The Succesful Model-turned-Actor Hong Jong-hyun, Let’s Check Out His Top Dramas!

Meet Hong Jong-hyun, From a Model to a Famous Actor

You simply must have already heard the name Hong Jong-hyun, right? Hong Jong-hyun is a South Korean actor and model. Before becoming a famous actor, Hong Jong-hyun began his career as a model in 2007, then in 2008 Hong Jong-hyun made his debut as an actor and starred in several dramas and films, such as Oh! My Lady (2010), Vampire Idol (2011), and many more.

Hong Jong-hyun is under C-JeS Entertainment. In 2014, Hong Jong-hyun was cast for his first leading role in the cable series Her Lovely Heels. Then, he took part in the variety show We Got Married season four pairing up with Girls Day’s Yura. After his appearance in We Got Married got to an end, Hong Jong-hyun started taking on roles in various dramas and movies, thus significantly increasing his popularity.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of everything about Hong Jong-hyun as an actor. Want to find out more about him? Check out the article below!

Hong Jong-hyun’s Modeling Career

Before Hong Jong-hyun’s name was famous as an actor, he had already made his debut as a model in 2007. Hong Jong-hyun does have a very handsome appearance with his chiseled face shape.

Hong Jong-hyun’s Top Photoshoots

In this photoshoot, Hong Jong-hyun is completely dressed in pink, in many of its shades. He is seen as a loving and romantic man in a pink shirt and a suit with a very seductive look. Jong-hyun looks very sweet and handsome in this photo.

In a photoshoot for JILL STUART, Hong Jong-hyun appeared as a very romantic male figure giving flowers and a bag, which additionally enhance his romantic appearance. Jong-hyun looks like a very gentle man wearing a blue suit, white shirt, and white pants combined with navy-colored shoes. Jong-hyun’s smile in this photoshoot looks very sweet, right?

Jong-hyun always has a perfect appearance and looks very handsome, and this photoshoot is no exception because he looks amazingly good looking with a very seductive expression in a black and white theme. Jong-hyun only wears a black over-sized sweater combined with leopard-patterned tights.

In 2014, Hong Jong-hyun made a photoshoot for NYLON magazine. In this photoshoot, Hong Jong-hyun looked quite different from usual: this time, he left his hair long and curly. Fans who took a glance at his photos were amazed by his beautiful appearance; not only he looked handsome but he also looked adorable with a seductive smile.

Hong Jong-hyun made a photoshoot in the bathroom in a bathtub filled with soap foam for the International Bnt photoshoot. In the photo, Jong-hyun’s hair and body are covered in foam and his smile looks very sweet.

Hong Jong-hyun with The Model Avengers

Hong Jong-hyun is known as a humble person, so he easily adapts and makes friends with other male models. Hong Jong-hyun, Kim Woo-bin, Lee Soo-hyuk, Sung Joon, and Kim Young-kwan are famous as The Model Avengers. If the Avengers originally consisted of superheroes who possessed extraordinary powers, in this case, The Model Avengers consist of models with extraordinarily good looks. The five of them always spend time together if they have free time in between their respective activities and they also support each other.

Hong Jong-hyun Acting in Vampire Idol

Vampire Idol is one of the most famous Korean dramas from 2011. Besides having a very unique storyline, the players in this drama are also very interesting, starring models, like Hong Jong-hyun, Kim Woo-bin, and Lee Soo-hyuk. This drama tells about a naive vampire prince from Vampire planet who visits Earth to see a live performance of his favorite idol contender. He is stuck on Earth with his three trusted and loyal servants. He then decides to join the competition himself and struggles to become a global pop idol.

Hong Jong-hyun’s Top Dramas

Now, let’s check out Hong Jong-hyun’s top dramas that made his name become more famous as an actor rather than a model. Keep on scrolling down!

To My Beloved (2012)

To My Beloved is a pretty famous drama from 2012. The drama makes Hong Jong-hyun’s name more famous as an actor because in this drama Hong Jong-hyun plays the leading role as Ko Jin-se.

The drama tells the story of a man and a woman who get married three months after meeting for the first time. Three years later, the couple enjoys a peaceful marriage, but things change when their ex-lovers appear. Even though this seems somewhat disappointing, they realize that this is an undeniable truth about relationships and love between those that are married.

