Momoland’s Nancy’s Profile: Pre Debut, Family, Undressing Pic Released Without Consent, etc.

Momoland’s Nancy Performances on Stages

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After seeing Nancy from her debut era in 2016, which has passed for over five years now, let’s see how much Nancy is growing from time to time by seeing the performances of Momoland on stages.

Momoland has a lot of good songs. But their most popular song is “Bboom Bboom” which made huge popularity in 2018. It was so popular that the song gets Momoland’s first win ever. Their song “Bboom Bboom” is so popular in Korea even children and the elderly know the song. So, let’s see Nancy and other Momoland girls performed “Bboom Bboom” in some music shows!

We have seen Nancy and Momoland girls’ performances. Now let’s see the video that only focuses on Nancy!

Her charisma is just so undeniable. Nancy McDonie jjang!

Momoland’s Nancy Relationship with Q The Boyz: Boyfriend?

In Korea, drinking behavior is such a normal thing. If we have become an adult, it’s normal to drink with friends or colleagues to celebrate something or get close to each other. We often see some heroin in a drama drink with their friends if there’s a problem in their life. The same goes for the idols. It’s normal for idols to drink with friends at night. It’s not a taboo thing to talk about it too.


But the question is, when Nancy was drinking with someone from another K-pop group, people are wondering how come they become close? Not just someone from another group, but this group is a boy group. If you have followed K-pop for years, you must be familiar with K-pop norms that are going around where female and male idols are rare to have interactions, especially these days.

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Nancy from Momoland was spotted drinking with her male friend, Q from The Boyz.

Just by seeing the photo, people started to questioning if they are in a relationship or not. Especially they weren’t in the same age if they are, then it’s a normal thing for K-pop idols to hangout with idols of the same age as them. Q also didn’t attend the same school as Nancy, so people concluded that they might be dating.

But Nancy’s agency, MLD Entertainment, denied the news of the two of them dating. Q just happened to be one of Nancy’s close friends. And it wasn’t only Q there, but Eric from The Boyz, Cherry Bullet’s Jiwon, etc. They were hanging out after having a schedule until midnight. It’s such a normal thing if you think about it.

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Then again, idols are just humans too. If we can have a life, then why don’t we let them live the life they want? Hopefully, there won’t be any fans who attack both of the sides about the rumor.

Momoland’s Undressing Pic Released without Consent: People Are Supporting Her

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At the beginning of 2021, there was bad news coming through Nancy. In January 2021, her photo of her undressing was leaked. She became a victim of a spy camera or filming someone without consent when she was changing in a dressing room. The action was taken in 2019 when Momoland attended Asia Artists Awards, which was held in Vietnam.

People are speculating that it could be the staff that filmed it. Since the filming was inside the dressing room, no one should enter besides the staff, artists, or stylist. But MLD Entertainment handled this situation by giving this case to the police of Gyeonggi province.

nancy aaa

Even at a time like that, some irresponsible people edited Nancy and shared the manipulated naked body. It hurts Nancy even more. Just the case itself already made Nancy’s mental to be breaking down, said the agency.

Thankfully, there are a lot of people on the internet who support Nancy, especially the girls. This was such a painful moment, but let’s hope that Nancy can get through this situation. And if you see pictures like that of Nancy or any other idols, please report or don’t spread it online.

Hopefully, Nancy or other idols won’t be facing the same situation as this anymore in the future. And the culprit who filmed and spread the video online will get the punishment they deserved.


That’s all the information about Nancy from Momoland that we can gather for you to know her better. After seeing this article, we now know that Nancy is not just a half-American girl from Momoland. She’s a talented idol with a lot of charms. Which of her charms that you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comment, please!