Get To Know Momoland’s Ahin: Profile, Facts, Debut Stage, Vlog, etc.

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Get To Know Momoland’s Ahin — Main Vocalist of the Group

Ahin is a singer from a girl group called Momoland. She is the main vocalist of the group. She joined the company MLD Entertainment around 2016. Ahin is a bilingual member because she can speak various languages, such as English and Chinese. She is also referred to as a visual member of Momoland. Without further ado, let’s know more about Momoland’s Ahin!

Momoland’s Ahin Profile

ahin momoland
  • Stage Name: Ahin (아인)
  • Full Name: Lee Ah In (이아인)
  • Nicknames: Wo Ai Ni, Cindy, Sami, Anna
  • Date of Birth: September 27, 1999
  • Place of Birth: Samsan-dong, Nam-gu, Ulsan Metropolitan City, South Korea
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Star Sign: Libra
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 160.1 cm
  • Weight: 44 kg
  • Debut Date: November 10, 2016 (with MOMOLAND)
  • Associated Acts: MOMOLAND
  • Agency: MLD Entertainment
  • Education: Ulsan Gangnam Middle School, Shanghai United International School, Seoul Performing Arts High School (Department of Practical Music / Graduated)
  • Official Instagram: heyitsahin_


Interesting Facts of Momoland’s Ahin

ahin momoland
  • Ahin is the main vocalist of the group.
  • She trained for 2 months. She has the shortest period of training among the members.
  • Ahin can speak Chinese and English fluently. Ahin grew up experiencing various languages and cultures, including Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, and attending English-American international schools during its growth period. She has lived in China and Taiwan for some years.
  • Her most confident language is English, followed by Korean and then Chinese. It’s been a while since she used Chinese.
  • She learned Spanish when she was in middle school. She also learns Japanese.
  • She is good at running. She runs 100 meters in 14 seconds. Moreover, her specialty is basketball.
  • She’s close to DIA’s Somyi and ITZY’s Lia.
  • She really likes tangerines.
  •  Her hobbies are listening to a song, cooking, movies, and more.
  • Her ideal type is Ha Jung Woo, a South Korean actor.

Momoland’s Ahin Pre-debut Picture

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On May 18, 2016, Ahin entered the company as a trainee. She trained before her official debut for about 2 months. Among the members, she has the shortest traineeship period. Instead of participating in the audition, she was chosen from a vocal audition with the submitted video of her singing. At the moment of survival, Ahin never studied or practiced dancing in earnest, so she had difficulty learning the choreography. She is, however, said to be a sincere member who attempts to fill her vulnerabilities meticulously two to three times more than others.

Anyway, check out some of Ahin’s pre-debut pics!

ahin momoland
ahin momoland
ahin momoland
ahin momoland
ahin momoland

What do you think of Ahin then and now? 😍

Also, check out Ahin’s on Finding MOMO LAND here:

Ahin Debut with Momoland

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Ahin debuted with Momoland on November 10, 2016, with their mini-album called “Welcome to Momoland”. Momoland originally consists of nine members, but three members depart from the group in 2019 and 2020.

Ahin is in charge of the group’s main vocalists. Her voice is kind of joyful. She is also referred to as a visual member of Momoland. Some say she resembles Song Ji-eun and YouTuber Kim Ha-na. Even though she never learned or practiced dancing in earnest, her stage presence is amazing and improved.

Momoland’s Ahin Focus Fancam

ahin momoland

Check out some of Ahin’s close up fan-cam and fans comments here~

Ahin has a really cool visual. She looks so fierce on stage. Maybe it’s because she had make-up on, but she’s so gorgeous, right? If you look closely, her double eyelids are like her charms. She also usually had a kind of winged eyeliner which make her eyes look bigger and uneven.

Even though Ahin is the main vocal of the group, her dance is really fantastic. Check out the fan cam above~ Her dance is powerful and on point. Her outfit + her blonde hair gave extra points to her performances.

Are you curious what fans thought of Momoland’s Ahin’s fan-cam? Here’s some of them:

  • Why is she so underrated? She almost doesn’t have camera time in lives, but she is clearly PERFECT.
  • OMG, Ahin is so gorgeous! Her hair this comeback has the perfect length for her ❤❤ these girls keep wrecking the list! QUEENS!
  • Ah In is still cute even with short hair. But she’s like a goddess with long hair. I miss Welcome to Momoland Ah In. And her dancing has improved a lot compared to their debut.
  • Ahin’s smile is the cutest thing ever! she’s so pretty, and her dancing has improved a ton since debut c:
  • Damn it. She is so fluffy and gorgeous. ☺️💕

Have you watched any of Momoland’s Ahin focus fan-cam? If yet, watch the videos attached above! You’re not gonna regret it~