List of Monsta X Albums and Songs

Monsta X First Full Album: The Clan pt. 2.5: The Final Chapter


On March 21, 2017, Monsta X released their first full album titled┬áThe Clan Pt. 2.5: The Final Chapter. It is the final part of The Clan series. The album topped Gaon Album Chart and Billboard’s World Albums Chart and Heatseekers Albums Chart. The album’s title track is Beautiful. Beautiful debuted on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart as it ranked 4th. The Clan Pt. 2.5: The Final Chapter contains ten tracks:

No. Title Lyrics Composer(s) Length
1. Ready or Not Lishbeat, Esbee, Stereo 14, Jooheon, I.M Lishbeat, Esbee, Stereo 14 3:17
2. Beautiful Star Warz, Jooheon, I.M Star Warz 3:24
3. Incomparable XEPY, 5$, zomay, Lee Jiwon, Lee Kyungmin, Jooheon, I.M XEPY, Vo3e, 1MAD, 5$, zomay 3:43
4. Need U Lishbeat, Esbee, Megatone, Jooheon, I.M Lishbeat, Esbee, Megatone 3:18
5. Oi Wonho, Brother Su, Jooheon, I.M Wonho, Brother Su, JJB, XEPY, Vo3e 3:11
6. Miss You Ye-Yo!, Jooheon, I.M Ye-Yo!, Jooheon 3:18
7. Calm Down Mafly, Keyfly, Jooheon, I.M RE:ONE, Delly Boi, Davey Nate 3:07
8. All I Do Lishbeat, Esbee, 9999, Jooheon, I.M Lishbeat, Esbee, 9999 3:38
9. Last Page Wonho, Jooheon, I.M Hyuk Shin, MRey, Jayrah, Gibson 3:03
10. I’ll Be There Wonho, Jooheon, I.M Wonho, JJB 3:12

Monsta X Repackaged Album: Shine Forever


Shine Forever is the repackaged album of The Clan Pt. 2.5: The Final Chapter. It was released on June 19, 2017. The album contains a total of twelve tracks, ten tracks from The Final Chapter and two new tracks. The two new tracks are:

No. Title Lyrics Composer(s) Length
1. Shine Forever Lishbeat, Esbee, Stereo 14, BiNTAGE, Jooheon, I.M Lishbeat, Stereo 14, BiNTAGE 3:28
2. Guilty Mafly, Jooheon, I.M RE:ONE, Davey Nate 3:31

The title track of the album is Shine Forever, which is a dance song that combines future base and hip-hop.

As a rookie group, Monsta X is doing well with their work. So, have you listened to all the tracks? Which one is your favourite? Let’s wait for another masterpiece by Monsta X and keep supporting them!