Do You Miss the Monday Couple From ‘Running Man’? Let’s Take a Look at Their Best Moments Here!

The BreakUp of the Monday Couple

The Monday Couple lovers were devastated to hear that the Monday Couple of Running Man was breaking up. Even though they were only a couple on television and did not date in real life, the Monday couple fans were still upset when it was revealed that the famous Monday girlfriend, Song Ji-hyo, was, in fact, dating someone else. At that time, Ji-hyo was dating a CEO of her entertainment company, C-JeS. Many fans considered that the dating news has caused the Monday Couple to break up. While in fact, the Monday Couple never dated in real life and only had a love line in the variety show.

Gary Leaves Ji-hyo and Fellow Running Man Members

The Monday boyfriend, Gary, left Running Man after six years. Running Man announced that the 38-year-old rapper has filmed his last episode. Gary had hinted before that he would be leaving the variety show, as he wants to devote more time to his music career, and also he plans to study more about it. Gary is one of the original cast members and has been a part of the show for six years. Episode 324 was Gary’s last appearance on Running Man and Song Ji-hyo could not stop crying during Gary’s last episode.

And suddenly, in April 2017, Gary secretly got married to a non-celebrity without having a wedding ceremony and shocked the entire entertainment industry. They became a married couple just through official registration. It was revealed that he got married without telling the people closest to him, including his former colleagues from the hit Korean reality show Running Man.

Netizens’ Reactions

Monday Couple fans once again were sad when the Monday boyfriend, Gary, decided to quit South Korea’s longest-running variety show, Running Man, to focus on his music career. Fans were upset that they could no longer see this couple on TV.

The Monday Couple has been globally known. Their sweet moments and close relations on Running Man had captivated not only Korean fans but also international fans. So, when Gary left the show, many fans felt hurt and really missed this couple.

Ji-hyo’s Dating Rumor with Kim Jong-kook

Song ji-hyo has been rumored several times that she has been dating singer Kim Jong-kook who is also her Running Man fellow member. The rumor started with an article which was only made up of assumptions and opinions. The article explained what had allegedly happened between the two celebrities, where the two were seen too close to be just friends on SBS’ Running Man.

However, the rumor was not true and the article was being considered false by news outlets. Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo were nothing more than friends and fellow entertainers as they often appeared side-by-side on Running Man. Song Ji-hyo has made it clear that she can never date Kim Jong-kook, mainly because she cannot mix her emotions with someone she is working with. So, the two are just friends and only coworkers on a TV program.

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