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Momoland’s Concerts and Tours


Ever since their worldwide popularity with BBoom BBoom, Momoland has been getting many offers to do overseas fan meeting tours. Starting in 2019, Momoland is already scheduled to visit countries in Asia and America. Here’s the complete list of Momoland’s concerts and tours, below!

January 25, 2019 – Momoland Live in Manila, Smart Araneta Coliseum, Philippines

February 13, 2019 – Momoland Live in Osaka, Zepp Namba, Japan

April 4, 2019 – Momoland Live in Hong Kong, AsiaWorld-Expo Hall 10, Hong Kong

June 28, 2019 – Momoland Live in Santiago, Teatro Teleton, Chile

June 30, 2019 – Momoland Live in Mexico, El Plaza Condesa Distrito Federal, Mexico

Did Momoland Do Plastic Surgery?


It is hard to refute that South Korea is a country which considers appearance as the core factor to determine whether someone is likable or not. The pressure is even more unbearable on South Korea’s celebrities, who always want to look better, including the members of Momoland, who actually look pretty individually despite their somewhat weird-cheerful concept.


The first Momoland member we’ll observe is the leader Hyebin. Unlike her regular short hair which we always see in Momoland promotions, Hyebin originally grew out her hair. She already has a pair of large eyes, often wearing big-circled contact lenses which made them even bigger, whereas her nose bridge is slim and sharp. We conclude that Hyebin may not be free of plastic surgery, but she has not done anything since her pre-debut photos were taken.


We move to Yeonwoo, the calm visual of the group. Contrary to Hyebin, Yeonwoo had a short hairstyle prior to her debut, yet her appearance remained moderate as ever. Other than the hairstyle, we notice that Yeonwo’s facial features have not changed at all, which may confirm our belief that she is a natural beauty.


Sung Ji-yeon, otherwise known as Jane, is arguably the underrated visual of Momoland as her appearance hasn’t changed since her participation in Finding Momoland. Due to her experience as a fansite admin, Jane always knows the angle sand poses which flatter her beautiful face. If anything, her aura has matured due to the recent styling that she received.


The fourth member we’ll take a look at is Taeha. It’s not hard to find her past photos because she used to compete in Produce 101 Season 1. Taeha has always had a pair of big eyes, which radiate child-like aura. On the other hand, her nose enlarges every time she smiles brightly, which shows buns on her cheek. What we notice about Taeha is that she has done a little change on her teeth. Certainly, the change has affected Taeha’s look to be more mature and stunning, don’t you think so, dear readers?


Similar to Taeha, Nayun also has a more grown-up aura compared to her pre-debut days. Her big eyes look innocent, and her nose still looks the same as ever. Currently, Nayun rocks her bold styling which consists of the cat-like eye makeup and fiery red lip color.


Along with Jane, we think that Daisy is another underrated visual of Momoland. She always had long hair along with a pair of large and crystal-like eyes, a slim and tall nose, and ideally-shaped, thin lips. In the present days, Jane is more often seen to tie her hair, which certainly does not make her beauty less noticed.


Popular with her blonde hair during BBoom BBoom era, JooE debatably looked more attractive in her black hair during her school days. While her pre-debut pictures show that her appearance doesn’t look drastically different, the idol revealed that she has done a nose job. During her appearance on JTBC’s Knowing Brother, JooE said that her ear cartilage has moved to her nose since the first year of high school.

She joked, “If I pick my nose, I am also picking my ear”. JooE’s relaxed manner when revealing her plastic surgery undoubtedly made netizens feel sympathetic and adore her even more!


Compared to her current appearance, the second Momoland maknae, Ahin, doesn’t look too different in her trendy past photos. She already had double eyelid, and her nose bridge and tip are slim and sharp, which we somehow believe wasn’t hers from birth, due to its unnatural shape. Notably, Ahin has not done any additional procedures on her facial features since her debut with Momoland.


Lastly, Momoland’s most popular member, Nancy, is frequently praised for the gracious beauty she received thanks to the mix of her American father and Korean mother’s genes. It;s very easy to track Nancy’s past photos due to her established career as a child model and actress. As you can see, Nancy has not changed a bit, as she has always been a pretty girl. Her eyes look more gleaming in the current day due to the usage of contact lenses, whereas her nose is already shaped into an ideal form.

Momoland Sharing Diet Tips


Most girl-groups in South Korea have the unspoken rule to keep their body as thin and slim as possible, due to the public’s general view that celebrities must have ideal figures which are pleasing to see. The same principle is applied to Momoland, who always maintains their body shape. In a magazine interview, Yeonwoo revealed that she was initially very heavy and short, as her weight was over 60 kg. She revealed that her method to lose weight was to only eat an egg and a glass of milk every day. As you can see, now Yeonwoo is considered one of the top visuals in Momoland, as she has a tall and slender body.

Another Momoland’s visuals, Nancy, also revealed her diet. Through an interview with YouTuber SunnyDahyein, she explained that in order to lose weight drastically, she only eats 200 grams of boiled chicken, cucumber, and apple as her one day meal for 40 days straight.

An Indonesian YouTuber tried Nancy’s diet tips for five days. The result was shocking, as she lost 1.9 kg. As desirable as the weight loss is, Nancy’s diet method is not recommended because certainly, a healthier diet is preferable in order to keep your body vigorous in a long run. Don’t you agree, dear readers?

Momoland’s Instagram Feed


Currently promoting in Japan, Momoland often updates the activities of its members, be it their official schedule or their hobbies, in the group’s official Instagram account (@momoland_official). Created on March 9, 2016, Momoland’s Instagram account has been verified and made approximately 1,508 posts, gained 1.6 million followers, and follows 3 accounts. Here are the top 10 posts of Momoland’s Instagram Feed that you must see!






Momoland’s Latest News


In mid-February, 2019, news outlets reported that Momoland will release a new album. The group has been focusing on their activities in Japan after promoting their latest mini-album, Fun to the World, in June, 2018. A representative of MLD Entertainment responded the report, saying “Momoland is currently preparing a new album, aiming to make a comeback in mid-March. The comeback date has not been set yet”.

Are you ready to jam to Momoland’s new song, dear readers?