Dating Agency: Cyrano (2013)

Dating Agency: Cyrano is a 2013 drama starring Hong Jong-hyun as the main character, namely Moo Jin. Besides starring Hong Jong-hyun, this drama also features Lee Jong-hyuk, Choi Sooyoung, and Jo Yoon-woo.

Based on the 2010 romantic comedy Cyrano Agency, the series revolves around dating agents who set up romantic scenarios for paying clients, all in an effort to raise enough money to save the old theater.

Her Lovely Heels (2014)

In 2014, Hong Jong-hyun returned to starring in a drama and played the main character in the drama Her Lovely Heels. In the drama Her Lovely Heels, Jong-hyun plays Tae Soo and Han Seung-yeon plays Ji Hoo.

The drama tells the story of Tae Soo who does not believe in love and is not interested in having a relationship with a woman. It turns out Tae Soo is liked by his own co-worker, Ji Hoo. But inspired by an incident, Tae Soo becomes interested in Ji Soo.

Mama (2014)

Mama is a drama that was quite popular in 2014. The drama was aired on MBC for a total of 24 episodes. In this drama, Hong Jong-hyun plays the character of Koo Ji-sub.

This drama tells the story of a successful painter and the single mother, Han Seung-hee, raising her son alone for years. Unfortunately, she one day finds out that she suffers from a fatal disease. Realizing that her life will end very soon, she decides to look for a nice family to adopt and take care of her child. She looks for her ex-boyfriend, Moon Tae-joo, and is friends with his wife, Seo Ji-eun. Meanwhile, the very younger photographer Koo Ji-sub appears who turns out to fall in love with Seung-hee.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)

Scarlet Heart Ryeo is a very famous drama from 2016 that tells about the kingdom of South Korea. The drama has reportedly been sold for more than $400,000 per episode to the Chinese broadcasting station YouKu, totaling over $ 8 million and thus becoming the most expensive K-drama ever sold. In this drama, Jong-hyun plays Wang Yo.

This drama tells the story of a 25-year-old 21st-century woman, played by Lee Ji-eun, who during a total solar eclipse is transported back to the Goryeo Dynasty. She wakes up in the year 941 in the body of Hae Soo, among the many royal princes of the ruling Wang family. She originally falls in love with the gentle and warm-hearted 8th Prince Wang Wook played by Kang Ha-neul, but later she falls in love with Wang-so, the fearsome 4th Prince who hides his face behind and is given the derogatory label of wolf-dog, played by Lee Joon-gi.

As the story develops, Hae Soo finds herself unwittingly caught between the rivalry and politics among the princes in the fight for the throne.

The King in Love (2017)

The King in Love is a drama aired on MBC for a total of 40 episodes. In this drama, Jong-hyun plays Wang Rin. Besides that, this drama also stars idols Im Yoona and Im Si-wan.

This drama tells about the young and ambitious monarch Won who has a desire to conquer, and the two people who shape his destiny, childhood friend Wang Rin and the beautiful young woman named San. Among these three feelings and affections and love arises. The young Crown Prince falls in love with the young woman San and would do anything to save her.

He comes to love her more than himself. But on the other hand, is his childhood friend Wang Rin who has also fallen in love with San at first sight. Even though he loves her so much, he still keeps his affection in check for his duty to the Crown and because he doesn’t want to hurt his best friend’s feelings. However, the time eventually comes when San realizes her feelings for Rin and vice versa.

Mother of Mine (2019)

Mother of Mine is the first drama starring Hong Jong-hyun in 2019. This drama has a very high rating even in the first episode of the show. This drama was aired on KBS2 and in it, Jong-hyun plays the character Tae Joon.

The drama tells the story of a mother and three daughters, Sun, Mi Ri, and Mi Hye. She still runs the restaurant and her three daughters are now all grown up. Her first daughter is a married woman and she has a daughter. Mi Sun is busy working and taking care of her family. Mi Ri cares about her mother a lot. She is confident in herself and she is good at her job.

Mi Ri gets involved in a romantic relationship with her co-worker Tae Joon. He is the youngest son of the family that owns the company. The youngest daughter is Mi Hye. She used to be a promising novelist, but she is not anymore. She helps her mother at the restaurant.