Learn More About Monsta X’s Leader Shownu’s Relationship with the Other Members

Monsta X Shownu

Monsta X’s Charismatic Leader, Shownu

As the leader and oldest member in the group, Monsta X’s Shownu could be like a brother for the rest of the members. Son Hyun-woo, known as Monsta X Shownu, is a guy who has a “Tsundere” personality, cool and ignorant outside, but warm and sweet inside. However, Shownu has strongly built body, tall, well proportioned and he looks like a gentleman.

Usually, the first impression you get of Shownu is about his big body and scary looks because his charismatic aura is very strong, but actually Shownu has cute face which, with his big body, makes him look like a cute bear. That’s why the other members love Shownu so much. As the leader and as the only child in his family, he treats the other members not only like little brothers, but also like best friends. He’s not a strict and scary leader type, but warm and friendly, he lets the other members do what they want and he pays attention to all of them.

Monsta X Shownu

Shownu has a good relationship with all of Monsta X members. Sometimes they act like best teammates, sometimes like brothers or good friends, and sometimes like friendly rivals. In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you all about Monsta X leader’s Shownu’s relationship with each of the group’s members. Let’s check it out!

Shownu and Kihyun

Monsta X Shownu x Kihyun

Shownu and Kihyun are well known as ‘father’ and ‘mother’ of Monsta X. The other members keep referring to them like that, because Shownu has a calm and cool side and Kihyun has  ‘mommy charm’ in his personality, and cooks well, nags well, and cleans up well, as well as being neat, sweet, and caring about other members. Those nicknames aren’t just famous around the Monsta X members, even Monbebe (Monsta X fandom) also refer to them that way. Their fans make videos about Shownu and Kihyun’s (Showki’s) moments, indeed and we can find many of them around the internet.

They interaction together is always cute. Moreover, both of them looks like a best partner more than group-mates. Showki’s bromance (brother romance) is sweet and soft, and makes fans crazy about their interactions, as they work wonderfully together as team mates.

Monsta X showki gif

Kihyun and Shownu ever acted together as a couple in the Monsta X reality show, “Monsta X-Ray”, when they did a parody about the K-drama “Boys Before Flowers” and they looked so cute and funny together. In another show Kihyun said that he wants Shownu to invite him to play/hang out together if they have free time (Idol Room Ep. 39). It seems like Kihyun likes Shownu a lot and feels comfortable around him.

Shownu and Minhyuk

Monsta X showhyuk

Lee Min-hyuk or Monsta X’s Minhyuk is a vitamin in the group. He has a bright, talkative, and happy-virus personality. With that personality Minhyuk can make friends with others easily, including with Shownu.

Monsta X showhyuk

As a little brother, Minhyuk leans on Shownu. He shows his honest feelings toward the leader, like how he play along well with him, or how spoiled he is doing natural skinship with the leader. The big brother, Hyun woo, shows his real affection toward his little brother, Minhyuk, honestly. If we look how both of them interact, we could feel how they love each other like siblings.

Shownu and IM

Monsta X Showkyun

The group’s oldest member and youngest member are four eyars apart in age. Im Chang-kyun, with stage name IM, was born on January 26, 1996, and become a Monsta X maknae (youngest member), while Shownu was born on June 18, 1992, making him the oldest in the group.

Monsta X showkyun gif

Relationship between Shownu and IM is like a father and son. You can see in some videos or at Monsta X shows how Shownu treats IM like his cute little baby. He adores IM, and likes to annoy him on purpose just to see his cute reaction. However, IM shows his affection toward Shownu like a little cat. sometimes sitting on Shownu’s lap or biting Shownu biceps pretending it’s a chicken drumstick, and showing more affection that maks Shownu smile. As the youngest member, IM doesn’t just get a lot of affection from Shownu, but also from other Monsta X members.

Shownu and Wonho

Monsta X Showho

Born in the same year (Korean year) and having same age, make Shownu and Monsta X’s Wonho the close friends in the group. They often do things together, whether it’s hanging out, shopping, eating, and even working out together. Wonho and Shownu are well-known for having the biggest-built bodies among all Monsta X members.

Monsta X showho 2

For Shownu, Wonho is someone who he can rely on as much as Shownu is for Wonho. They spent a lot of time together instead with other Monsta X members. They even do photo-shoots for clothing brands or magazines together.

Shownu and Hyungwon

Monsta X Shownu x Hyungwon

There is a funny and awkward relationship between Shownu and his teammate, Hyungwon. Shownu often bullies Hyungwon in cute way, like pushing Hyungwon because his tall and slim body annoys him, or taking his stuff secretly or playing with him. However, Shownu shows he still has pure affection toward Hyungwon, like how he likes to eat with Hyungwon more than anyone, and often sits outside with him to do so.

On other hand, Hyungwon looks so comfortable around Shownu, and always plays or laughs at Shownu with zero effort. They support each other in their personal work. When they are together it seems like they have their own world. They are interact in the cutest ways in the group, and that makes fans go crazy for both of them.

Shownu and Jooheon

Monsta X Shownu x Jooheon

Shownu and Jooheon’s relationship seems more like that of father and his youngest son. Jooheon’s always calling Shownu “My Daddy” every time he sees Shownu, and Shownu does the same thing to Jooheon, referring to him as “My Son”. The lovely and cute relationship between two of them make hearts flutter and get  exasperated at the same time.

Monsta X Shownu x Jooheon

Jooheon is shameless in showing his affection for Shownu. He praises Shownu and he always talks about his leader. Jooheon said in some Monsta X show that his favorite hyung (big brother) in Monsta X is Shownu. He even talked with Shownu in a cute way that makex Shownu smile like a father and treats him like a child. They’re close to each other and clearly know each other very well (Idol Room Ep. 39).

These are the types of relationships that the Monsta X leader, Shownu, has with his group members. Always support their activity and wait for their new album!