All About : Monsta X Members Full Profile (Real Name, Age, Height, Weight, and Religion)

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Monsta X Members Profile

Monsta X is a group under STARSHIP Entertainment which debuted in 2015, previously formed from a variety survival show titled “No Mercy”. No Mercy is a survival show under STARSHIP Entertainment with seniors from STARSHIP who host the show, such as K.Will, Mad Clown, Soyou, Hyolyn, and others. No Mercy featured thirteen trainees from STARSHIP, and in the end the boy band was formed with seven members. Before this, a younger member of Monsta X, I.M, did not participate from the beginning and it was only during the mid-episode he was confirmed to join No Mercy. Initially it became a conversation among the trainees at No Mercy and netizens, but he proved his skills with his debut with Monsta X.

Monsta X who debuted with Trespass immediately stole the attention of netizens and many have supported Monsta X until now. STARSHIP Entertainment is never disappointing in forming an idol group. The fandom of their group is called Mon Bebe.

Monsta X Official Account

Twitter : @officialmonstax

Instagram : @official_monsta_x

Facebook : OfficialMonstaX

vLive : Monsta X Channel

Cafe Daum : @monsta-x

Official Website : Monsta X

Monsta X Profile Members

Let’s check out the Monsta X full profiles!

1. Shownu – Papa Bear


Real Name : Sohn Hyun-woo

Stage Name : Shownu

Position : Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist

Date of Birth : June 18, 1992

Religion : N/A

Ages : 25 years old

Weight : 78 kg

Height : 181 cm

Zodiac : Gemini

Blood Type : O

Hobbies : Listening to music

Facts About Shownu :

  1. While still a trainee, Shownu was a member of NUBOYZ with Jooheon, #GUN, and Wonho.
  2. He was a former JYP Entertainment trainee with GOT7, but left due to training absence.
  3. Before joining Starship he was a back-up dancer for Lee Hyori’s BAD GIRL.
  4. Shownu is dubbed a robot because of his flat and expressionless speech, he is also dubbed the Papa Bear because of his big body like the bear and he is the oldest member in the group.
  5. During the training period known as The Second Bi (Rain) for winning the first champion while auditioning in JYP by singing the song Rain and Shownu is also able to dance almost all of Rain’s song choreography.
  6. His favorite food is meat.
  7. His favorite color is black.
  8. Shownu has a habit of sleeping with his eyes open.
  9. Shownu said he doesn’t mind dating older women as long as she’s still younger than his mom.
  10. Shownu’s ideal type is a pure woman like the actress Gong Hyojin.

2. Wonho – Ulzzang Boy


Real Name : Lee Ho-seok

Stage Name : Wonho

Position : Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual

Date of Birth : March 11, 1993

Religion : N/A

Ages : 24 years old

Weight : 73 kg

Height : 177 cm

Zodiac : Pisces

Blood Type : B

Hobbies : Going out with friends and playing video games

Facts About Wonho :

  1. His favorite color is red.
  2. He was a trainee for three years.
  3. He is a former ulzzang, and his ex-girlfriend is from ulzzang Seo Ji Hye.
  4. Wonho has acrophobia (phobia of heights), in Right Now episode 6, he screamed and cried when he wanted to bungee jump off the Macau Tower, whereas before he climbed to the top of the tower he laughed at Kihyun who said he was crying because he had to bungee jump too.
  5. His favorite foods are chicken breast, ramen and cold noodles during the summer.
  6. His favorite seasons are summer and winter.
  7. Before debuting, he used to exercise a lot. He was motivated by his friend who is a bodybuilder health trainer.
  8. In 2011, he was once the backup dancer of Sistar and he paired up with Dasom.
  9. He is the member who trained the longest with Starship Entertainment.
  10. His ideal type of girl is one who makes ramyun well. When asked about marring he declared, “I’m not interested in marrying. My younger brother will marry someone, so there is no problem for my family.

3. Minhyuk – Master of Selfies


Real Name : Lee Min-hyuk

Stage Name : Minhyuk

Position : Vocalist, Visual

Date of Birth : November 3, 1993

Religion : N/A

Ages : 24 years old

Weight : 65 kg

Height : 179 cm

Zodiac : Scorpio

Blood Type : A

Hobbies : Take selfie everywhere and everytime

Facts About Minhyuk :

  1. His favorite color is red.
  2. His favorite number is 1.
  3. His favorite foods are sweet potato and pizza.
  4. Minhyuk is the most lazy member in terms of maintaining hygiene, even I.M had said that there is garbage in Minhyuk’s bed.
  5. Minhyuk is the master selfies in Monsta X and understands how to take photos with good results. Once when Kihyun recorded his picture, Minhyuk had time to think about going to a better lighting place and asking Kihyun to record it again.
  6. Minhyuk is the most likely member to do skinship.
  7. He has the same name as Lee Min Hyuk from BTOB and B-Bomb Block B.
  8. He can hold his alcohol up to 2 cups of soju.
  9. He is close with UNIQ’s Sungjoo, GOT7’s Mark, Seventeen’s Junghan, N.Flying’s Kwangjin and actor Park Bo Gum.
  10. His ideal type is, “A chubby girl. It’ll be nice if it’s someone who’s the opposite of me.”