Check Out Monsta X’s Shownu’s Sexy Abs and His Best Style Choices!

Shownu Monsta X

Excited with Monsta X’s Shownu!

Won’t the girls get excited when they read the title? Or won’t the guys get curious to know about how to get abs and style like Monsta X’s Shownu?

You guys came to the right place! Let’s get to know more about him!


Monsta X’s Shownu’s Sexy Abs


Before we talk about his sexy abs, let’s take a moment to find out more about him.

Shownu is a singer from Korean boy-band Monsta X. He was born in South Korea on June 18, 1992, with the real name Son Hyun Woo. His zodiac sign is Gemini and his blood type is O. Shownu holds several positions in Monsta X, such as a leader, vocal, and main dancer.

Before he joined Starship Entertainment, Shownu was a trainee at JYP Entertainment. When he didn’t get his debut at his previous Entertainment agency’s choice, he left JYP Entertainment.

Shownu abs 2

Now, let’s talk about his abs.

Maybe it seems a little bit impossible that a person could have a great body and abs, then also cute face, too. But we can see from Shownu’s example that the ‘impossibility’ is possible and real.

With his handsome, yet cute, face, he also has a hot, built body. According to, they say Monsta X’s Shownu has the ultimate “Bagel Body”. In Korea, “bagel” refers to someone who has a hot body, but also has a cute face. With broad shoulders and perfect abs, his charisma only increased with his skill at dancing and singing. And because of that, Shownu is known as the idol who has the best K-Pop star’s body. Many fans fell in love with his skills and his gorgeous form.


Monsta X’s Shownu’s Workout Routine and Diet

Of course, we don’t reach our body goals instantly. There are some routines and diet that make it happen. That also goes for Shownu. He said that he usually exercises with Monsta X’s Wonho and Jooheon. Even if it was already late, he still tries to work out hard to maintain his strength and his posture. He also naturally works out just by practicing the group’s choreography. He also likes to swim.

Along with the many ways he gets his exercise, he takes vitamin as often as he can to manage his appetite and diets. But, Shownu said that he finds he can’t really manage his diet like Wonho. Many Monsta X fans have told him to start eating more because of his hard workouts. Some fans worry that if Shownu cannot manage his food consumption, his health will drop.


Monsta X’s Shownu’s Best Style Choices

Monsta X Shownu

Lately, Monsta X’s Shownu has gotten compliments for his outfits which might not work so well for an ordinary man, but that still suit him well. He wears outfits that are made out of lace and see-through garments, which make his body look hotter and hotter. Maybe Shownu would make the sexiest lingerie model of all time? Let’s take a look at some other examples of Shownu being so hot.


Look at those shapes. Doesn’t it make you feel hot?

Not only that. A view months ago, Shownu wore the outfit for Dispatch x Naver Pictures that were released on February 21, 2019, as well as on V Live x Dispatch video on the same day.


He wears a white T-Shirt with a cardigan, denim jeans, and white sneakers. The cardigan emphasized Shownu’s large shoulders and muscular body, so that even in this casual outfit, he still looks hot and manly.


Shownu’s Airport Fashion

Shownu airport


With his perfect body, everything he wears makes him hot. Just look at his airport outfit. Simple, yet increasing his charisma.


His sense of fashion is so good even his outfit at the airport suits him really well.



Shownu’s Casual Look


Monsta X’s Shownu manages to look both casual and seductive at the same time.

Shownu casual 2
Shownu casual 3

Perfect body, perfect outfit, perfect looks.


Shownu’s Boyfriend Look

Present Monsta X Shownu

Of course, girls. Would you like to know if Shownu’s boyfriend material? It looks as if you already have the answer!


His skills, his personality, and his hot body, That’s the ultimate pack for Shownu’s boyfriend material.


Shownu on the Red Carpet

Shownu red carpet
monsta x
monsta x

Shownu often wears suits for Red Carpet. And of course, he looks more and more handsome in a suit.


Shownu’s Summer Style

Shownu summer

Summer is a hot one between the four seasons. What could you expect with Shownu and summer? He looks even hotter!


Latest News from Monsta X’s Shownu

Lately, we heard that Monsta X is collaborating with Steve Aoki in their new album, “Alligator”. According to, Shownu said that, at first, he didn’t really like the song because there are too many melodies and it seems a little bit too much for Shownu. But then, “Alligator” became one of their best song for Shownu. He said it because the dance moves were great, and their fans like the song. So, he’ll like it, too.

And, this past week, Monsta X started their 2019 world tour, “We Are Here”, at Jamsil Handball Gymnasium in Seoul.

According to, each member took turns greeting the audience by putting an adjective in front of their names. And Shownu described himself as an SSS, which stands for strict, stern, and serious.

Shownu then introduced the next performances as tracks they want to dedicate to Monbebes, and the group got the fans on their feet with upbeat performances of “Miss You”, “Mohae”, and “Jealously”.

And here are the latest posts from Shownu on the official Monsta X Instagram account.

So, that was all the information about Monsta X’s Shownu’s abs, daily workouts and his great outfit styles! He’s so good the way he is, and still, the best leader that Monsta X’s got. Love for Shownu!