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The first impression you get about the members of the South Korean boy-group Monsta X is chic and strong, but actually they have a very cute and lovable side to their personalities. They like to joke around with each other and with their fandom, Monbebe. In Monbebe’s eyes, Monsta X is full of warm and funny idols who love their fans, so that why they get called “Fans Babo (Fans fooling).”

They also have a “Beagle” side, since they play with each other like children and have no problems showing their friendship to each other. Monsta X is also very open in their feelings toward their fans, and show how much they love Monbebe. They mention their fans at every event or tv show go on, and aren’t shy about showing them their cute side.

Monsta X
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If watch a TV show that Monsta X is in, you quickly see how playful and noisy the members can be, which adds to the entertainment.

Let’s take a look at ‘beagle’ Monsta X in their reality TV show, “Monsta X Ray”!

MONSTA X RAY, Monsta X’s Reality Show

Monsta X-Ray

MONSTA X-RAY is a reality show by boy-group Monsta X. The concept for the show to get to know more about the side of the idols that doesn’t show up on stage or on other Monsta X TV shows. This show lets viewers see how ‘beagle’ Monsta X members can be, despite the aura they give off on stage. They even have special clothes for the show. In Monsta X-Ray we can watch how funny, cheerful, and bright the members personalities are, and the way they finish the missions they’re given. Watching the show will make you laugh so hard you want to watch it again and again.

MONSTA X-RAY has run for three seasons in total. Season one aired from January 12, 2017, until February 16, 2017, on JTBC Channel with six episodes. Season 2 aired on JTBC2 Channel on July 13, 2017, and ended after eight episodes on August 31, 2017. Season 3 aired from June 28, 2018, until August 16, 2018, on Thursdays on JTBC Channel.


Monsta X-Ray

Early in January, 2017, Monsta X revealed that would have their own reality tv show named “MONSTA X-RAY”, which would revolve around their body check-ups and they would be given missions to fulfill and give viewers a chance to know more about Monsta X.

The members planned to reveal their ‘beagle’ side through Monsta X-Ray, that they were unable to show on broadcasts and on stage, previously. The group shared their thoughts, saying “Because this program made for our name it in this show, we will do our best on it. Like the program name, we are ready to show our everything, to our bones.”


Monsta X-Ray began airing on January 12, 2017 on JTBC channel on each Thursday at 7 p.m KST, and the program ended on February 16, 2017, with six episodes, in total.


In this episode, the Monsta X-Ray staff put the members in separate rooms and asked them some questions about other members.

In episode 2 we could see Monsta X acting like a family.

This episode still tells about the Monsta X ‘family’, as the preview episode.

Monsta X showed another side of their group’s charm in this episode. They had a battle with their senior group from the industry, BTOB. The battle was laugh-out-loud funny because of their goofiness.

Episode 5 could end up your favorite from Monsta X-Ray season 1, because this is the episode when you can see how the members handle missions given to them by the staff. They had to be kindergarten teachers and take care of the students from the morning until the students went home.

In the last episode of season 1,  the Monsta X members were given ‘Me Time’ missions, where they could do anything they wanted to do. During the missions, the seven guys had to be on their own two feet without any manager, stylist or other support staff while doing the mission. It must be the warmest episode of the season.


monsta-x ray 2

Following Monsta X-Ray season 1, which was success, Monsta X did a comeback with “Monsta X-Ray season 2”, which showed more of their hidden side that viewers didn’t see as much in the first season. The members said, “We’re prepared to show a variety of images that we’re weren’t able to showed in the first season. Viewers can anticipate a fun show.”


The second season aired its premiere episode on July 13, 2017, on JTBC2 Channel, Thursdays, at 7 p.m KST. The season’s last episode aired on August 31, 2107, and the season had eight episodes, in all.


In the first episode of the new season, the Monsta X members got ‘Avatar’ missions. That meant that one members had to act as an avatar and do everything that other members ordered him to do.

Would you be curious to know how good Monsta X is at taking care of animals in these two episodes? Let’s check out the video, above!

The same as in Monsta X-Ray Season 1, these episodes presenting us with how Monsta X members finished their missions and games when they were acting in character.

The seven handsome guys got acting lessons from the best teacher around, to improve their acting skill for this episode.

The highlight of season 2 was episode 7. In that episode, the guys in the group had to challenge their acting skill in “The Heirs Parody” drama. Ready to fall in love with them even more?

Finally, the members met their adorable kindergarten students again, that they took care of in season 1.


Monsta X-Ray 2

Apparently, viewers couldn’t forget how fun it was to watch Monsta X-Ray, so the group decided to release Monsta X-Ray Season 3. The news was received happily by viewers, who had been waiting a long to continue watching the reality show. In season 3, Monsta X members looked like they were shooting the program in the country, giving a hint about the concept for Monsta X-Ray Season 3.


The third season was broadcast on JTBC Channel, Thursdays at 7 p.m KST, from June 28, 2018, until August 16, 2018, and had eight episodes, in total.


The three episodes at the beginning of the newest season started with members shooting in the country. In all three episodes, they got a mission to change into characters, which were one guy, Hyungwon, as a handsome guy from the village, and six women which were played by Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Jooheony, and IM. The group also developed a good relationship with the residents.

The missions included outdoor games this time. Monsta X divided into two teams and finished their missions well.

In this episode, the members were just having fun playing games in the studio.

During the three final episodes, the Monsta X members played various games in the park, and the end they had to choose one member that they liked the most


Monsta X-Ray

Monsta X-Ray’s PD said that he first saw the members in the Fan’s Heart Attack Monsta X episode, and after that, the PD decided to make Monsta X’s own reality show because they looked so funny and natural in the show. Then, when the Monsta X-Ray season 1 project was aired, it got a ton of positive response from netizens.

The viewer’s responses are why the group decided to continue the program with seasons 2 and 3. The second season of Monsta X-Ray got a lot of positive reactions, too. Not only from Monbebe, who loved Monsta X-Ray, but from netizens who weren’t fans of Monsta X.