this drug use case in the near future, depending on the results of the drug test.

His second statement about Won-ho is consistent, despite being in a different detention center.


Contacted separately by Dispatch, Jung Da-eun confirmed that he had smoked marijuana with Won-ho. “Yes, that is true. I smoked weed with him. That is the truth. It is also true that Jo was in the wardrobe and heard it at the time,” Jung Da-eun said.

Jung Da-eun said Won-ho didn’t want to reveal where he got marijuana. “I asked him where he got it from, but he said it was confidential. But I guessed who was the person who sold it to him,” said Jung Da-eun.

Dispatch also mentioned that in September 2019 the police began investigating cases related to Won-ho. At that time, Jo was being held at the Seoul Detention Center, while Jung Da-eun was at the Gwangju Detention Center.

Between Jealousy and Madness: MONSTA X’s Fans Attack


Beside having problems with his past life and also Jung Da-eun and Han Seo-hee, MONSTA X’s Won-ho received negative comments from the public who became aware of these big issues. The fans who were defending Won-ho also got hate by many netizens.

“Heol, he not only did not pay debts for 6 years but also once entered a detention center.” “The law for minors is poor so people rarely enter the detention center. If he gets put in there and is on his record it means he could be Lee Choon Jae or Jo Doo Soon next.”

“Starship, haha. Investigated the case of voting manipulation and now claiming members like this, haha. Do they want to be the next YG?” “Doesn’t special theft mean he uses weapons?” “An idol who has a record of special theft, hahaha. Ridiculous children like this become celebrities, hahaha.”


After the departure of Won-ho from MONSTA X has been confirmed by Starship Entertainment, Monbebe didn’t stay still and they started acting in a lot of ways to make him get back to the group with the other 6 members.

The revelation of Won-ho’s dark past made netizens talk about the members of MONSTA X. Besides Shownu, whose photos were manipulated, all members were believed to have hidden disgraces that were deliberately covered by fans. One netizen in Pann, who claimed to be a fan, revealed a number of rumors about the group made by Starship Entertainment.

“I decided to get out of fandom. Meanwhile, Hyungwon was busy dating his girlfriend for 2 years after debuting and doing lovestagram. Changkyun said ‘ang kimochi’ (ang, it tastes good, the term porn is usually in Japanese) on live broadcast, there are also photos Kihyun smoked while drinking while he was underage, Lee Min-hyuk was found smoking in a smoking-free area and electronic smoking in their official video, but fans still insist that this was all made up,” a netizen said.


“Although, Hoseok (the real name of Won-ho) is the most talked-about person, how long do fans plan to cover it up for them? How much more disappointment do they want? Seeing how you guys still like them despite knowing their past and covering it up makes me wonder, ‘Do you feel comfortable with all their actions.’ At least it’s a bit difficult to cover Kihyun? Shownu is the only sad thing here,” he continued.

Many netizens are curious about the truth in the rumors mentioned above. But some fans believe that it’s all just a rumor.