Model Han Hye-jin: Profile, Facts, Dating News, and More!

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You might be familiar with the famous South Korean model Han Hye-jin. Han Hye-jin is a South Korean fashion model and a TV personality. She has been on the covers of many fashion magazines, including the May 2008 and June 2009 Korean editions of Vogue. Her name is not only famous in Asia but has spread widely in Europe. She is signed with ESteem and works with Marilyn Agency and Why Not.

In her career as a model, she has been involved in love problems several times. In November 2017, she was reportedly dating baseball player Cha Woo-chan and in 2018 she was rumored to be dating Jun Hyun-moo who was her working partner in the variety program I Live Alone.

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Model Han Hye-jin’s Profile

Real Name: Han Hye-jin

Stage Name: Han Jin

Date of Birth: March 23rd, 1983

Age 36 years old

Agency: ESteem Entertainment

Occupation: Model

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Blood Type: N/A

Zodiac: Aries

Instagram: @modelhanhyejin

Han Hye-jin’s Personal Life

As we have seen before, Han Hye-jin is a Top Model from South Korea who is very famous in both Asia and Europe. She has one agency in Korea and one Agency in Europe. Her name is very well-known in the fashion industry, she has a nice body and a beautiful natural face. To maintain her body shape, Han Hye-jin had a little difficulty and hard days. She really has to maintain her diet, such as limiting her calorie intake, eating specific foods every day, regulating her sport patterns, as well as a proper sleeping pattern. Han Hye-jin really puts a lot of effort into keeping her shape ideal.

During her career as a model, Han Hye-jin experienced some difficulties. She said that she did not have skills, she only relied on her perfect body shape. Aside from being active as a model, she is also active as an MC in the variety show I Live Alone, along with Par Na-rae, Jun Hyun-moo, and Kian 84. After becoming an MC in I Live Alone, Han Hye-jin’s name became increasingly popular. While she was a part of the variety show, Hye-jin was involved in a love story with Jun Hyun-moo. It all started with Hye-jin always giving a dress style advice to Hyun-moo. This later caused their relationship to become very close. In February 2018, Han Hye-jin and Jun Hyun-moo were reported of dating, but in December 2018 they were reported to have broken up.

Han Hye-jin is currently active with her individual activities as a model. She will continue to work hard as a model until the time she has set herself. Even though it’s hard for her, Hye-jin will do the best for her life.

Good Luck, Han Hye-jin.

Han Hye-jin’s Variety Show Appearances
Year Variety Show
2012 Shinhwa Broadcast
2014 Running Man (episode 198)
2016 I Live Alone (cast member)
2017 Beauty Bible 2017 – MC with Im Soo-hyang and Yura
2017 MBC Entertainment Awards 2017 – MC with Kim Hee-chul and Yang Se-hyung
2018 Life Bar TVN
2018 Dating Interference 2 KBS JOY