Everything You Need to Know About Momoland’s Nayun

Recovery and Comeback With Momoland


After three months of treating her inner ear problem, Nayun was set to return and rejoin Momoland’s activities. On September 13th, 2018, MLD Entertainment told by a medical representative that she was able to continue the promotional activities. Her health had improved and she will rejoin the other members for the Japanese album jacket photoshoot and MV filming. She could begin participating in the official group’s promotions in October 2018. The company thanked fans for their best wishes and support during her treatment. Earlier in September, Momoland performed at the 2018 Rakuten Girls Awards.

Nose Infection in 2019 and Halted Activities


Again Nayun had to halt her activities due to severe nose infection. On May 14th, 2019, MLD Entertainment stated that Nayun returned from the Japanese promotions due to a severe nose infection. She experienced difficulties singing on the stage with the infection. At the moment, she is focused on her treatment. After monitoring her treatment progress, the company will decide the returning schedule. At the time, Momoland was promoting the Japanese version of their latest single “I’m So Hot.”

Nayun in the Web Drama Anniversary Anyway with Pentagon’s Hongseok and UP10TION’s Gyujin


On May 14th, 2019, Naver V announced the release of the original web drama Anniversary Anyway. It was a romantic comedy-drama, focused on the coming of age days of six teenagers and their complicated love lives. Idols like Momoland’s Nayun, Pentagon’s Hongseok, UP10TION Gyujin, and other actors participated in the web drama.

Her character, Cha Sae-yi is a lovely, confident, and strong-willed high school student. When it comes to love, she doesn’t hesitate to show her feelings. In episode 6, she confessed directly to Hong Woo-jae, Pentagon’s Hongseok’s character, that she had been in love with him. Later, she confessed to being in love with Hong Woo-jae’s brother.

Nayun received a lot of praise for her acting and her chemistry with fellow idol Hongseok. Her fresh character and lovely interaction with Hongseok brought fluttering feelings to viewers. The drama Anniversary Anyway was broadcast via V Live every Tuesday starting from May 21st, 2019.


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Momoland’s Nayun and Nancy opened up new Instagram accounts on the same day on October 22nd, 2019. Both Nayun and Nancy planned to share more photos of their recent activities and their interests through their accounts.

Nayun’s first Instagram post showed her sitting in front of a building, wearing a lime green one-piece dress. She appeared fresh and innocent in the post. Nayun captioned the photo with “welcome,” apparently to welcome herself into the Instagram community.

In her recent Instagram post, Nayun posted several filmstrip photos of her and her best friend Lee Hyeon.

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내사랑 이현뜌❤

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