Check Out Monsta X’s Kihyun’s Best Hairstyles Throughout Time!

Who Do U Love?

Besides collaborating with the famous DJ, Steve Aoki, Monsta X also had a chance to meet French Montana and released a new collaboration song, titled Who Do U Love? on June 21, 2019. This song became one of their greatest hits, since they collaborated with the famous American rapper, French Montana.

Through this song, Monsta X also showed off their popularity in the USA and Europe by collaborating with French Montana to release a song in English. It’s has a different genre than the group usually employs with its comeback songs, as it has an alternative R&B vibe in the instruments, which will make you groove out when you hear it.

During filming for the Who Do U Love? music video, you can see that Kihyun has a new hair color, purple, which he’s never tried in any previous comebacks. His fans are never disappointed by his changes in hairstyle, and it’s always fun to see the new ones.

Latest News

On October 9, 2019, Monsta X’s I.M and Minhyuk participated in the handwriting contest for Naver, on Hangul Day in South Korea. More Than 25.000 participants submitted their handwriting to celebrate the invention of hangul, which is the Korean alphabet.

Through their official Twitter account, Minhyuk and I.M posted their selca with their own handwriting on a piece of paper.

“To remember the meaning of #HangulDay, produced by #Naver, handwritten #IM. Today is October 9th, Hangul day! I hope #Monbebe celebrates Hangul too. Think about the importance of hangul and have a nice day!” – Monsta X’s I.M

Minhyuk also uploaded his handwriting in the same selca pose as I.M. The vocalist of Monsta X, Minhyu, also participated during Hangul Day and wrote a letter for his fans, Monbebe.

This is Minhyuk’s handwriting. Today October 9 is Hangul Day! How about spending meaningful time to reflect the meaning of Hangul Day?” – Monsta X’s Minhyuk

Both posts have been tweeted by group members, and received a lot of replies from fans. The large number of Monbebe (fandom of Monsta X) from outside Koreamostly couldn’t read what I.M or Minhyuk wrote in Hangul. Nevertheless, they claimed to be happy and praised their beautiful handwriting.

This is so beautiful that all countries must be proud of their own language because language is part of culture and identity. Happy hangul day!” wrote by one of a fan. Another fan account also write “Thank you for writing so well, I really appreciate it.” and “Happy Hangul Day !! If only I could learn it quickly, then I could enjoy more posts and videos without subtitles. Beautiful language. I will get there one day,”. There were numerous fan accounts from Monbebe who came from other countries, wishing the idols to have a good day while celebrating Hangul Day in South Korea.

Well, that was all the information about Monsta X’s Kihyun’s best hairstyles throughout time and the group’s latest news! Let us hope for the best to all the members activities and promotion, so we can see their comeback again in the future with a brand new song!