List of Monsta X Albums and Songs


Monsta X Discography

Monsta X made their debut in May 2015 under Starship Entertainment. The group consists of seven members who are known for their powerful songs and dance performances. The members also actively participate in the making of their albums and songs. Up until now, they have released many of them. Let’s check Monsta X’s albums and songs!

Monsta X Debut Mini Album: Trespass


Trespass is Monsta X’s debut mini album. It was released on May 14, 2015. The album ranked 5th on Gaon Album Chart. The group promoted Trespass as the title track. Trespass is described as a strong and edgy track that reflects the group’s unique character. The album tracks are:

No. Title Lyrics Composer(s) Length
1. Trespass Mad Clown, Kim Eana Assbrass, Lishbeats, Lee Jihoon 3:25
2. No Exit I.M, Kihyun, Rhymer, Jooheon Kihyun, Rhymer, Lishbeats, Jooheon 3:28
3. One Love I.M, Nago, Jooheon Nago, Jooheon 3:13
4. Honestly (with Dasom of Sistar) Louie, Crybaby Crybaby 3:52
5. Steal Your Heart I.M, Rhymer, Wonho, Jooheon 9999, Assbrass, Esbee 3:47
6. Blue Moon I.M, Jooheon Nago, Jooheon 3:10
7. Interstellar I.M, Yella Diamond, Jooheon Yella Diamond 3:46

Monsta X 2nd Mini Album: Rush


Just about three months after their debut, Monsta X released their second mini album “Rush” on September 7, 2015. With Rush as their title track, the group continued their promotional activities in 2015. Rush is described as a song representing the signature style of Monsta X. The album’s track lists is as follows:

No. Title Lyrics Composer(s) Length
1. Rush Jooheon, I.M, Giriboy Giriboy 3:42
2. Hero Jooheon, I.M, Punch Sound, Rhymer Punch Sound 3:51
3. Perfect Girl Jooheon, I.M Lishbeats, 9999, Esbee 3:39
4. Amen Crybaby, Take M Crybaby 3:56
5. Gone Bad Jooheon, Mad Clown, Taewon Jooheon, Ye-Yo!, Taewon 3:42
6. Broken Heart Jooheon, I.M, Rescue the Beat, Kim Seungjun Rescue the Beat, Kim Seungjun 3:47

Monsta X 3rd Mini Album: The Clan pt. 1 ‘Lost’


On May 18, 2016, Monsta X released their third mini album titled “The Clan part 1 ‘Lost'” and marked the start of The Clan series. The album ranked 3rd in Gaon chart and ranked 5th in Billboard’s United States World Albums. The group made their comeback in 2016 with the title track “All In.” The tracks in the album are:

No. Title Lyrics Composer(s) Length
1. Ex Girl (feat. Wheein of Mamamoo) Esbee, Jooheon, I.M Lishbeats, Esbee 3:23
2. All In Esbee, Stereo 14, Lishbeats, Mad Clown, Jooheon, I.M Lishbeats, Stereo 14, Esbee, Brother Su 3:10
3. Stuck Punch Sound, Seo Jieum, Jooheon, I.M Punch Sound 3:45
4. Sweetheart Jooheon, I.M, Jeongmin Jooheon, I.M, Jeongmin 3:15
5. Unfair Love Kiggen, Stereo 14, Lishbeats, Seo Jieum, Jooheon, I.M Stereo 14, Lishbeats, Kiggem 3:18
6. Because of U Rescue the Beat, Jooheon, I.M Rescue the Beat 3:03

Monsta X 4th Mini Album: The Clan pt. 2 ‘Guilty’


Continuing the series, “The Clan Pt. 2 ‘Guilty'” was released on October 4, 2016. It becomes the fourth mini album of Monsta X. Monsta X once again topped South Korean music charts and United States’ Billboard music charts with The Clan Pt. 2 ‘Guilty.’ The group continued the promotional activities in 2016 with Fighter as the title track. The album’s track list is:

No. Title Lyrics Composer(s) Length
1. Fighter Jam Factory, Jooheon, I.M Park Geuntae, Choi Jinseok, Martin Hoberg Hedegaard 3:38
2. Be Quiet Mafly, Keyfly, Jooheon, I.M Hyuk Shin, 999, Jayrah Gibson, Davey Nate 3:03
3. Blind Giriboy, Jooheon, I.M Giriboy 3:33
4. Queen Mafly, Keyfly, Jooheon, I.M Hyuk Shin, 999, Jayrah Gibson, Davey Nate 3:12
5. White Love Jooheon, I.M Jooheon, Ye-Yo! 3:50
6. Roller Coaster Trinity, Jooheon, I.M 1Take, Tak, Trinity 3:17